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If you want to voice your complaints about bad Judges, here is a great site to do that. You can do an anonymous name. For all of the complaints we have, I am very interested to see how many people will actually take the time to do this. If people aren’t aware there is a problem, it will not be addressed. So take some time, about 5 minutes and fill this out. Pass it on to your friends and others you know who have been mistreated by a Judge. I have filled my bad Judge form out, on Tim Irwin of Knox County, TN.



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291 thoughts on “file your complaint against bad Judges

  1. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

    • I am single mother of three, now two are raised, and one, out of BENTON COUNTY ar….JUDGE scott, pulled a happy child, out of a stable home, took her, from family siblings, over….
      a lawyer LISA DENNIS, lied to the judge, so the man could get out of paying child support……..
      I made sure this man and his new bride was loaded with money…over 21,ooo in four years provable amount..however this is leave her live in danger, this man this judge, has tryed to stand behind, has IN THE PAST ALMOST KILLED MY OTHER TWO KIDS, I HAVE PICTURES OF THE TRUCK THE INJURy TO MY OTher two…and when i showed the judge, the pictures of the damages, the judge wasent intrested,
      looked down looked up and dismissed us, with out addssing the facts………i have not saw my child, and no county vistion in place, and the father, who is now in my veiw, a peicel of real art work,
      five years non supporter, and …..over payed, the judge dosent care about the well being of my blood minor child, then please step down off the bench, our kids suffer with your actions, and its not right

      • this past november the same judge took custody from me and gave to my ex on the basis of cohabitating!! but here is the kicker,… my ex and his new wife have cohabitated in the presence of my children for the past 3 years while each being married to other spouces a majority of that time. my ex was nine grand behind in child support yet that seemed not to matter? during the custody case i lost my job due to all of the rushed court dates because i worked days and could not give proper notice,( and of course my ex worked nights so this did not effect him). and they still racked me on a high level of child support while being unemployed? his lawyer made me out to look like some whore who was unstable and didnt care about her kids….. i have had custody of my children the last 7 years and supported them, been an active part of their school life, and have never even had so much as a traffic ticket EVER! let alone any criminal offenses…. the case was based on cohabitation and moves of my childrens schools….. hello i was in the hospital due to a severe car accident! and this whole time who stepped up for my children… my grandparents! not their father! the other moves were a joint decision with my ex and i with him being the one who provided transpertation for my moves!! the man i was cohabitating with is now my husband and the marriage date was set for feb… but since this was rushed none of my story was heard. so now as a mother that has been there for her children day in and day out i now have the grand priviladge of only getting to talk to my children once a week on the phone…. that is when they allow them to answer… so i started sending my children mail, of course a time or two they allowed them to get the mail but that too has changed. they are alienating me from my children in all possible ways, oh and here is another GREAT part,… hmm… my husband who is not a felon or has ANYTHING on his record to prevent his apperance around my children is ordered to have no contact with them ? so that means that when i do get to see my children i have to drive three counties away? wtf? the judge listened on how my ex said the kids would be in such a great enviroment with a live in relative sitter….. but guess what? my kids are on the road over 113 miles a day to and from a sitter, that cohabitates…. what a shocker… and due to this they have excsessive tarties, ect….. i feel as if all of my rights have been taken away over a spitefull new wife and a sexist judge!! ahhhh

      • OMG! I am appalled, AND I am going through the same hell as you!! WHY WON’T ANYONE HELP US? The judicial system is failing our children and destroying our lives!
        Please read my story, my name is Amy Andersen and I would really like to talk to you,, WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS ILLEGAL CORRUPTION THAT IS HAPPENING EVERY DAY IN THIS COUNTRY!

        – Amy

      • Maybe we can file a class action lawsuit for multiple counties and states. Sue the Judicial boards… Anyone know an attorney who can handle something like this? Would need to be able to handle multiple states…

      • Small towns they all know whats going on but know one will speak up to help someone else. It is a shame when you have know one to turn to for help not the police or the court system. Then the children are left to suffer. I feel for you Amy.

      • This doesn’t make any sense.. It’s difficult to understand what you are trying to say.

      • How do I check my comments?

      • I am sorry to hear this, same here I have past experience in the Family Superior Court in Santa Clara County. I am a mom of four, when my children were taken away they were b 13, g 9 and my two were chose to live with their criminal and abusive father. The judge Kevin McKenney was removed totally from my child custody case and was removed from Family Division but that after HE took away my minor children. He and my ex-husband’s attorney who is a PRO TEMP Judge Rebecca Sue Jones conspired to stripped me off of my custody and of course child supports. My ex-husband did everything he can to stripped me off, cheated on me financially and continuously harassed me financially to date. Because of what he did to me the last 7 yrs of our marriage that I HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF, and surprised me “wanting to end the marriage”, he, his attorney and the judge all conspired and criminally harassed me to date. I was able to visits my children thru the help of YWCA for a while and things got tougher when the judge REFUSED, DENIED AND DECLINED all of I requested BUT my ex-husband’s requested were all GRANTED, all of them were severely deprived my U.S. Constitutional Rights to date. THESE JUDGES MCKENNEY, PATRICIA LUCAS, Court of Appeals Justices who involved my Appeals, his attorney who is a PRO TEMP Judge Rebecca Sue jones am requesting to HAVE THESE JUDGES AND PRO TEMP JUDGE GET DISBAR, and so that these people could never HURT the good ex-spouses, ex-partner anymore, WE deserves justice.

      • There hd to be more to the story than what you telling had to be neglecting the child,because courts favor the women over men.i know for facts its based on what the child neglect is in regards to the child.we all hear you,but your not telling what happen to the child in your care.


      • aliverpool judge put my 3dayold granson in to intrim foster care. the judge is going on areport done three yrs ago. this is not fair

      • Can you please tell me is this Judge Scott a man or woman? I was in Benton County Arkansas for a case between my mom and dad concerning child support but I do not remember our Judges name. It was a woman, I felt like she raked my mom across the coals and took his side, considering he is a Benton County police officer and she is the Benton County judge. So a part of me thinks they knew each other before hand. I think that made a play in our case. My dad is in the wrong but he lies constantly that he believes his own lies. So im curious if this Judge Scott was a woman.

      • Is this Judge Scott’s real name Bob Scott? because the lawyer my “dad” has his name is Bob Scott and he is a prick to women!

      • Hello. I recently had a very bad outcome with the same judge. I was given supervised visitations with my seven year old son. And am completely distraught about how this happened, when there was no hard evidence proving any guilt, or bad parenting on my behalf. I truly could only think this judge had to have took some sort of bribe from my ex husband. I would really love to talk with you about how things turned out for you and your children. If you wouldn’t mind calling me, 9044342217. Any other patents who have been unrightfully denied rights to their child by this judge, feel free to call me as well.

    • good bye to jay finch, our county in benton county, can do with out your ugly words, and throw your retired groval, at someone else……………
      my family is not not back together, because of you,

    • there is a complaint, on ARK. judges,and yes i have put one in on A BENTON COUNTY JUDGE, if you have a complaint, it may take more then one to get things changed., LADIES OF OUR BENTON COUNTY COURT CASE’S, its being a known fact, this judge said QUOTE,” so the father of this child dosent matter? we where their because, the man wanted nothing to do with LEGAL CHILD SUPPORT THROU THE STATE OF ARK and had ran with my daughter and would not bring her home, so bias yes and did not listen for the lies, SO DISABILITY COMMISSION IS WHERE TO FILE A COMPLAINT, ITS ON LINE MAKES THAT EASY…..


      • Yes, I went though it with Judge Scott. My ex is a cop for the city he lives in, and was at his doorstep prior to the case beginning. I work at the place he and his wife shop in, and personally helped him shop the week before court. He disclosed all of this after hearing the temp custody….and during that hearing decided I needed to pay 100 percent of all the bills myself (credit cards and car payments included), but gave me temp custody. What I have recently found out is he was my ex’s father’s divorce attorney. I also have remembered recently (while racking my brain as to how my ex got custody) that I served under him as a secretary a few times in a court of law. The ad litem stood in court and said it would be a dyer mistake to remove this child from her mother’s home….Judge Scott disregarded her statement and did it anyway. What is the point of an ad litem if the Judges don’t take their advice?? They are the ones who spend time with the child and know what is right for the child, they know all the circumstances that were not presented in court due to limitations (or idiot attorneys) …the Judges need to heed their advice.

    • really i want to know how many wemon in our benton county whos also had the samee bias judge, JUDGE SCOTT??? IS THERE ALOT OF US WHO WENT THROU THIS………… PLEASE RESPOND IF YES/////THANKS

      • Thanks to him, my son now lives in SPAIN with my ex husband, who is an alcoholic, and has spanked my seven year old son so hard he wet himself. My ex used to work as a WalMart corporate office manager, and I live in Texas. Now, I get one phone call a week, and two weeks a YEAR supervised visitations with my son, based off of profanity on my FB and an anti New World Order comment.

    • my daughter was murdered in 2000 and the judge did not want to prosecute the guy so the judge in 2009 gave him 1000 dollar pr bond than when we went back to court because the judges verdict was over turned by the court of appeals in 2013 we had court and the judge let him walk free. the judge thew out all evidence and only kept the word of the defendants ex- brother -in -law whom lied on stand. the evidence that was thrown out was police reports, forensics, medical examiners and other expert reports. The prosecutor in our county didn’t want to take this case because he said there was lack of evidence but there was enough evidence because the attorney generals office even said there was enough evidence. If it was anybody else they would have had first degree murder charge, but not this guy. the judge gave this guy not only a court appointed attorney,but hired an ex attorney general and an ex FBI agent. the judge allowed 52,000 dollars be spent on this guy for defense. This guy was my daughters husband and he murdered her. there was a story written about this on wood tv 8 by Ken Kolker. lost at what to do. ,

    • Back in 1997 I was denied all right on a far court case I lost my home that was mine before marriage first of all let me say I was abused from my ex-husband back in 1993lost a baby to the grave when my ex- husband kicked me in the stomach dragged me down the hall and repeatedly kicking me the first case of this case closed out several years.In 1995 I married him thinking things were fine then found myself facing even worse he lied to the courts again about me threating to do harm’ to my kids at no moment was this true it was do to me going to meet my father for the first time back when I was 31 yrs. old he figured now that we’re married he was gonna do to harm me he filed a restraining order on me while I was visiting my father and then dropped it after 2 weeks and then re-filed it again behind my back.There was a lot of wrongful doing in the courts here to listen to both side they only took to his side and never once seen that there was a domestic case before.The courts granted my ex-husband custody on one of our child the home and me to pay child-support I had to take only what I can at that time for me and my other child he wasn’t the father to.In the safety and best interest of a child my ex-husband never followed his parenting of our child he got custody of got Pregnanet at the age 13 from a guy 17 when the baby was born she was 14 a young mother and the guy turned 18. Now my daughter says its because I didn’t have a mother and was looking for that mother bond.

    • Hello, gosh it’s late…but I wanted to let you know that it’s been almost 6 months since I originally sent the later portion of this message to Ken Nicholson because it addressed how the judge who’s sitting on the bench in my divorce had been SOOO blatantly discriminating against me on SOSOOO many levels that it was NOT even funny!!! I was begging for someone from your company to PLEASE help me to do something about this judge’s discrimination!!! The message was originally sent to your new station on 6/8/13 around 4:10 pm, yet I’ve NEVER received ANY kind of response back from anyone at your company???

      That REALLY surprised a lady at one of the publishing companies that I’m working with & myself a GREAT deal!!! It would’ve ALSO been GREAT if you would’ve included some names & or numbers of anyone who could help protect my civil rights as a partially disabled parent!!! We’re wondering why I haven’t EVER even received an email OR a phone call stating that you’re not interested in helping me, if you’re not? If you did respond, please forward it to me so that I can include it in my manuscript!!!

      As of 3/19/13, I was legally divorced, but my son’s custody arrangement is still in SHAMBLES:-( I WISH someone would step up for me & STOP letting my civil rights as a disabled American be so WRONGFULLY violated!!! I’m standing on 2 scriptures that WILL hopefully bring my victory to pass…Philippians 4:13 says that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me & then Romans 8:28 reminds me that ALL things WILL work out for our good because we LOVE Jesus, & have been called according to his purpose!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!

      Maybe God’s allowing this whole fiasco to take place in my life, because He knows that I’m strong enough to handle all of this turmoil, & He’s using my situation to make things change, so that someone who’s NOT strong enough to deal with it, WON’T have to huh?

      There was a law passed on July 9, 2013 that’s supposed to protect my rights as a parent, BUT almost ALL of the judge’s rulings or restrictions to my visitation are continually based on my right arm being partially disabled as a result of my having had a meningioma surgically removed from my left parietal lobe through having had brain surgery at the University of Alabama in Birmingham on 8/26/08.

      That was OVER 2 years before I left my ex-husband, so he had ample opportunity to see for himself that I can parent my child, who is now five years old, just fine!!! My son begs me NOT to take him back to their house because he says that “Nana & papa ALWAYS just make me sit there & watch TV & make me just be quiet.” Liam says that Michael’s NEVER even there with him the majority of the time, & he wants to stay with my fiance’ Tony (Who Liam calls his step-dad) & myself.

      Now that I’m not there to pay ALL of Michael’s bills, like I did for OVER 3 years, because he was conveniently “Laid off” after he got me pregnant in 2007. Now he’s just wanting to live off of my son’s child support!!! It does NOT make ANY kind of sense that I’m having to pay $1,463.00 EVERY month when they’re living with Michael’s grand-parents AND Michael’s requiring them to parent my child instead of me the majority of the time???

      My ex-husband won’t even allow my court ordered visitation to take place & has kept my son out of the Nazarene Daycare/Preschool for OVER A 100+ days. I have filed police reports, AND have even filed complaints with the Tennessee Abuse & Neglect hotline & the Child Protective Services in Chattanooga, TN about how Michael or his family ENTIRE family have NO REGARD for what’s in my son’s best interests, BUT NO ONE WILL HELP US GET ANY JUSTICE FOR SOME REASON??

      They will NOT even allow me to call my son, when they know that Michel’s REFUSED to let me see him, just because the cab driver got Liam home an hour late on July 19th??? THAT WAS NOT MY FAULT, because I had NOTHING to do with Justin getting a call that took longer than he expected. Justin EVEN told Michael’s attorney that it was his fault OVER A WEEK AGO, & they’re STILL acting like trying to alienate Liam from me is okay???

      I ALSO wanted you to know that the ONLY reason that Micheal’s even doing this AGAIN is because the judge let him get away with it when he done it back in May of 2011!!! Is there ANYTHING that I can do since the judge did absolutely NOTHING about it even though she’d heard that he’d kept Liam out of his Pre- K program that’s been his routine since he was 26 months old for 39 days back in May of 2011, & now it’s because of that that he’s doing it again?

      I’m being discriminated against because my right arm is partially disabled after I had a tumor removed from my left parietal lobe in 8/2008. I need to know if there’s anything I can do if my 5 year old son Liam doesn’t want to even live with his father Michael because all Michael ever does is leaves him with his elderly great-grandparents that they live with, while he’s working?
      I’m not required to work because I have an annuity set up from a personal injury settlement that I received in 1993, so WHY should I be required to pay Michael child support just to leave my son with his great-grandparents while he works?

      The judge has been discriminating against me since day one because of my disability, even though I have a doctor’s sworn deposition saying that I can physically parent my child fine! Judge Bolton also heard my Psychologist testify under oath that I’ve been stable on my medicine for over 5 years. That means there’s medical evidence that I’m physically AND mentally fit, SO why must my child who’s an innocent victim in this have to continue to be miserable?

      My grandma also wanted me to let you know that my ex-husband has NEVER lived independently & has NEVER even had a power bill in his name & I left him because he wouldn’t find a job after he was laid off because once I was pregnant he said he had a claim to my personal injury settlement.

      The judge has just been letting the attorneys bounce the ball back & forth exploiting me, just to make more money & she ordered me to pay his attorney’s fees even though this whole mess would’ve been over in November of 2011 had Michael not had our mediated agreement wrongfully terminated just because I had vertigo after going on a cruise AND Michael’s attorney even heard the Dr. who signed the release that I was fine to parent say that “I myself had an episode of vertigo after I went on a Caribbean cruise back in the summer of 2010, & it’s NOT a big deal!!”

      I also have a tape recording of him laughing at me after I told him that he & Michael ARE going to be responsible for any & ALL costs that I incur because of this little charade they’re pulling AFTER I taped Michael saying that it WAS fine for Justin to pick Liam up from his preschool a week before it even happened???

      My son needs someone to look out for him because the judge’s being VERY irrational in how she’s handling our case & my son needs a guardian ad litem who’ll look out for what’s in his best interests!!!
      PLEASE have someone contact me at ASAP

      Thank you,

  2. Ok, here’s my two cents: On April 10, 2008, I witnessed a terrible bias against a plaintiff in a termination of parental rights/adoption case in Judge Robert (Bob) jones’ court in Maury County TN Chancery Court. The grandparents have had a child in their custody for almost three years. They rescued this child from an abusive and neglectful parent, who has never paid a penny towards the child’s care, and have spent almost $9,000 of their retirement money on litigation. They have spent even more on medical, psychological, and educational teatment for this child. Judge Jones showed immediate bias to the plaintiff just prior to the hearing in the hallway outside his office. Although he could have gone around her, he stared her down and ordered her to move out of his way. The plaintiff had never seen the judge before in her life. Despite over 600 pages of documents and seven witnesses consisting of 3-therapists, 3- teachers, and the defendants own brother, Judge Jones admonished the plaintiff for “hiring the law firm with the largest advertisement in the book and you are back to square one.” He refused to reset the case for trial and declared the defendant indigent although she has a job and just purchased a $21K car from an infinity dealer. Although the plaintiff’s attorney erred in his quest to locate one of the parents, Judge Jones failed in that he failed to appoint a guardian ad litem in this case, which had been on the calendar for several months. He was also way out of line to show bias towards the plaintiffs’ attorney. Judge Jones job was to give these plaintiffs (and the defendant) the right to have their evidence heard and to make a fair judgment based on that evidence. He has no right to decide, before listening to one shred of evidence, that the case has no merit and that the abusive mother should be allowed to seek remedy through juvenile court. He certainly has no right to criticise a litigant for their choice of attorney and penalize them for this. Shame on you, Judge Jones.

  3. I hope there is an appeal and the family files a complaint on him with the Judicial Committee and OCR for discriminating against the older grandparents. They should also notify

    • Who are you? a lawyer? or what you do not sound like you are a parent whos went throu this sorta of trouble………….

  4. I would like to tell you about a judge who I know to be corrupt and dishonest. Retired Judge Dan Spangler from Casper Wyoming has refused to allow me the right to seek custody of my minor child. The child was removed from her mother for abuse and neglect some 6 years ago. I filed for custody of her. There was a home study of my home done that showed that I am a fit person to have care and custody of my daughter. There was a court date back in 2005 the lawyer for the child’s mother was several hours late for court. We were not allowed any extra time to present my case after the delay. There was a lot of evidence shown that proved without any doubt in any normal persons mind that the mother was unfit to have a child. I made it clear that the mother should not be allowed visits unless they were supervised. I showed the home study done by the Nebraska Department of health and Human Services. The DFS of Wyoming made the recommendation that the child be placed with me. The judge to this day has not signed a final order in that case, nor has he allowed me to file again. The child was returned to her mother again. After only a short time in the mother’s care she was assaulted by a boyfriend of her mother’s and removed again. Judge Spangler was then appointed to the juvenile case. Judge Spangler did not allow any summer visit for me for two years. The DFS of Wyoming did send her to me for 2008 summer and asked that she be allowed to stay in my care, this was not allowed. As soon as the child was returned to Wyoming the judge dismissed the juvenile case (which would give custody back to the meth addict mother) the mother had violated the consent decree several times and has admitted in court that she is not ready to be a parent.
    Through all this there has never been a final order that I could appeal to a higher court. I have tried sever times to get the case back into court for custody. I have spent more on attorneys than the mother will ever make in her life. The lawyers have a hard time speaking out against the judge because they will have to deal with him in the future. I don’t care about there future, I only care about the future of my daughter who is back with the woman that gave her to a boyfriend to play with.
    This is not justice!!!!!!!!! What can I do to get him removed from the bench?????? What can I do to get my daughter out of that mess???

    • I would file a formal complaint against the Judge, and I would check into getting him recused (removed) for partiality and bias maybe. I would guess that maybe the differant States may be an issue, I dont know. I do know that you as the father have a right and obligation to protect your child. You could even speak to the office of child protection that has been handling your child’s case, and were it me I would not settle for anyone short of the director, most importantly stick to facts, dont ramble, and try very hard to be nice and not cop an attitude, you want people to feel for this innocent child and your helpless situation to intervene for her. I am only suggesting ideas I have thought of and please look up the legal definitions of the words I have used. You can find anything online,
      Good Luck and God Bless


    • What has happened in your case?

  5. Judge Donald R. Letourneau doesn’t seem to care about parents who are drug addicts and have a history of being physically abusive. Mom finally got fed up with condoning Dad’s poor lifestyle and said things in front of the kids about dear ol’ Dad that she shouldn’t have. Apparently, this is all Judge Letourneau needed to know to remove all her parenting time and award Dad full custody and parenting time – even though he can’t hold a job, has no proof he’s off drugs and has been arrested right in front of his kids. None of that mattered.

    Shame on you Judge Letourneau!

    • there has got to be more to it than that, is the Judge a personal friend of Dad? Does Dad have a criminal record, or history of abuse?

      • Judge Donald R. Letourneau of Washington County, OR also dismissed a restraining order against my ex-spouse after my ex admitted in court that he violated the order. Now, my child and I live in daily fear.

      • Judge Donald R. Letourneau does not rule without prejudice. He is very bias, if he does not like you. he has no business being a judge. not even a judging contest of pigs.

      • Dad’s case was based on kids’ wishes to live with him. They said I ‘constantly’ denigrated dad (I admit I slipped under duress a couple of times) but I know ex makes remarks and actions that devalue me. The kids ignore that part, and only wanted to concentrate on my remarks. The kids’ attorney was a sympathetic audience and did nothing but tear me down. All three attorneys knew ex was a dirtbag but they worked to get me to ‘give up’ because it’s what the kids wanted. Of course once they were living with him full time, it was a struggle to see them for the 3 hours a week that was loosely ordered. No minimum time specified so therefore, no way of filing contempt charges for withholding visitation. Kids and I went from 50/50 parenting time to alienated – over night. I have the kids email and phone numbers but they only respond when they feel like it. Total brainwashing.

    • judge Letourneau is a douche bag hippy from the 60’s he needs to be fired.

      • Ditto! If you even remotely look like you’re conservative, you’d better be prepared to lose. During our hearing, he stated up front that we needed to end on time because he had a soccer game he needed to go to afterward. No compassion for the important life-changing decision of the family before him.

    • Anyone hear of Judge Burton in Marion Co. Oregon?? Sounds exactly like Judge Letourneau. Judge Burton destroyed my kids life as well as mine!!! I will never stop fighting but something more has to be done to stop the biased, idiot judges that are destroying our childrens lives!!!

      • The sad thing is most Judge’s have a God complex.
        They can do no wrong.
        Like you say some are real Idiots.
        They don’t really care about the child.
        They only care about being all powerful.
        When a child needs help and the Judge doesn’t have a clue it is a very sad time indeed!

      • I know exactly what you are going through, Judge George Pulver Jr. of Catskill, NY has completely and utterly DESTROYED the lives of my 6 year old daughter and myself! This discusting and biased judge gave my ABUSIVE ex husband FULL CUSTODY of my little girl, I received one hour a week visitation!!!!
        I raised my daughter with nothing but love. I was a stay at home mom and spent every minute of every day nuturing my daughter!
        I am not originally from that town, my ex’s family is very well known and owned a large buisness in town, we moved there to take over the buisness.
        My ex began planning how he could assure receiving full custody almost 2 years ago, he began donating TONS of money to the town, began “rubbing elbows” with all the town officals, and eventually took his place on the town’s board of directors. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing!
        There is only ONE family court judge in that town, Judge Pulver. My ex knew that and began befriending him on the golf course! Right there is CONFLICT OF INTREST and judge Pulver should have disclosed that he knew my ex personally! HE DID NOT, and I CANT prove it!
        To make a long story short, we appeared in court, my ex with his expensive lawyer and me with my usless court ordered lawyer.
        Judge Pulvers reason for his decision was the fact that he did not want to relocate my child and take her out of the home she grew up
        in! (I had to move home to CT, 2 hours away since I had no money of my own)
        Judge Pulver knew of the ten years of physical and mental abuse I suffered, knew of his alcoholism, knew of how much of the abuse my daughter had to see, knew my ex walked around my daughter naked and showered with her and in front of her, HE KNEW EVERYTHING AND DID NOT CARE! I have never even received a parking ticket! There was NOTHING to be used against me! Judge Pulver refussed to hear from my witnesses regarding his abuse, he completely sided with my ex, took immediate bias towards me with absolutely NO regards to what he would be doing to my daughter!!
        I am consummed in my grief, and my daughter is suffering unspeakable horror over the loss of her mother! Everytime I have to leave her she clings to me and begs HYSTERICALLY not to leave her, she actually becomes so distraut that she vomits! IT ABSOLUTELY BREAKS MY HEART TO SEE MY CHILD SUFFERING SO BADLY AND THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO FOR HER! I AM DYING INSIDE!
        I have dedicated every waking moment of my life since this happened, to finding someone to help us, I have filed a grievance report to the Commitee of Judicial Misconduct, Wrote letters to the Attorney General, met with 3 lawyers in my area, ALL WHO WERE TOTALLY APPAULED AND COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT THEY WERE HEARING!
        I am at such a loss, I just don’t know what else I can do! ALL I KNOW IS THAT I HAVE TO GET MY LITTLE GIRL BACK!!!
        Thank you for taking the time to read my story.
        – Amy

    • Judge Donald R. Letourneau of Washington County took my son from me and gave full custody to his Dad. After noting the abuse I went through all the restraining orders, and his criminal back ground the fear for my daughter and I, the proof of him breaking his restraining order and not careing…I have never done anything wrong in the law or abused anyone…He hates women, and is very bias. I have a daughter full time (Her and my son do not share the same father) and he said Well I don’t like to split the children up, but the father has full custody…What? I have not record, I have the sibling, etc..It must of been all those times he got up and walked out of the court room to take a phone call while it was my turn to talk on the stand…I don’t like to say mean things but I hope he rots in hell. If anything I really hope Oregon County gets rid of him.

  6. We live in a complacient society where few care about the corrupt judges that are controling the lives of others, if it’s not my problem I don’t want to hear about it they seem to say. Wyoming doesn’t seem to have many real judges, they are all retired judges, what does that mean? They still sit on the bench and hand down demented rulings even though they are retired for years and years, It appears to me that they get in trouble, have a little boy toy, or accept bribes or an investigation starts so they retire before they can be impeached or whatever can be done to a corrupt judge, then as a retired judge they really have no one to answer to, how do they keep getting to decide cases, I wish someone could explain it to me. well no one will even read this probably and further more, who really cares???

    • I can asure you there are alot of corrupt & in denial judges in wyoming. laramie county district court judge davis is absolute ignorant to the law, refuses to view actually evidence, allows false testimony that he knows to be false, allows defense attorneys to speak out of line making false statements then sometimes they retrac the false statements, judge davis gives false erroneous opinions in any matter, he should clearly be of the bench. This behavior of his and also him bashing the educational abilities of innocent people should be dealt with immediately. the govenor appointed him and the govenor should remove him. judge davis is irresponsible to the the truth of any situation he presides over.this happens in alot of courts but wyoming is a great place for the good old boy bullshit syndrome. the district atty office should handle perjury cases but if its a divorce they ignore it saying emotions run high in a divorce. NO not everybody lies in court and presents false evidence. I for one should not be treated with ill fate strictly because I filed for divorce against a habitual lying vindictive tax fraud bastard. as long as he was dishing out thousands to his lying atty of course the judge will choose their erroneous lies. theres no justice in wyoming courts and this is the exact reason why i have turned the judge in, defend atty and going very piblic with this corruption.

      • Good for you I have done the same with the Judge I have been dealing with in Louisiana. It is a horrible dishonesty within the judiciary and needs to be addressed by congress for sure. I for one question the honesty and integrity of our judiciary and how many other citizens are there like us? Keep fighting for justice within the courts

  7. CPS and the judges they own are plentiful in FORT WORTH,TEXAS I know they cost me $5000.00 and 11/2 years of my family without my little girl,for some trumped up charges that were never proven.CPS IS THE “SS”

    • I have been dealing with cps in Mariposa county calif. who took my special needs children on discrimnation the judge is biest and the school denied my daughrt a education she acted out one day and they called cps and did not work with me instead the teacher called cps and hurt my daughter and got a unjust Judge to come take all my kids aways 3 our told and approved as doisabled children and they people say we caused them emotion damage and fail to protect all lies just a scam to keep our kids for the money it is the highest county on percent to take kids away in calif we want to die can any one help use they our all corrped in this county.They stool our kids we just want to die they our druging our chilred they are all under 11 years old we need help.

  8. Recently I sat through some court hearings,one of which was with my son. He has made some bad decisions. He deserves punishment I know that. My problem comes in the way the judge talked to my son. She called him a drug addict, a baby at 20, can’t stand on his own feet yet. She said his family is doing him no good by supporting him. What does she want me to do let him starve. I looked this judge up on the computer and found that she has already been suspended without pay in 2002 and yet she still presides over cases in Douglas county court. She was voted one of only two judges to not be retained. I am at a loss as to why this judge is allowed to continue in our judicial system. She makes comments that are totally inappropriate. I think she should be removed as a judge in Douglas county.

  9. I am a single father who has petitioned the NYC family court located at 60 lafayette street in manhattan and i origionally filed for visitation in 2003 and it has been a total nightmare I have been extremely well documented and have presented my case as eloquent as possible and I am faceing a very callous, insensitive judge who purposely does not address any direct retorts from me what can I do i am at my wits end …james

    • I am also dealing with a NYC Family court judge. The best thing to do is file complaints with the Commission on Judicial Conduct not that they really do anything either but make a paper trail. When the corruption in NYC Family Court becomes exposed you will need that paper trail.

      I am working with 2 news reporters at this time and have sent information to the Inspector General in Washington. I pray and pray that this court be investigated and exposed for the disgusting corruption and destruction that it stands for.

      • Have that news reporter call me about westchester county judges / corrupt psycological evaluators that the judges put in place/I put an ad in the paper
        I found 4 witnesses that would testify to extortion by the evaluator. I couldnt bring in the witnesses becuse it was the judge who chose the evealuator and he was a proffessional so the judge said / Just look into Larry Horowitz and tell me why he is practicing law in NYS talk about corruption

      • Everyone in NYS, especially NYC, needs to read the publications by The Fund for

        Modern Courts,,

        They have conducted several studies on the NYS Family Courts. Their results will
        shock you. I was taking how I was treated in Queens family court very personally
        until I read their publications. I have been trying to get a variance on child support for the last 6 years as one of my children is chronically disabled, as his disablity got worse I had to stop working to care for him. I had a very good paying job. It makes no sense for me to work and pay all my money to a stranger who will not care for him as well as I can. My son is very smart and does not feel comfortable having a stranger see him naked or fix his food. I am his caretaker 24/7 and for his twin brother who is not affect with a physical disability. Being a single mom with no support system is an all time consuming and demanding job. I don’t even have time for any personal care, including my own health. I work, but I don’t get paid for it. After I filed an objection the magistrate treated me even worse than ever. I was always on the court calendar for 9:15am and was always the last to be called, even though both parties were there at 9:15. I went back to court more than 10 times in 2 years, since 7/08 trying to get the father to pay his 50% share of medical co-pays and the issue is still not resolved. Magistrate Borofsky is now in Manhattan. Look out for him, he could care less about you or your children. Also, child support was established without submission of income taxes or fincancial disclosure affidavits. The new magistrate appointed to my case is not much better. I just filed an objection on 31 violations of the Family Court Act. These magistrates stink. After you read the Modern Courts publications it will all be very clear that there is no due process in Family Court.

      • Maggie,
        May I ask what happened in regards to your case?
        I am in upstate NY and it is HELL! Nobody will listen or help, I have also filed grievances with The Commission on Judicial Conduct, and the Inspector General. Also the ACLU, the Attorney General, and NY bar association in regards to a corrupt GAL.
        I would really like to contact the Media, where did you find reportors who would listen to you?
        I would really love to speak with you Maggie.

        – Amy

  10. So Judge Donald Letourneau made it onto this complaint site. All of these years and I could never explain why my daughter is still living with a suicidal, drug addicted woman, but reading another complaint where the children were placed with the drug addict (the dad in that case) relieves the gender bias issue. Apparently, the winner is the parent with the most toxic mix of illegal substances. Yes! Shame on you “judge” Donald LeTourneau!

    • I had this “judge” Donald LeTourneau hearing. He used “not relevant” to stop me to present evidence about drug use of my daughter in the case. Of course, the father also have a long term drug problem also. The judge used “the child age from 13 to 17.99″ as “the best interest” to not enforce the law, again no parent time just like other previous corrupted judges in the Oregon court system. I think we should have a Class Action suit to sue State of Oregon Family Law Court for cheating all our money and not apply/enforce the law/order, give no parent time to the parent. “The best interest of the child” is the most ambiguous “phrase” that are abused all the time by the judges to not doing their jobs, not enforce the law and cheat taxpayers and litigants millions of dollars to pretend to do “family” a favor. The whole family court system is a show to keep people employed in the family court industry. Side note: My friend saw his young girlfriend (20 something) sitting in my hearing. I suspect he likes to associate with drugs or persons who use drugs because they seem more fun, wild and loose.

      • Its all about politics and money, your right about the corruption within the judiciary, especially in matters relating to Family Law/Custody issues. It is a shame that the trial court refraines from looking at the whole picture, all factors and consideration of the childs interests, not the parents, what is best for the child. Please write to your state represenative

      • There seems to be a trend here with Judge Letourneau. If you’re a drug user – you’re a winner in his court room! I have a friend whose ex-husband lost custody of his children to his drug-using ex-wife. Same thing – very little visitation for him either “in the best interests of the children”. Bologna!

    • DoublySick – yep, that was me who posted that. Last time I saw Judge Letourneau, he was leaving The Old Spaghetti factory. His pony tail is longer than ever. I bet he still smokes pot which is why he’s sympathetic to drug users. In Letourneau’s court room, the bigger the loser you are in life, the better your chances with him. He is clearly a douche bag!

      • Yes, it does seem that the losers win in Judge Letourneau’s courtroom. Ponytailed hippy… He totally ignored all my ex’s lies and deceit, all her irresponsible behavior, her alcohol abuse. She even had our children believing she is dying. Both my children and her GP testified and inevitably exposed her lies and irresponsibillities in the court room. The doctor testified that she is not dying and judge Letourneau still awarded her indefinite spousal support of $1250 per month. Yes, you read right, indefinite… until she dies. According to the doctor it could easily be another 40 years. And here i thought that the vow of “till death do us part” no longer applied when one gets divorced and I also thought that lying in court would somehow be punished… instead, in Judge Letourneau’s courtroom that behavior is rewarded. And if you were the responsible one in the mix you will end loose and pay.
        My ex can now live happily ever after in the house she owns with her boyfriend, her illegitimate child (she had this one 2 years after the divorce) her 14 cats, 5 dogs and her BMW. Which she no doubt acquired with the 250k she has gotten from over the past 6 years from the initial divorce settlement?
        The silver lining is that the kids are now with me and sadly not very happy with their mother for lying to them about dying…

  11. I would like to tell you about Anderson county juvenile court judge April Meldrum. She is the most irresponsible and uncaring and racist human being I have ever met. She doesn’t use her power for good but for satisfaction. My 8 month old son was born very ill. She took him and my other 3 children, not because they were being abused or there was a threat to their lives, she took them away simply because she had the power to. Thanks to her I have not seen my babies in 4 months. She is an idiotic stupid retarded bitch and she doesn’t deserve to be in the position she was elected to hold.

  12. In most cases judges are not elected, but are appointed, prehaps, for a fee, because they don’t have to do much to “earn” the money that they collect. They seem to be accountable to no one and certainly never “pay” for their “mistakes”. So I would bed surprised to learn that the judge from Anderson County was “elected” to her positon. she just had the right connection and there she is,

    • There has to be a way to make judges responsible for their knowingly bad decisions. If more parents would together and find someone to sue the state in a class action suit against a judge, then maybe judges wouldn’t feel so omnipotent.

      • i definitely agree with that. the court system is broken. kids have even been killed by dangerous parents because of judges poor rulings. i wish i would have not walked into the court house thinking me and my girl would be protected from her father who has made threats and who i think has abused her. i even had proof he made threats to kill himself and everyone else. i was blamed for his threats. judges do not give a fuck about anyone else but them and their kids!

    • Judge Meldrum WAS elected She also has a history of removing the most children in the state of Tennessee. Google her name . . .

  13. James send letters to everyone. Just send them. Our voice will be heard one day


  15. Anyone living in Maricopa County in Arizona should unite against the horrible judges in the family court system. Judge Ruth Hilliard hates women, especially those that were not married to the child’s father. She will do everything in her power to remove children from any contact with their mother. She has sent children to live with abusive, alcoholic and drug addicted fathers due to her bias. She is endangering the children in Maricopa County. All the lawyers know that it is useless to represent a mother in front of her when all a father has to do is give her a couple thousand dollars and she will rule the mother out of the child’s life. Why she is still allowed to preside over family court cases is a conundrum. If there are any other mothers (or fathers) who share my feelings, maybe we can get together and start a petition to remove her from the family court circuit.

    • What happened with Hilliard?

    • I do agree that it appears as though Judge Ruth Hilliard hates women. My situation only had to do with child support. Right from the beginning she was VERY judgemental and stated, “It seems to me that money will buy love.” Keep in mind that, yes, I was there to get child support re-established but it was not out of greed. The father has paid child support and deserves fair credit for that. He is manipulative and spends absolutely no time with his child. The child suffers from a lack of emotional support from this man. Judge Hilliard automatically assumed that he was being taken for his money (He’s not rich), when in fact that is contrary. If only the judge knew all the grief that man had put me and the child through maybe she would not have been so hateful. It is sad when we trust that a judge will be fair and balanced. In this case I feel it was just the opposite. Thank God I’m the type of person that can see a positive in the a negative situation. To make my point clear, though, the judge definately left me feeling judged unfairly.

      • Hilliard is not the only female on the bench in Maricopa County who doesn’t like women. Beware of Sheila Madden. She is a commissioner, not a judge, in charge of child support matters. She was on my case for awhile, until I dropped Title IV-D services to get rid of her. She is highly biased toward the male parent, and allowed my ex to write off 80% of his business expenses (he’s self-employed). She also stated from the bench that if he wasn’t happy with the results of her child support determination he could always file another modification petition, since “mother’s income has increased.” Completely ignoring the fact that he was running a business with a gross income of almost $250k. She was also very lame and spineless about enforcing the support and the reimbursement of medical expenses and attorneys’ fees he owes me. File a change of commissioner if you get her on your case.

  16. Pingback: File a complaint against a Judge or Magistrate « Consumers For Justice’s Blog

  17. My complaint is not about the judge but, about the bailiff and the D.A. in Pomona, California. In division 207 in Pomona, C.A. The two of them are bullies. They want you to move when they are walking around the court room. They talk to you very rudely. They even make unnecessary comments that have nothing to do with case. They try to intimidate you with their rude looks. They make you sit down and wait if you ask more than one question or if you don’t understand something. The bald bailiff aways says sit down and I’ll be back in an hour because he knows no-one wants to be in court any extra time. They do this because they feel they are above and beyond the law. This is why no one treats them with respect. You have to give respect to get respect. I’m going to criminal court so if you are dealing with a major case you really could care less about the people in the court because they only see you one way, whether you are guilty or not. I will let God deal with them! They to will also have their judgement day. They are just killing themselves with jobs that allow them to be in control. The two of them have issue and they go to the court room to take it out on others who are in compromising positions all ready. They would dare challenging any body out side of that court room or out of that uniform they would be running with their tale between their legs.

  18. Fred Shapiro Westchester county NY the worst When shown that the psycological eveluator he appointed was an extorsiomist Fred stopped any that informations from coming out (6 witneses) as he stopped fathers from seeing their children Fred even stated in court that his own children and he needed therepy
    Fred is big time friends with the dibarred and now reinstated Larry Horowitz. Word has it they colaborated before the trials

  19. My husband has been paying double what the state requires him to pay in child support. i was having to support him. 1/2 of his income…which wasn’t a whole lot to begin with goes to the ex. We have been trying to get into court for a year now (Virginia, Stafford County). He ex had sued a huge amusement park at got a very large settlement (although she lied about what really happenened, and should not have gotten a judgement at all…). We have tried to get discovery of her income/assets, etc. and received nothing until finally we got a photo copy of one pay stub. They have been in contempt for not giving the discovery for 3 months now. The court date is in a week and we tried to file a motion to compel the discovery and the judge denied it. He is going to make the decision without any documentation. The denial was without any justification according to the attorney. We have spent $6,000.00 just to try and get his case heard. We had to go to an attorney in the first place as they said that his divorce was sealed and nothing about the children could be reviewed. We started there had it moved to JDR, where it should have been all along. One of his children has turned 19 during this process, but the child support has remained the same…This all started because 12 years ago his attorney told him that he needed to pay what they were asking or the court would order him to pay more, but in Virginia, it is all about the money in a formula, so that was bull shit~! Come to find out, his attorney was a friend of his ex wife aunt, who is also an attorney and represented her neice in the divorce stuff, which killed him finantially as well. Of course, she had not attorneys fees. She lives off the system, has her kids labeled as disabled so she can get money for that too.

  20. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:, Michael De Coux ***MEDIA ADVISORY*** JUDGE DENIES FATHER’S CONTITUTIONAL RIGHTS Unequal justice for pro se father trying to protect his son. Raleigh, NC Michael De Coux, divorced an African-American father of 48 years of age is continuing to fight for the protection, safety and welfare of his son in the face of overwhelming odds, social bias against fathers, prejudice from our family courts, lack of financial resources or legal assistance while working two jobs and keeping a roof over his head. Exhausted and stressed-out, no one wants to listen to his plea for help. No one cares about the safety and protection of his son who has a severe peanut allergy and has had over 30 dental cavities in the past two years while under the primary care, custody and control of the child’s biological mother, Jeffrie Allison Pendergrass. The father Mr. De Coux has obtained Epi-Pens to keep on hand and he has provided them to the child’s school and day care providers, while the mother, Ms. Pendergrass has does not keep an Epi-Pen on hand for their son, nor has she taken the child to any doctor or dentist since the parties separation on July 31, 2007. The mother’s failure to provide medical care is tantamount to neglect under North Carolina statues. However, Mr. De Coux has been unsuccessful in getting our courts to listen to him, due to his lack of courtroom litigation skill; the courts prejudice and bias against pro se fathers, and the courts indifference. He can only see his son every other weekend and rarely is allowed to talk to his son on the telephone. In addition to neglecting their son’s medical needs, Pendergrass has produced and writes pornographic short stories and novels which Judge Worley does not feel is a risk to the child as he has not had any interest in these stories at 8 years of age. Pendergrass testified in court to committing federal mortgage loan fraud in the purchase of a home in Durham, NC in March of 2007 and was under investigation by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and eventually was allowed to voluntarily surrender her North Carolina Real Estate license in lieu of being brought up on violations of the Real Estate Code. In September 2008, Pendergrass filed a false and malicious domestic violence charge against De Coux which the court dismissed on September 24, 2008 without De Coux having to take the stand to testify or defend himself to any matters or allegations of Pendergrass under Wake County Case File # 08 CVD 15880. Pendergrass ignored recommendations from a licensed counselor on several occasions to take the minor child to see a doctor. Pendergrass has also caused the parties to be banned from their child’s school for a disruption that she caused on March 13, 2009 as she tried to deny De Coux of his child custody weekend with his son. Surely any sane, lucid, rational thinking person should be able to discern that maybe; just maybe this mother is not what is in the best interest of this minor child? Why can’t Judge Worley understand it? Anna Elena Worley is the presiding judge over the parties’ family and juvenile court matters that have included contempt of court, modification of child custody and termination of parental rights hearings which are still ongoing. Judge Worley has denied without cause, reason or reliable evidence Mr. De Coux his rights as a parent provided under the U.S. Constitution to share in the parenting of his son even in light of the mother’s failures as a parent to do what is in the “best interest” of the child. Judge Worley has excused away almost every violation by the mother, Ms. Pendergrass in denying child custody time to Mr. De Coux; in denying daily telephone communication between the child and his father; and in fulfilling the orders of the court. In April and May of 2010, Judge Worley issued orders prohibiting access to the court files. In North Carolina, Judges are prohibited from writing only one under law. Namely N.C.G.S. § 7A-276.1 Prohibited Order. This law prohibits limiting access to the “public” court files maintained by the Clerk of Superior Court in violation of N.C.G.S. §§ 132-1; and 132-6 of the Public Records Act. Judge Worley not only rendered this order, she issued two of these orders within 30 days of one another. Judge Worley has also acted criminally by conducting and rendering orders in the parties’ family law matter while she did not have subject matter jurisdiction to do so under the law. Mr. De Coux continues on with his struggle to protect and safeguard his son. De Coux battles for the rights of all fathers to enjoy equality and equal justice in our family courts; and for the rights of pro se litigants to be given a full and fair hearing on the merits of their cases. All citizens should be provided equal opportunity and protection under the law, not just those who can afford legal counsel. However In this case as in most, mother’s like Pendergrass are appointed court-appointed counsel at taxpayer expense when they deny visitation and child custody rights of non-custodial fathers. The father who has the money to hire a lawyer has a greater chance of a judge listening and ruling on the true merits of their case. Pro se fathers don’t have a chance against an attorney equipped with motions, objections and a vast knowledge of courtroom tactics and strategies. As a judge is not concerned about a pro se father, their rights, and the rights of the child or the merits of any case. Judges typically just want to get father’s off of their docket, and the most expedient way for them to do this is to let opposing counsel rip father’s to shreds by not letting them enter any evidence, by testify to events they have no knowledge; by lying and distorting the truth. It’s done everyday because pro se fathers don’t know the rules of law, rules of evidence, and rules of civil procedures. So unfortunately, most father and rightfully so, give up because they can’t navigate their way through a hearing. Because the prejudice and bias is prevalent in and out of the courtroom; because there is no justice or equality for GOOD FATHERS and certainly not average fathers; because it takes lots of time, effort, money (even as a pro se, you have to file lots of paperwork, make lots of copies, pay for service of everything so it’s still expensive to do alone) and heartache. Sadly, father’s give up on their children, pay their child support and disappear out of the lives of their children because it is too painful to deal with petty, evil, vindictive, controlling, and putative mother’s intent on trying to make their child dislike, distrust and hate their father by any means at their disposal. For now, mother’s have the means of our courts which gives them the power to take retribution without any recourse. As such, De Coux has persisted through hearing after hearing, filing after filing, motions, objections, writs, notices, affidavits and appeals. For all of his effort, he has only lost additional time with his son with each subsequent battle. But because of the love for his son and his desire to see justice done, De Coux is still fighting on for justice. He says: “I can’t live a day and not continue to fight for what is best for my child.” Even if it means his fight goes on for the next ten years through the North Carolina Court of Appeals to the North Carolina Supreme Court and finally to the U.S. Supreme Court, De Coux is intent on having his case heard. “I suffer through these indignities’, the pain, ridicule, bias and prejudice so that maybe one day, fathers will be treated not as second class citizens in the lives of their children”. De Coux knows that he may never prevail, but has promised his son who wishes to live with him, that he would never stop trying. Afraid, “everyday” De Coux says, but he won’t stop because his son’s life, future and well-being hang in the balance. To help focus public attention to this crisis in America’s family courts regarding the disproportionate treatment of father’s in child custody matters, De Coux will be filing a complaint similar to the one seen below against Judge Worley. From here, the struggle for fathers continue. ============================================================================ Paul R. Ross, Executive Director Nancy A. Vecchia, Counsel Judicial Standards Commission P.O. Box 1122 Raleigh, NC 27602 (919) 831-3630 FAX (919) 715-4703 Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism 505 Oberlin Road, Suite 100 Raleigh, N.C. 27605 (919) 715-6055 IN RE: INQUIRY CONCERNING A JUDGE, ANNA ELENA WORLEY, Respondent Dear Judicial Standards Commission: I, Michael De Coux, Plaintiff/Petitioner am filing this complaint with the Judicial Standards Commission and the Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism against Anna Elena Worley, a Judge of the General Court of Justice, District Court Division, State of North Carolina, Judicial District Ten, County of Wake for violations of the U.S. Constitution amend. I, VI, XIV, § 1; N.C. Constitution art. I, § 18, 19 and art. IV, § 1 and 17; N.C.G.S. §§ 1A-1 Rules 11, 36(a)(b), 45(c) and 52; 7A-109(a); 7A-276.1; 7B-200(c); 11-7; 50-13.1(b)(c); 132-1; 132-6; Wake County District Family Court Local Rule 8.1; the Code of Judicial Conduct pmbl. 2008 Ann. R. N.C. at 475; and Canons 1; 2A; 2B; 3; 3A(1)(2)(3)(4)(5); 3B(1)(2)(3); 3(C)(1)(a)and 3D of the North Carolina Code of Judicial Conduct as set out below: · Conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judicial office into disrepute · Willful misconduct in office; · Judicial overreaching; · Willful and persistent failure to perform judicial duties; · Misuse of judicial powers; · Acting intentionally with gross disregard and in bad faith; · Acting without authority and proper jurisdiction; · Appointment of an ADR who made direct election campaign contributions to the Judge; · Issuing and filing orders not authorized by law; · Willful failure to uphold and comply with the law; · Disregard for the law and ethical rules that govern the judiciary; · Failure to promote public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary; · Failure to maintain competence in the law; · Failure to dispose of promptly the business of the court; · Habitual intemperance; · Prejudice and bias towards the Plaintiff; · Failure to disqualify herself based upon her prejudice and bias · Denying Plaintiff’s full right to be heard; · Deprivation of Plaintiff’s right to due process, equal protection and basic fundamental fairness guaranteed by the United States and North Carolina Constitutions; and PROCEDURAL BACKGROUND The violations alleged began around or about March of 2009 following the recent appointment of the Honorable Anna Elena Worley and the reassignment of the Wake County File Number 08 CVD 16288 from the Honorable Vinston M. Rozier, Jr. to Judge Worley in the Family Court Division. These violations have continued to the present and include all court dates from April 2009 through the filing of this complaint under the file number 08 CVD 16288 and the subsequent transfer and re-assignment from the Juvenile Court Division of file number 09 JT 117 in February of 2010 to be heard before Judge Worley. The matters addressed by the allegations revolve around the separation, divorce, custody, child abuse and neglect, and equitable distribution of the parties and their minor child. The Plaintiff/Petitioner is the biological father of the minor child and the Defendant/Respondent is the biological mother of the minor child. The parties were married on September 24, 1999; separated on July 31, 2007; and divorced on December 18, 2009. FACTUAL BACKGROUND AND ALLEGATIONS Below is a list of the details of the dates, the specific conduct or the actions by Judge Worley that substantiate this claim: 1. On March 26, 2009 Plaintiff’s attorney filed an Amended Motion for Order to Show Cause and Modification of Custody under file # 08 CVD 16288. At the hearing on May 4, 2009, Judge Worley appeared biased by refusing to hear the Plaintiff’s Motion for Modification of Custody although she had continued the Plaintiff’s Motion and Order to Show Cause hearing twice in April 2009 on behalf of the Defendant with now written motion against objection of plaintiff counsel in violation of Code Jud. Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19. 2. Defendant was found guilty of willful contempt of court on May 4, 2009 by Judge Worley. This Contempt Order was not issued and filed with the Clerk of Courts until August 14, 2009. Plaintiff discovered errors on this Contempt Order and submitted a corrected order to the court on November 11, 2009 due to the Defendant’s failure to comply. Judge Worley did not sign, issue or file the corrected order citing clerical error even after the Defendant had testified that she did not comply with this Contempt Order because of the “clerical error”. The filing of the Contempt Order with errors by Judge Worley and refusal to correct it amounts to gross incompetence by an officer of the Court and is in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19. On April 28, 2010 Judge Worley ruled that the Defendant’s excuse for not signing up for the Our Family Wizard was “disingenuous”. Although the Defendant’s actions satisfied the “bad faith standard” Judge Worley did not find the Defendant in willful contempt of court for her actions, instead citing the Plaintiff’s failure to act as the excuse to not find the Defendant in contempt of court even though the Plaintiff was under no order of the court to take any action and Defendant had not signed up for the OurFamilyWizard until on or about November 4, 2009. Judge Worley’s bias and prejudice in not enforcing her own Contempt Order is disturbing and in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19. 3. On May 5, 2009 Plaintiff filed a Motion to Compel Production and a Motion to Dispense with ADR Settlement Procedures in the parties Equitable Distribution case under file # 08 CVD 16288. On August 14, 2009 the Defendant failed to appear, however Judge Worley granted Plaintiff’s Motion to Compel but did not hear or rule on Plaintiff’s Motion to Dispense with ADR Settlement Procedures. On September 3, 2009 Judge Worley assigned attorney Nancy Grace as Mediator for the parties Equitable Distribution. Defendant failed to appear at the September 18, 2009 and October 16, 2009 Initial and final Pretrial Equitable Distribution Conferences. On October 26, 2009 Judge Worley again ordered the Defendant to compel produce documents for Equitable Distribution in addition to ordering the parties to attend mandatory Equitable Distribution mediation with Nancy Grace. Defendant cancelled the parties November 5, 2009 and November 16, 2009 mediation session with Ms. Grace without good cause or reason. The parties Equitable Distribution was heard and ruled on by Judge Worley on November 23, 2009, even though the Defendant had not complied with the mandatory mediation or production of document orders and Judge Worley had not waived the Equitable Distribution Mediation. Judge Worley issued and filed the Order to Compel production against the Defendant on February 17, 2010 nearly three (3) months after issuing the Equitable Distribution decree. These actions demonstrate Judge Worley’s prejudice and bias, dereliction of duty, impropriety and failure to adhere to her responsibilities in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19. 4. In Mooney v. Mooney, NC App. COA08-998, May 19, 2009 the NC Appeals Court stated: (“If the child whose custody is the subject of an action under this Chapter also is the subject of a juvenile abuse, neglect, or dependency proceeding pursuant to Subchapter 1 of Chapter 7B of the General Statutes, then the custody action under this Chapter is stayed as provided in G.S. 7B-200.”); N.C. Gen. Stat. § 7B-200(c) (2007) (“When the court obtains jurisdiction over a juvenile as the result of a petition alleging that the juvenile is abused, neglected, or dependent . . . [a]ny other civil action in this State in which the custody of the juvenile is an issue is automatically stayed as to that issue . . . .”). The subject matter jurisdiction of a trial court is a matter of law, which is reviewable de novo on appeal. Ales v. T. A. Loving Co., 163 N.C. App. 350, 352, 593 S.E.2d 453, 455 (2004)… A trial court’s subject matter jurisdiction over all stages of a juvenile case is established when the action is initiated with the filing of a properly verified petition. Petitioner filed a properly verified Petition for Termination of Parental Rights against the Respondent on May 12, 2009 establishing subject matter jurisdiction over all stages of the juvenile case thereby initiating the stay provision under N.C. Gen. Stat. § 7B-200(c) requiring [a]ny other civil action in this State in which the custody of the juvenile is an issue is automatically stayed as to that issue. This provision should have applied to any new matters filed under the family court file # 08 CVD 16288 after May 12 2009. Judge Worley acting without authority and proper jurisdiction unlawfully, and willfully conducted, presided, ruled and issued orders regarding custody matters under file # 08 CVD 16288 in the Wake County Family Court that were filed and initiated after May 12, 2009 in violation of N.C. Gen. Stat. § 7B-200(c); Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19 on the following dates: a. October 26, 2009, Motion for Order to Show Cause and Modification of Custody filed on June 15, 2009; b. November 23, 2009, Motion for Order to Show Cause filed on June 15, 2009; c. March 25, 2010, Motion for Mistrial, Stay, Vacate, Set-Aside filed on December 4, 2009; d. March 25, 2010, Motion for Order to Show Cause filed on December 11, 2009; e. April 5, 2010, Motion for Preliminary Injunction filed on March 23, 2010; f. April 7, 2010, Motion for Preliminary Injunction filed on March 23, 2010; and g. April 26-28, 2010, Numerous matters under file # 08 CVD 16288 As a matter of law, all the family law matters listed above are void. A void judgment is one rendered by court which lacked personal or subject matter jurisdiction or acted in manner inconsistent with due process, U.S.C.A. Const. Amends. 5, 14 Matter of Marriage of Hampshire, 869 P.2d 58 ( Kan. 1997). A judgment is void…”if the court that rendered it lacked jurisdiction of the subject matter, or of the parties, or if it acted in a manner inconsistent with due process of law.” In re Edwards, 962 F.2d 641, 644 (7th Cir. 1992) (citation omitted).” Antoine, et al. v. Atlas Turner, et al. (6th Cir., 1995). A void judgment is one which, from its inception, was a complete nullity and without legal effect, Rubin v. Johns, 109 F.R.D. 174 (D. Virgin Islands 1985). A void judgment is one which, from its inception, is and forever continues to be absolutely null, without legal efficacy, ineffectual to bind the parties or to support a right, of no legal force and effect whatever, and incapable of enforcement in any manner or to any degree – Loyd v. Director, Dept. of Public Safety, 480 So. 2d 577 (Ala. Civ. App. 1985). On February 19, 2010 following the swearing in ceremony of the Honorable Keith O. Gregory, the Plaintiff discussed with the Honorable Vinston M. Rozier, Jr. a Judge of the General Court of Justice, District Court Division, State of North Carolina, Judicial District Ten, County of Wake his current situation of having a current Termination of Parental Right case pending and Judge Worley’s hearing of new family law matters. Judge Rozier was taken aback and very surprised as he expressed his understanding of the statue in agreement with my own understanding requiring family law matters to be stayed until the Termination of Parental Rights matter are resolved. 5. Under N.C.G.S § 50-13.1(b)(c) and Wake County District Family Court Local Rule 8.1 require child custody issues to be set for mediation before hearing any new custody matters unless mediation is waived by the court. Judge Worley heard the Defendant’s Motion and Order for Modification of Custody and Motion and Order to Show Cause over objection of the Plaintiff on October 26, 2009 and November 23, 2009 without waiving or requiring mediation of the parties pursuant to 50-13.1(b)(c) and Local Rule 8.1. On October 30, 2009 Plaintiff filed a Motion and Order to Waive Custody Mediation pursuant to the same rule so that he could file his Motions for Modification of Custody and Motion and Order to Show Cause against the Defendant, however Judge Worley denied Plaintiff’s Motion and Order to Waive Custody Mediation on November 2, 2009. Plaintiff scheduled and attended the Custody Mediation on January 19, 2010 before being able to have his concerns addressed by the Court. A free society depends on Judges who will faithfully apply the same law to all parties. It should be unacceptable for Judge Worley to apply one set of rules to the Plaintiff and another, more favorable set of rules to the Defendant. Judge Worley’s actions were prejudiced and biased against the Plaintiff in giving the Defendant preferential treatment and thereby not allowing the Plaintiff equal protection under the law based upon his gender, race or status as a parent in the parties family law matters in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19. 6. “The trial court must, through ‘PROCESS OF LOGICAL REASONING,’ based on the evidentiary facts before it, ‘FIND THE ULTIMATE FACTS ESSENTIAL TO SUPPORT THE CONCLUSIONS OF LAW.’ In re J.S., 165 N.C. App. 509, 598 S.E.2d 658 (2004), quoting, In re HARTON, 156 N.C. App. 655, 660, 577 S.E.2d 334, 337 (2003). In a bench trial, it is the duty of a judge to “TO WEIGH AND CONSIDER ALL COMPETENT EVIDENCE, AND PASS UPON THE CREDIBILITY OF THE WITNESSES, THE WEIGHT TO BE GIVEN THEIR TESTIMONY AND THE REASONABLE INFERENCES TO BE DRAWN THEREFROM.” In re Whisnant, 71 N.C. App. 439, 441, 322 S.E.2d 434, 435 (1984) On May 4, 2009 under the file # 08 CVD 16288 Judge Worley found Defendant guilty of willful contempt of the March 10, 2008 Custody Order. She ordered Defendant to sign-up for the OurFamilyWizard website to purge her of the offense. During the hearing the following statements were made by Andrew Leliever, attorney for Plaintiff and Judge Worley on the Court’s audio transcript that was obtained from the courtroom clerk Penny Keith by Plaintiff on May 9, 2009: Judge Worley: Your [Defendant] method of purging contempt is going to be, um signing up for myfamilywizard… Judge Worley: Unfortunately for me, um I do not have a cross contempt motion here that I can order you [Plaintiff] to do the same at this time sir, but um, it won’t do her any good to sign up for this if you don’t log in… Andrew Leliever: And you ordered the Defendant to sign up for myfamilywizard. At, can we have the website for that? Judge Worley: And, okay, both of them got a brochure… [OurFamilyWizard] Andrew Leliever: Okay, I’m sorry, I don’t know how I missed that. Judge Worley: That’s okay, and that is the purge, that is the purge requirement. And, your attorney’s will explain to you that typically in contempt, I mean the remedy that the Court has available to it, is to put you in jail. And therefore it is do this, or go to jail. Andrew Leliever: And when is she to sign up by? Judge Worley: And ma’am, if you can make that sign up happen before, within the next seven days. Andrew Leliever: Are those business days? I’m sorry your honor. Judge Worley: No, those are, that is one week from today as in next Monday, um if sign up [garbled] have occurred. Andrew Leliever: Thank you your honor. Judge Worley: No, that’s okay, we need to be as clear as we can be. There is a clear strong evidence in the above record that suggest a preconceived judgment, opinion or bias of Judge Worley intent on making Plaintiff sign up for the OurFamilyWizard website. There was an implied impermissible promise of Judge Worley to hold Plaintiff to the same judgment as Defendant without any basis of evidentiary facts. Differences [between men and women], including the products of social inequality, make unequal treatment not unequal at all. Said Catharine MacKinnon, “Reflections on Sex Equality Under Law,” Yale Law Journal, 1991. This is simply and unfortunately a mistrust and fear based upon appearances, race, gender and preconceived stereotypes against fathers in our family court system. Judge Worley erred by entering an order of contempt against De Coux without sufficient basis for a findings of facts pursuant to the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedures Rule 52(a). N.C.G.S. § 1A-1, Rule 52. Findings by the court. (a) Findings. – (1) In all actions tried upon the facts without a jury or with an advisory jury, the court shall find the facts specially and state separately its conclusions of law thereon and direct the entry of the appropriate judgment. (2) Findings of fact and conclusions of law are necessary on decisions of any motion or order ex mero motu only when requested by a party and as provided by Rule 41(b). Similarly, findings of fact and conclusions of law are necessary on the granting or denying of a preliminary injunction or any other provisional remedy only when required by statute expressly relating to such remedy or requested by a party. The November 23, 2009 Contempt Order of this Court violated the constitutional rights of Plaintiff, contrary to the laws of North Carolina and the United States of America. The Orders of the Court deprived Plaintiff of his fundamental liberty interest as protected and secured by the U.S. Constitution and secured under settled law. The Order of the Court was conceived in a prejudicial forum in violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct, and in direct disregard of the duties of the presiding judge. Judge Worley’s Contempt Order failed to specify the facts or the law under which the Order was crafted, and failed to support its conclusions with facts in the record. The Contempt Order constitutes an arbitrary and capricious misapplication of law which evidences prejudice and bias of the Court. Void judgment. A void judgment is one which has no legal force or effect, invalidity of which may be asserted by any person whose rights are affected at any time and at any place directly or collaterally. Reynolds v. Volunteer State Life Ins. Co., Tex. Civ. App., 80 S.W.2d 1087, 1092. One which from its inception is and forever continues to be absolutely null, without legal efficacy, ineffectual to bind parties or support a right, of no legal force and effect whatever, and incapable of confirmation, ratification, or enforcement in any manner or to any degree. Judgment is a “void judgment” if court that rendered judgment lacked jurisdiction of the subject matter, or of the parties, or acted in a manner inconsistent with due process. Fed. Rules Civ. Proc., Rule 60(b)(4), 28 U.S.C.A.; U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. 5. Klugh v. U.S., D.C.S.C., 610 620 F.Supp. 892, 901 (1985). Void judgments are those rendered by a court which lacked jurisdiction, either of the subject matter or the parties. See: Wahl v. Round Valley Bank 38 Ariz, 411, 300 P. 955(1931), Tube City Mining & Milling Co. v. Otterson, 16 Ariz. 305, 146p 203(1914); and Millken v. Meyer, 311 U.S. 457, 61 S. CT. 339,85 L. Ed. 2d 278 (1940). A void judgment is one rendered by court which lacked personal or subject matter jurisdiction or acted in manner inconsistent with due process, U.S.C.A. Const. Amends. 5, 14 Matter of Marriage of Hampshire, 869 P.2d 58 ( Kan. 1997). A judgment is void…”if the court that rendered it lacked jurisdiction of the subject matter, or of the parties, or if it acted in a manner inconsistent with due process of law.” In re Edwards, 962 F.2d 641, 644 (7th Cir. 1992) (citation omitted).” Antoine, et al. v. Atlas Turner, et al. (6th Cir., 1995). A void judgment is one which, from its inception, was a complete nullity and without legal effect, Rubin v. Johns, 109 F.R.D. 174 (D. Virgin Islands 1985). A void judgment is one which, from its inception, is and forever continues to be absolutely null, without legal efficacy, ineffectual to bind the parties or to support a right, of no legal force and effect whatever, and incapable of enforcement in any manner or to any degree – Loyd v. Director, Dept. of Public Safety, 480 So. 2d 577 (Ala. Civ. App. 1985). A void judgment has no effect whatsoever and is incapable of confirmation or ratification, Lucas v. Estate of Stavos, 609 N. E. 2d 1114, “An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights, it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation… “ Norton v. Shelby County, 118 US 425 (1886). The Supreme Court has held that incorrect judgments entered by a Court are not matters of error or the like, but actions beyond the scope of their authority and thus legal nullities. Courts are constituted by authority and they cannot [act] beyond the power delegated to them. If they act beyond that authority, and certainly in contravention of it, their judgments and orders are regarded as nullities. They are not voidable, but simply void, and this even prior to reversal. Elliott v. Peirsol, 1 Pet. 328, 340; Old Wayne Life Ass’n v. McDonough, 204 U.S. 8, 27 Sup. Ct. 236.” Vallely v. Northern Fire & Marine Ins. Co., 254 U.S. 348, 41 S.Ct. 116 (1920). (emphasis added). “[A] void act cannot be ratified.” In re Garcia, 105 B.R. 335 (N.D. Ill. 1989). It is clear and well-established law that all orders based on void orders are themselves void. “[I]f the underlying judgment is void, the judgment based upon it is also void.”. Austin v. Smith, 312 F.2d 337, 343 CA-Dist. Of Col. (1962). It has been held that where a judge violates a party’s legal and/or constitutional rights, the judge loses jurisdiction. Johnson v. Zerbst, 304 U.S. 458, 58 S.Ct. 1019 (1938); If a judge does not fully comply with the Constitution, then his orders are void, In re Sawyer, 124 U.S. 200 (1888). “No man in this country is so high that he is above the law. No officer of the law may set that law at defiance with impunity. All the officers of the government from the highest to the lowest, are creatures of the law, and are bound to obey it.” Butz v. Economou, 98 S.Ct. 2894 (1978); United States v. Lee, 106 U.S. at 220, 1 S.Ct. at 261 (1882). “The United States is forbidden by the fundamental law to take either life, liberty, or property without due process of law, and its courts are included in this prohibition. “ Bass v. Hoagland, 172 F.2d 205, 209 (1949); DelVecchio v. Illinois Dept. of Corrections, 8 F.3d 509, 514 (7th Cir. 1993). “[V]oid judgments are legal nullities…courts have little leeway. Bally Export Corp. v. Balicar, Ltd., 804 F.2d 398, 400 (7th Cir. 1986).” United States v. Indoor Cultivation Equipment, 55 F.3d 1311, 1317 (7th Cir. 1995). When rule providing for relief from void judgments is applicable, relief is not discretionary matter, but is mandatory, Orner v. Shalala, 30 F.3d 1307, ( Colo. 1994). As such, the Contempt Order is void due to lack of subject matter jurisdiction and inconsistent due process acted upon Plaintiff by Judge Worley. Judge Worley’s statements suggested impropriety; bias and prejudice against the Plaintiff. On November 23, 2009 Judge Worley found the Plaintiff guilty of willful contempt where there was no evidence to support the allegation. However, due to her bias, prejudice Judge Worley was finally able to order the Plaintiff to sign up for the OurFamilyWizard website by her order. In addition, Judge Worley further confirmed her preconceived judgment during the April 28, 2010 decision by not finding the Defendant in willful contempt for not complying with signing up for the OurFamilyWizard website as ordered, but by excusing her actions as a result of the Plaintiff not signing up for the service in or around May of 2009 even though he was not under any order or authority to do so until after the filing of the November 23, 2009 decree which did not happen until January 22, 2010. Judge Worley’s actions demonstrate more than the appearance of bias and prejudice as they are willful and criminal violations of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure; Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19. 7. On or about March 15, 2010 Plaintiff spoke with Kimberly W. Jeffreys in her office and reviewed the upcoming March 25, 2010 items on the calendar. Ms. Jeffreys informed the Plaintiff that Judge Worley had informed her that she was going to continue all of the matters to the August 30, 2010 to be heard together. Plaintiff voiced his objection to the comments and Ms. Jeffreys only stated something that she could only do what the Judge told her to do. At the March 26, 2010 hearing, Judge Worley opened the hearing talking about the Termination matter which was not on the calendar. Plaintiff objected and informed Judge Worley of this, however, Judge Worley proceeded to discuss the Termination of Parental Rights Matter and why she wanted to continue all the matters to the August 30, 2010 hearing date. Plaintiff objected several times before Judge Worley continued all of the matters for March 25, 2010 to the April 26, 2010 hearing date. Judge Worley’s actions demonstrate her failure to uphold the integrity of the judiciary, these action show bias, prejudice, denial of rights of the Plaintiff, a dereliction of duty and unprofessional conduct under Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1)(2), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19. 8. On or about April 9, 2010 Kimberly W. Jeffreys contacted the Plaintiff by phone and informed him that Judge Worley had denied the Plaintiff’s request to sign and issue subpoenas submitted for witnesses and documents for the upcoming hearings under file # 08 CVD 16288 on April 26, 2010. Judge Worley’s actions showed bias and prejudice in violation of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure; Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19. Plaintiff to resubmit the subpoenas to the Clerk of Court’s office where they were eventually signed, issued and served upon the parties therein. 9. On April 12, 2010 Plaintiff discovered errors on Preliminary Injunction order issued by Judge Worley against the Defendant; namely the order stated that is was issued in “State of North Carolina, County of Guilford“ instead of State of North Carolina, County of Wake. Plaintiff emailed Kimberly W. Jeffreys to check with Judge Worley about this error and received a response that this was only a clerical error once again. Judge Worley did not issue any corrected order. The filing of this order by Judge Worley amounts to gross incompetence by an officer of the Court and is in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1)(2), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19. 10. During the March 25, 2010 hearing and the hearings that began on April 26, 2010 hearing under file # 08 CVD 16288 Judge Worley engaged in conduct inappropriate to her office when she warned Plaintiff; using threats and coercion particularly inappropriate with the power of her office intentionally and with gross disregard and in bad faith trying to restrict, limit and prohibit the Plaintiff from exercising his right to subpoena witnesses for the April 26, 2010 and August 30, 2010 court hearings scheduled in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1)(2), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19. 11. On April 26, 2010 Judge Worley informed the parties that the previously scheduled matters for that day would have to be heard in ten (10) hours instead of fourteen (14) hours as scheduled. This denied the Pro Se Plaintiff his full right to be heard, to offer testimony, evidence and arguments according to law in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(2)(4), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; and the U.S. Const. amend. I, VI, and XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 18, 19 and art. IV, § 1. 12. On April 26, 2010 Judge Worley filed an Order for Custody for the hearing on October 26, 2009 under file # 08 CVD 16288. The filing of this order on the same date as the Plaintiff’s Modification of Custody hearing and Motion and Order to Show Cause for Contempt of Court against the Defendant demonstrates Judge Worley’s lack of integrity, disrespect for the law, inability to perform the duties of the judge’s office impartially and diligently, her lack of competence in the law in properly disposing promptly of the business of the court, and her failure to diligently discharge the judge’s administrative responsibilities. These actions biased and prejudiced the Plaintiff in not affording him the opportunity to appeal or move to stay this order prior to the April 26, 2010 hearings. There should never be any circumstance where an Order of four (4) pages should takes six (6) months to be drafted and filed by any Judge. This conduct of Judge Worley’s brings the judicial office into disrepute as her actions violate Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(3)(4)(5), 3B(1)(2), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; and the U.S. Const. amend. I, VI, and XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 18, 19 and art. IV, § 1. 13. On April 26, 2010 in the hearing under file # 08 CVD 16288, Judge Worley without cause or reason refused to here or rule upon the Plaintiff’s October 5, 2009 Motion to Vacate Prior Custody Order; thereafter Kimberly W. Jeffreys emailed the Plaintiff on May 10, 2010 declaring the status as per Judge Worley as “Moot” in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1)(2), 3C(1)(a), and 3D as being prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judicial office into disrepute and willful misconduct. Neither Order nor notice has been filed regarding this matter by the Judge. 14. On April 26, 2010 in the hearing under file # 08 CVD 16288, Judge Worley without cause or reason refused to here or rule upon the Plaintiff’s December 4, 2009 Motion for Mistrial, Stay, Vacate, Set-Aside, Dismiss; thereafter Kimberly W. Jeffreys emailed the Plaintiff on May 10, 2010 declaring the status as per Judge Worley as “Not Reached” in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1)(2), 3C(1)(a), and 3D as being prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judicial office into disrepute and willful misconduct. Neither Order nor notice has been filed regarding this matter by the Judge. 15. On April 26, 2010 in the hearing under file # 08 CVD 16288, Judge Worley without cause or reason refused to here or rule upon the Plaintiff’s March 22, 2010 Motion for Summary Judgment, thereafter Kimberly W. Jeffreys emailed the Plaintiff on May 10, 2010 declaring the status as per Judge Worley as “Moot” in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1)(2), 3C(1)(a), and 3D as being prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judicial office into disrepute and willful misconduct. Because most of the matters submitted in Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment were conclusively established in the Request for Admissions these facts were sufficient to support a grant of summary judgment. Judge Worley actions to not rule on this motion constituted prejudice and bias towards the Plaintiff in addition to demonstrating her failure to comply with the law, to provide equal protection and due process rights to the Plaintiff under the NC and US Constitutions. Neither Order nor notice has been filed regarding this matter by the Judge. In GOINS v PULEO, 350 N.C. 277 512 S.E.2d 748 (1999) the Supreme Court of north Carolina stated: Rule 36(a) of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure provides in pertinent part that when a written request for admissions is properly served upon a party to a lawsuit, the matter is admitted unless, within 30 days after service of the request, or within such shorter or longer time as the court may allow, the party to whom the request is directed serves upon the party requesting the admission a written answer or objection addressed to the matter, signed by the party or by his attorney. N.C.G.S. § 1A-1, Rule 36(a) (1990) (emphasis added). Moreover, “any matter admitted under this rule is conclusively established unless the court on motion permits withdrawal or amendment of the admission.” N.C.G.S. § 1A-1, Rule 36(b) (1990) (emphasis added). Facts that are admitted under Rule 36(b) are sufficient to support a grant of summary judgment. Rhoads v. Bryant, 56 N.C.App. 635, 289 S.E.2d 637, disc. rev. denied, 306 N.C. 386, 294 S.E.2d 211 (1982). The Standard of Review in North Carolina is: “Summary Judgment is proper if the pleadings, depositions, answers to interrogatories, and admissions on file, together with the affidavits, if any, show that there is no genuine issue as to any material fact and that any party is entitled to a judgment as a matter of law.” N.C.G.S. § 1A-1, Rule 56(c) City of Asheville v. State, 665 S.E. 2d 103 (NC 2008). Judge Worley did not hear Plaintiff’s motion as required by law, thus deny his right to a full hearing predicated upon her prejudice and bias. 16. On April 26, 2010, Judge Worley rule upon the Plaintiff’s March 30, 2010 Motion to Admit Admissions, thereafter Kimberely W. Jeffreys emailed the Plaintiff on May 10, 2010 declaring the status as per Judge Worley as “Denied” in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a), and 3D as being prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judicial office into disrepute and willful misconduct. Neither Order nor notice has been filed regarding this matter by the Judge. Under the N.C.G.S. § 1A-1 Rules of Civil procedures, Rule 36. Requests for admission; effect of admission. (a) Request for admission. – A party may serve upon any other party a written request for the admission, for purposes of the pending action only, of the truth of any matters within the scope of Rule 26(b) set forth in the request that relate to statements or opinions of fact or of the application of law to fact, including the genuineness of any documents described in the request. Copies of documents shall be served with the request unless they have been or are otherwise furnished or made available for inspection and copying. The request may, without leave of court, be served upon the plaintiff after commencement of the action and upon any other party with or after service of the summons and complaint upon that party. If the request is served with service of the summons and complaint, the summons shall so state. Each matter of which an admission is requested shall be separately set forth. The matter is admitted unless, within 30 days after service of the request, or within such shorter or longer time as the court may allow, the party to whom the request is directed serves upon the party requesting the admission a written answer or objection addressed to the matter, signed by the party or by his attorney, but, unless the court shortens the time, a defendant shall not be required to serve answers or objections before the expiration of 60 days after service of the summons and complaint upon him. If objection is made, the reasons therefore shall be stated. The answer shall specifically deny the matter or set forth in detail the reasons why the answering party cannot truthfully admit or deny the matter. A denial shall fairly meet the substance of the requested admission, and when good faith requires that a party qualify his answer or deny only a part of the matter of which an admission is requested, he shall specify so much of it as is true and qualify or deny the remainder. An answering party may not give lack of information or knowledge as a reason for failure to admit or deny unless he states that he has made reasonable inquiry and that the information known or readily obtainable by him is insufficient to enable him to admit or deny. A party who considers that a matter of which an admission has been requested presents a genuine issue for trial may not, on that ground alone, object to the request; he may, subject to the provisions of Rule 37(c), deny the matter or set forth reasons why he cannot admit or deny it. (b) Effect of admission. – Any matter admitted under this rule is conclusively established unless the court on motion permits withdrawal or amendment of the admission. Subject to the provisions of Rule 16 governing amendment of a pretrial order, the court may permit withdrawal or amendment when the presentation of the merits of the action will be subserved thereby and the party who obtained the admission fails to satisfy the court that withdrawal or amendment will prejudice him in maintaining his action or defense on the merits. In GOINS v PULEO, 350 N.C. 277 512 S.E.2d 748 (1999) the Supreme Court of north Carolina stated: Rule 36(a) of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure provides in pertinent part that when a written request for admissions is properly served upon a party to a lawsuit, the matter is admitted unless, within 30 days after service of the request, or within such shorter or longer time as the court may allow, the party to whom the request is directed serves upon the party requesting the admission a written answer or objection addressed to the matter, signed by the party or by his attorney. N.C.G.S. § 1A-1, Rule 36(a) (1990) (emphasis added). Moreover, “any matter admitted under this rule is conclusively established unless the court on motion permits withdrawal or amendment of the admission.” N.C.G.S. § 1A-1, Rule 36(b) (1990) (emphasis added). Facts that are admitted under Rule 36(b) are sufficient to support a grant of summary judgment. Rhoads v. Bryant, 56 N.C.App. 635, 289 S.E.2d 637, disc. rev. denied, 306 N.C. 386, 294 S.E.2d 211 (1982). Defendant made no motion to withdraw or to amend the admissions she made in response to Plaintiff’s requests for admissions during discovery. The record reveals that Defendant did not respond to either request for admissions. Moreover, Defendant did not move the court, expressly or impliedly, to withdraw or amend her admissions. Under these statues, Judge Worley failed to comply with the law and the proper administration of the law thereby prejudicing and offering the appearance of bias against the Plaintiff by allowing the Defendant to not only offer her responses well after the statutory guidelines to the Admissions Request of the Plaintiff filed on February 4, 2010, but allowed the admission responses without motion from the Defendant, reason or explanation of excusable neglect for the Defendant in not complying with the statues timetable to reply, and over Plaintiff’s objection for failure of Defendant to properly service the responses upon Plaintiff as the Defendant’s responses were not signed or dated. The Rules of Civil Procedure promote the orderly and uniform administration of justice, and all litigants are entitled to rely on them. Therefore, the rules must be applied equally to all parties to a lawsuit, without regard to whether they are represented by counsel. Judge Worley failed to apply this rule equally by denying Plaintiff’s motion as a matter of law out of her prejudice and bias towards the Plaintiff in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19. 17. On April 26, 2010 Judge Worley over objection of the Plaintiff allowed Steven Palme to defend and litigate the Defendant’s in the Plaintiff’s Motion for Modification of Custody hearing without any authority under the law. Mr. Palme was assigned to represent the Defendant in the Plaintiff’s Motion and Order to Show Cause which Defendant had a right to be provided counsel for such purpose. However, Judge Worley allowed Mr. Palme to assist, defend and litigate on behalf of the Defendant in the Modification of Custody matter was a gross miscarriage of justice unfair and prejudicial to the Plaintiff, showed continued bias of Judge Worley in denying Plaintiff his right to be heard, his equal protection under the law and due process rights, in addition to being biased and discriminatory to the detriment of the Plaintiff and his being given any fair trial or hearing based upon the evidence in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(2)(4)(5), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 18 and 19. Judge Worley’s actions were nothing less than an intentional and willful demonstration of her power and position to whitewash the proceedings beyond the legitimate exercise of her authority. 18. Judges are to be neutral and unbiased adjudicators of the dispute before them. However, on April 26, 2010 in the hearing under file # 08 CVD 16288, Judge Worley on her own accord took the position of conducting research to find an authority supporting a legal proposition uttered by the Defendant’s counsel Mr. Steven Palme. I assert that when the litigant and her counsel had opted not to search for and obtain the proper citation, Judge Worley ‘s actions called into question her impartiality by creating the impression that Mr. Palme and thereby Defendant were give favorable treatment which ran afoul of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A, 3B(1)(2), 3C(1)(a) and 3D in recessing the court to assist with the Defendant’s research thereby, under that circumstance, she was no longer unbiased, but rather Judge Worley became an advocate for the Defendant and her counsel. 19. Under the N.C.G.S. § 1A-1, Code of Civil Procedure, Rule 45(c) Subpoena states: (3) Written objection to subpoenas. – Subject to subsection (d) of this rule, a person commanded to appear at a deposition or to produce and permit the inspection and copying of records may, within 10 days after service of the subpoena or before the time specified for compliance if the time is less than 10 days after service, serve upon the party or the attorney designated in the subpoena written objection to the subpoena, setting forth the specific grounds for the objection. The written objection shall comply with the requirements of N.C.G.S. § 1A-1, Code of Civil Procedure, Rule 11. Each of the following grounds may be sufficient for objecting to a subpoena: a. The subpoena fails to allow reasonable time for compliance. b. The subpoena requires disclosure of privileged or other protected matter and no exception or waiver applies to the privilege or protection. c. The subpoena subjects a person to an undue burden. d. The subpoena is otherwise unreasonable or oppressive. e. The subpoena is procedurally defective. (5) Motion to quash or modify subpoena. – A person commanded to appear at a trial, hearing, deposition, or to produce and permit the inspection and copying of records, books, papers, documents, or other tangible things, within 10 days after service of the subpoena or before the time specified for compliance if the time is less than 10 days after service, may file a motion to quash or modify the subpoena. The court shall quash or modify the subpoena if the subpoenaed person demonstrates the existence of any of the reasons set forth in subdivision (3) of this subsection. The motion shall be filed in the court in the county in which the trial, hearing, deposition, or production of materials is to occur. 20. On April 26-27, 2010 in the hearing under file # 08 CVD 16288, Judge Worley on her own accord refused to allow the Plaintiff to call the parties minor child as a subpoenaed witness to testify, effectively quashing the Plaintiff’s subpoena by asserting a claim for the minor child that the minor child did not raise. Courts cannot and should not assert a claim for a party that the party has not raised. This amounts to an obstruction of justice and a willful misconduct by an officer of the court thereby denying the Plaintiff’s right to be heard in addition to violating the Plaintiff and the minor child’s rights under the equal protection and due process clauses of the U.S. Const. amend. I, VI, and XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 18, 19 and art. IV, § 1 and other rights as provided by law and Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1), 3C(1)(a) and 3D. At the hearing, Plaintiff called the children to testify. Judge Worley believed that none of the children ‘s testimony would bring any new facts to the hearing. How she would know this is beyond any intelligible response. Plaintiff objected and is appealing this once the order is reduced to writing. Because the trial court applied an erroneous legal standard in denying respondent father’s request to call the children as witnesses, we must reverse the adjudication order in this case and remand the matter to the District Court for a new hearing at which the competence of the children to testify, should they be called as witnesses, shall be determined in accordance with G.S. § 8C-1, Rule 601. In the event the children’s mental condition does not render them incompetent to testify, and they are called as witnesses, the trial court shall take appropriate measures to mitigate, insofar as possible, any harmful effects to them of being required to testify. In re Faircloth, 137 N.C.App. 311, 318, 527 S.E.2d 679, 684 (2000). Because the minor child’s competency was ruled on and accepted by all parties without objection by Judge Worley on October 26, 2009 the child who has first hand knowledge about his life, events of both parties, actions or inactions has a right to not only be heard, questioned and to give relevant testimony, much of which would be the only corroborating party besides the Plaintiff and Defendant to matters regarding misconduct. In addition, the minor child has a right to express his view, opinion and wishes regarding his own custody which Judge Worley did not allow against objection of the Plaintiff. 21. During the April 26, 2010 hearing under file # 08 CVD 16288 Judge Worley did prejudice Plaintiff by denying his full right to be heard in not relaxing the technical evidentiary rules for the Pro Se Plaintiff to be given a fair trial based upon the pure merits and evidence of the case. In Evidentiary Foundations, 4th Edition © 1998LEXIS® Law Publishing by Edward J. Imwinkelried, Professor of Law, University of California at Davis, School of Law, page 4 says: As the Advisory Committee Note to Rule 104(a) states, the technical evidentiary rules are generally viewed as “the child of the jury system;” and there is no need to apply those rules when the judge is the factfinder. “Judges do not compromise their impartiality when they make reasonable accommodations to pro se litigants who may be completely unfamiliar with the legal system and the litigation process. To the contrary, by leveling the playing field, such judges ensure that pro se litigants receive the fair hearing to which they are entitled.” Judge Worley applied the technical evidentiary rules to the letter to deny Plaintiff’s right to a fair trial. The customary practice in the Wake County Family Court system when dealing with Pro Se litigants is to relax the technical evidentiary rules, however in this case, Judge Worley’s actions constitute willful misconduct in office and were prejudicial to the proper administration of justice that brings the judicial office into disrepute. Not only did Judge Worley rule with technical strictness, but she allowed the Defendant to be represented by court-appointed counsel in a Modification of Custody matter where no right exist, whereas Defendant counsel could frustrate Plaintiff by objecting to all chance of Plaintiff’s questioning and entering of evidence in a totally unfair manner. These actions were in violation of U.S. Const. amend. I, VI, and XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 18, 19 and art. IV, § 1 and other rights as provided by law and Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(4)(5), 3B(1)(2)(3), 3C(1)(a) and 3D. What matters in civil family matters is simply whether and to what degree the evidence proves something of relevance to the case. Our rules of evidentiary admissibility do not endow non-jury proceedings with anything of particular value. On the other hand, it is easy to illustrate how the rules of evidence and admissibility can and do produce unfairness. This imbalance suggests that such rules ultimately impair rather than foster justice in non-jury trials. The fact that Judges pretend otherwise is a clear indication of the facile nature of courts commitment to law which renders suspect the assertion, implementation and promise of equal justice under the law. The United States Supreme Court has observed, “even the intelligent and educated layman… is unfamiliar with the rules of evidence.” (Faretta v. Calif. (1975). When such a litigant faces a party represented by counsel in a jury-waived proceeding, rules of admissibility become more than superfluous: They become weapons that the lawyer can use to gain an advantage that has nothing to do with the merits of the case. No public policy is served by the exclusion of relevant evidence by parties with attorneys who have an advantage over the Pro Se Plaintiff that is unrelated to the merits of their cases, and which provides the means to retard or prevent the ascertainment of the truth. “When traditions harm people, the traditions must be reexamined, and the more harm they cause the sooner change must take place. The law of evidentiary admissibility is just such a tradition. Its role in civil non-jury trials is due for extinction.” A judge who makes no effort to prevent a self-represented litigant from making errors that jeopardize the litigant’s defense or claim may deny that litigant “meaningful” access to the court. To a certain extent, courts can protect pro se litigants against the consequences of procedural and technical errors. For example, on court held that a sentencing court’s failure to advise a pro se defendant of his right to appeal was error per se, and warranted remand. United States v. Sanchez, 88 F.3d 1234, 1250-1251 (D.C. Cir. 1996). 22. During the April 26, 2010 hearing under file # 08 CVD 16288 Judge Worley granted favorable treatment by allowing Defendant Counsel Steven Palme to misrepresent facts; to be condescending and make injudicious and unprofessional remarks; to be arrogant and behave in a contemptuous and unprofessional demeanor towards the Plaintiff during the entire proceeding violating the Plaintiff and the minor child’s rights under the equal protection and due process clauses of the U.S. Const. amend. I, VI, and XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 18, 19 and art. IV, § 1 and Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(3)(4)(5), 3B(1)(2)(3), 3C(1)(a) and 3D. 23. On April 26, 2010, Judge Worley invalidated Plaintiff’s certification of service and dismissed his Motions filed in March, 2010 against the Respondent in the Termination of Parental Rights case under file # 09 JT 117 based upon her prejudice, bias, and social and professional relationship with the Respondent counsel, James Hunt in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(3)(4)(5), 3B(1)(2), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; and the U.S. Const. amend. XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 19. 24. On April 28, 2010 under file # 08 CVD 16288 Judge Worley made misrepresentations of fact while announcing the decree order to the court stating that: a. An order awarding custody and child support to the Defendant was entered on March 10, 2008 when in fact on that date only a joint child custody order was entered. b. Both Plaintiff and Defendant filed motions to modify child custody, and said motions were pending at the commencement of this hearing. At the time of this hearing, only the Plaintiff’s motion for modification of custody was pending. Defendant’s motion for modification of custody was heard and disposed of on October 26, 2009. c. The child had a facial rash, which was improving, when custody was transferred from Defendant to Plaintiff for regular visitation. There was not exchange in custody as the Plaintiff took the child from school during a lunch visit when he saw the rash and found out that the Defendant was had neglected to treat it or seek medical care for it over the past three days. d. The child’s allergy (peanut) is not severe and has never caused a life-threatening event. When evidence has been entered from the school and the physicians offices of Jeffers, Mann and Artman which state that our son has “A severe peanut allergy”. e. The allergy did result in the child being taken by Plaintiff from school to the hospital, but not kept in the hospital. The child was taken by ambulance to the hospital which was summoned by the school. Plaintiff driving from Clayton, NC to north Raleigh arrived and stayed with the child until released from emergency services at WakeMed North following treatment and observation which was roughly four hours. f. The Court further finds that the records of the Counselor were not properly admitted into evidence or received as evidence by the Court but were instead merely filed stamped by the Plaintiff and added to the case file absent any hearing. The records of the counsel were accepted into evidence by Judge Worley during the October 26, 2009 modification of custody hearing. This was in violation of Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A(1)(3)(4)(5), 3B(1)(2), 3C(1)(a), and 3D; and the U.S. Const. amend. I, VI, and XIV, § 1 and the N.C. Const. art. I, § 18 and 19. 25. In North Carolina, Judges have no legal authority to administer “public records”. However, on April 28, 2010 under file # 08 CVD 16288 Judge Worley issued and filed an unlawful Prohibited Order in violation of N.C.G.S. § 7A-276.1 which was not authorized by any law thereby prohibiting and limiting access to the “public” court file # 08 CVD 16288 maintained by the Clerk of Superior Court in violation of N.C.G.S. §§ 132-1; and 132-6 of the Public Records Act. This Order was never served upon the Plaintiff and there is not certification of service within the court file. It should also be noted that this Order list no findings of fact or conclusions of law as required pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 1A-1, Rule 52. On May 11, 2010, Plaintiff was informed about the existence of this Order by Charlene (file clerk) after the Plaintiff made a request to view a totally different public court file. Charlene asked Plaintiff “if he was involved in any way with the file requested?” in violation of N.C.G.S. § 132-6(a). Before Plaintiff was allowed to view the file requested, Plaintiff was escorted into an office where Plaintiff had to view this unrelated file under supervision of another employee of the Clerk of Court’s office. Plaintiff was also asked to provide the clerk with his drivers’ license to view the file. This is contrary to pubic law and equal access to public records in this State which constituted harassment and discriminat
    • Its a shame when there is more then one family she is affecting and let me tell you Worley has torn my family apart and after hiring 3 different lawyers I am no closer in winning then I was to start with.
      I was just reading her blogs and how important it was for her to remember how the court systems and the judgments affect the children of tomorrow.. GUess she got lost with laws and her own personal judgements!

      • I agree Judge Worley is not thinking about the best interest of these children! She has ruled 50/50 custodys cases because that was simply the easiest thing to do. imagine how that could affect a child whos parents were never married

    • Please check out exposing the record website and let your voice be heard about your child custody experience with this judge.

      • We too have had a negative experience with Worley. SHe is up for re-election this fall. I am hoping she will not get re-elected. Who makes unmarried parents of a 6 month old exchange the child everyday! When he has been living 3 hours away. How crazy of a custody settlement is that? The father kept trying to pressure the mom to get an abortion and now he wants 50/50 so he doesn’t pay child support-based on his own admission. And she granted it. Even after there was pictures of abuse and the Dept Child Protection did a report on the incident. She definitely does not have the child’s best interest at heart. Never married and no kids, what does that tell you about her.

  21. Judge Felix of Pima County Justice Court will powertrip on you if you are a man and she does not follow court procedure rules very well as well as she will discriminate against you if you are disabled, poor, or based on your residence. As far as racial matters I would not be surprised that she holds some bias in this fashion. She plays favorites and has her own agenda. I would not let any case fall into her hands in Arizona.

  22. Judge Tamara Mosbarger of Butte County in Oroville California only cares about any babies that come her way up for adoption. She is biased and had Unprofessional Conduct in the courtoom and directed at my daugher, my wife, and my self. She once told my daughter “the shirt you are wearing the next time should have a more current photo of your son’s picture on it.” The shirt she was wearing was one with his first baby photo on it, which she had made at a local store. The Judge also allowed for two CPS Social Workers to laugh out loud in the courtroom, when my wife’s mother (in her 80’s) was speaking of her love for her grandson she’s not even been able to meet yet. It was like these two CPS employees were bullies on a school playground. She also enjoyed humiliating my wife and I on a day we both were testifying to become De Facto Parents. She thrives on and builds her own self esteem on the destruction of loving families. In California the place to complain of a judge is with the Commission of Judicial Performance. If you ever get this one just know every day matters and file a complaint at the first sign you see her biases.

  23. On February 4, 2007 Court was held in Miller County, Missouri Judge Kenneth Oswald was presiding. For those of you without a calendar that is on a Sunday. It has taken “me” 3 years to find a precedent case in Missouri that supported my claims that the case should have been declared a mistrial. I found this support from a website – Christian Law Association. What they found in 2 days, 3 Missouri Attorneys could not (legal malpractice and corruption in the Courts). But now I cannot find an attorney to go against this Judge.

    V.A.M.S. 476.250
    476.250. No court to sit on Sunday
    No court shall be open or transact business on Sunday, unless it be for the purpose of receiving a verdict or discharging a jury; and every adjournment of a court on Saturday shall always be to some other day than Sunday, except such adjournment as may be made after a cause has been committed to a jury; but this section shall not prevent the exercise of the jurisdiction of any judge, when it shall be necessary in criminal cases, to preserve the peace or arrest the offender, nor shall it prevent the issuing and service of any attachment in a case where a debtor is about fraudulently to secrete or remove his effects, nor shall it prevent the issuing and service of such orders as exigencies may require.
    (R.S.1939, § 2027. Amended by L.1978, H.B. No. 1634, p. 862, § A(§ 1), eff. Jan. 2, 1979.

    In one 1934 case, a criminal judgment that was rendered on Sunday was declared by another court to be absolutely void. Thompson v. Sanders (Sup. 1934) 70 S.W.2d 1051, 334 Mo. 1100. The court noted: “However, the invalidity of a judgment and sentence because rendered on Sunday would not affect a valid verdict. If the verdict were valid, we would remand petitioner to the custody of the sheriff of Miller county to be sentenced in accordance with the verdict. But as the trial, verdict, and judgment are void for want of jurisdiction in the trial court to hear and determine the cause, said cause stands on the docket of the circuit court of Miller county as though it had not been tried. A void trial is no trial. It is therefore ordered that petitioner be and he hereby is discharged from imprisonment in the penitentiary, and remanded to the custody of the sheriff of Miller county to be dealt with as provided by law and not inconsistent with this opinion.”

    This was a criminal case. There is not a comparable civil case decision. Presumably, however, the outcome would be the same and the decision rendered in the case should be declared void.

    Judge Kenneth Oswald should not be allowed to be a Judge if he doesn’t uphold the laws of the State. “A void act cannot be ratified.” in re garcia, 105 B.R. (N.D. Ill 1989), a Void Act is always void and cannot ever be made valid.

  24. If there is anyone else in Wilmington NC who has been grossly and duelly mistreated and stripped of their life. Have had any dealings with James Lea III; Jeffrey R. Baker; Judge Melinda Crouch and the Family Court of New Hanover County, Wilmington, NC. Please contact me. Thank you for watching my UTUBE as it’s the ONLY way I can get the TRUTH out as well as protect myself and my minor son.

    Much appreciation,

  25. Judge Webb in PASCO county and EYA, are destorying families, they hvae tried to blackmail me and make me paid for a case worker rental car. they have tried to cover it up, they are trying everthing to sop me from being with my family, but i am still fighting for all children rights, it is time to get these correcpt people out of the system and let systme become what it was meant for JUSTICE for all.

    Help our children from being destoryed by a system that has no ethichs, the only thing they are there for is a pay check,

  26. Judge Donald R. Letourneau doesn’t seem to care about parents which is apparent. She senteced my father to 25 years and he was 60 at the time. I am upset that we dont reach out to people who need a chance to redeem themselves. I think she has an agenda to prove herself as a hard ass judge, yet in all reality she is out to get her pompass agenda taken care of. She does not care about the children that are effected by her decision to change their reality for ever. She took away my father, and yes I understand he did break the law, therefore give him a death sentence at 60 years old. The judges of this country have one thing in common and that is to force their own belief systems onto us, due to their own poor upbringing.

    Jesse Allen James 38, Battle Ground, Wa

    • Hi, thanks for posting. Please follow us so we can keep in touch and share info & stories.

      If u dont mind me asking, what did your dad do? There are places that can help you, depending on the charge(s). You can email me if u prefer, I will keep your info private.


  27. Hello all. My complaint is about 2 judges in the NYS Family court system in Rennselaer County-Troy, NY.

    The first judge is the hearing examiner- Thomas Gordon, who’s a support magistrate.
    The first time i went to court was in August of ’98, n he told me “he didn’t want to see or hear anything i had as proof”. In between time i’ve petitioned for paternity and have been denied every time. I never signed or acknowledged i was the kids father.He made me the father automatically. I’ve put in petitions to vacate the acknowledgment of paternity and been denied, due to an order of filiation.
    Every time i recite the words ” you told me since day one you didn’t want to see or hear what i had to say”, he say’s we gotta go to trial. Why would we have to got to trial if you never said that to me? I’ve tried to get the transcripts and the gentleman, Mr. Domfort said “legally after five years they don’t have to have it on file.”
    I just had court yesterday (11/4/2010), with my lawyer and Tom Gordon get’s mad/ frustrated and says to my lawyer ” you can listen to the tape, and or get transcripts” with animosity in his voice. Why would one have so much anger when their words are recited to them time and time again?

    Next we have the judge-Catherine Cholakis. All she wants to do is put people in jail. She comes off with a bad attitude.
    These two court officials have prejudice in them, due to the fact that i’m colored and the female is white. As much as they would deny these allegations, you can see it in their face-eyes.
    I had court again today but couldn’t make it, so i called and tried to have a phone interview- she never called. Instead she made a warrant for my arrest. Don’t they realize if your incarcerated that you can’t work to pay child support and that jail isn’t always the solution. If you’re applying to jobs, don’t they realize it’s a process to get an interview before you can start working.

    Then we have judge Taub. He is the only one who see’s what’s going on here. He has been very neutral with the matter looking at both sides here and the evidence being presented.

    Now the best part of all is the mother put in a petition in 2000 stating that we began to have sexual contact on November 10, 1997 and the child was born August 1, 1997. This means she’s 3 months early, and as me being the father. Also, i haven’t seen the child in three years because of her not letting me see him.

    So now my questions are as follows:
    1. how can money be legally taken from me if we never had DNA to establish who the father is?
    2.Why am i always being arrested for violations and not her for violations of visitation?
    3.shouldn’t she get charged with frauding the county/state and defamation of character?
    4.what complaint forms do i need to fill out against these judges?
    5.why has it taken this long to find this petition if the judges are supposed to look in the files and see what information is filed. (i was able to look in my file and that’s when i found her paternity petition with these dates).

    can some one please help me out?
    does anyone know any lawyers who could help out?

  28. The Kings County Family Court in Brooklyn is the most corrupt in the land. If you are a man (father) you do not have a chance to get custody, visitation or any time with your children. The reason is pretty simple. The NYS Court administration has given the contract to the Childrens Law Center for all ‘law guardian’ referrals. This is a law firm made up of practicing man hating radical feminists. They are the tail that wags the dog of a family court judge. Therefore after years of expensive litigation and job handouts to social workers/forensic evaluators and ‘law gurdians’ acting as hearsay witnesses : Men become ‘non-custodial’ parents 97% of the time with the only connection to their children is Court ‘child support’. Then there is the so called ‘domestic violence’ laws which further punish the men. Only by using FEDERAL courts to secure basic ‘liberty’ rights can a father be a father to his children. Judge Bernard Graham is the worst most corrupt judge I have ever seen. I don’t want my child in a secret ‘in camera’ with him nor the hate group of my childs’ attorney called the Childrens Law Center. I don’t want my child to be raised with these bigoted evil values.

  29. Does a Judge have the right to yell at a Lawyer uneccessarily in front of the Court, sign off on a handwritten ruling written up by the Lawyer of the Plainiff, which he ruled on behalf of, make rulings that appears to be personal not based on the Law, take numerous breaks during Court session. This seems to be very unprofessional. Who should this be reported to in Cobb County GA Superior Court System?

  30. Isn’t there is form you can fill out if you have a complaint against a Judge?

    • in MO there is a commission.. but it’s a joke. I showed where my Judge violated 9 State laws and the Commission said.. they only cover Ethical questions and to file an Appeal. Which is a Joke too, since an Appeal will cost upwards of 25 to 40K, so good luck. Plus it pissed the Judge off when the Commission investigated and i lost my attorney because he said, the Judge was taking his frustrations out about me on my attorney’s other clients. So you are SOL, sorry… it’s a huge club and the general public is not allowed in.


  31. I filed for Child Support in Chemung County NY Support a year ago. Magistrate Elizabeth A. Corley has been readjourning this case on behalf of the dead beat dad who molested my daughter and got away with it, and Magistrate Corley looks down on me for filing. I spoke with others about the situation and they say the same thing about her. She has somthing against the parents going in to file for Support. I am unsure about what I should do. I am scared death to go back in there. I am planning to move out of state. Should I hire an attorney and go for it or wait till I move in a few months?

  32. I live in Jewett City Conn
    And I ‘ve been violate my civil rights and I’ve been going through hell will a corrupted court system. When it comes to family. Court the system is so corrupted and its all about money and predudice. And have no say. Well now after ten years of hell for me and two of my four kids and also my youngest on 14, want to Sue the system fir violating their rights. It,s bad. I have medical problems. Serious one,s from the stress that this whole mess the system cereated ten years ago. Looking to help my kids and I to hey our life’s back we all deserve peace and freedom for a change and the system needs to pay for all they let and put us through. Left a ex wit h everything a new wife of six years and no kids. Andwe don’t have a pot to —-in… help 860-680-6278. looking for a civil rights lawyer to help my children start to correct the corrupted system that they choose to do because their life’s have been destroyed from Charles’s and minds and bad jugdement and prediuce men in our court system and as well as lawyers needless to say I had one and didn’t no UT until it was time to go to my hearing and I had went in front If a judged forced to keep that lawyer even when the lawyer told the judge he wasn’t in my best interest and he denied me and didn’t care please someone hear my cry help please make the bad dream end for me and my precious children we have disabilities too and everyone knew that fir starters Bi polar And I was under control and wad a good parent and still am been fighting for my children’s rights for tens long years lord please hear my prayer and help release me and my children from thhis cry of need I’m very tiered and drain I don’t know how much more I can hold on without giving up and giving in please help thanks for all that date and for listen to. My story peace to all and goodwill amen;) sincerely yours truly Laurie m Beck;)

  33. Judge Francesca E Connolly (relatively new, and admits to being an airhead about marital law), of the 9th District Supreme Court White Plains Westchester NY. Told me (the plaintiff, divorcing my husband, that she would look at 1 year (last year’s “income”, of which he fraudulently reported $0 on his tax returns), and impute $100,000 to him, allowing me 2k a month in maintenance for 5 years, and 2k in child support.
    If I took it to trial, I’d get much less! Capital gains I was rudely screamed at “was not “income”, and she dismissed 15 million dollars in hidden assets, much as they were right there on the tax returns and in all the expensive discovery!
    She also cared nothing of police reports of abuse over the years, or an on going CPS investigation begun by a 3rd party physician!
    I have a GED, little work experience, and my parents were frisked hundreds of thousands by my ex-millionaire. My attorney’s fee was 180,000.
    Oh, and yes, there was a house. One of many 2million $ houses we lived in, also not put in my name too.
    The ex stacked a bunch of fictitious debt against it.
    Judge Fran Connolly campaigned up in Westchester Country Club;
    my ex’s playground. Coincidence?
    If I took it to trial, I’d get less.
    I had to sign a settlement claiming I knew nothing of any other monies, even though there were 8 file boxes full of discovery.
    My McCarthy Fingar attorney shrugged and said, ” she’s a judge, she can get away with looking at one year of “income” only- if it suits her.

    Can anyone tell me?… Is the FBI still in that evil bldg in White Plains looking into case fixing?
    I don’t really care, haha, I’m a beautiful woman and I’m happy to be rid of thugs of every ilk (contractors to judges), but how creepy, don’t ya think?

    • Oh, and Judge Connolly was one of the 4 judges to be swept last October, but at the last minute stayed on, as one of the replacements was promoted up to the Appellate. What is this business of clearing out corrupt judges, and then replacing them? I believe this stunt was done in White Plains back on 2006 too,
      but isn’t it just like hanging a new sign over the door as it changes nothing?

    • Judge Connelly hates and distrusts women, wealthy women whom she envies. She believes abusive men with money, perhaps because her prison guard husband no longer measures up to her ambition and hasn’t for a long time. She is disrespectful to mothers and really couldn’t care less about your kid’s safety. She’s a rude screamer who will impoverish you in your divorce out of sheer envious acrimony.

    • Judge Francesca Connolly is crooked or nuts or both. HATES women! Illegal. Finally off the mat bench. IMHO we should all (victims of Fran) file class action to get our stolen money back. Evil lying cow has stolen millions from women & children. She’s proof that prejudice is a form of mental illness and moral (perhaps financial) corruption

  34. i am a employee of the la county bar association and i just witnessed a nurse who has provided and struggled for her kids since birth. the father violates his divorce order and takes the two older children out of state without mothers consent i believe that to be child abduction. the mother files a police report and retains an attorney to order her kids back to california in her care. the father signs for the summons disregards the summons comes to the court in pomona where the divorce order was made shows a falsifide order with no seal or judges signature and files for a modification. Commisioner Rocky Crabb excepts the false documents without reading the case dissmisses the contempt order that the father rejected and grants this father that cant keep a job. tatoos and piercings all three of the nurses kids with out giving her a fair hearing. i think its because he was caucasian and the nurse asian with an african american boyfriend and a african american attorney. please help her i know theres probably more cases heard by Crabb with the same complaint

    • Mr Rocky Crabb is a southern hick and if you are not white you dont have the complexion for the protection you are in deep water in his court. He makes up his mind before he hears anything.

    • I had full physical and legal custody of my 4 year old daughter. Rocky Crabb took my 4 year old daughter away from me and gave full custody to her felon father that I have a restraining order against for domestic violence. My daughter is miserable and I am trying to make things right for her. Please join me in stopping commissioner Crabb.

  35. update on Comissioner Rocky Crabbs order. I just her that the father of the three nurses children refuses to treat his kids for lice infestation lives in a 3 bedroom apartment with 5 soon to be 6 kids Rocky Crabb never even bothered to ask the kids 15 , 11, 7 where the wanted to live. Crabb orders the mother to drive all the way to arizona to see her kids and to keep the three kids couped up in a motel within a 30 mile radius of their residence and with those expenses he’s ordering child support to provide for her kids and a unfit father who is staying with a girlfriend with 3 kids plus his 3 in a 3 bedroom apartment. is This Comissioner crabb prejudice or incompitent this is an outrage who put this man on the bench

    • I didn’t read your original post, but from reading the 4/11/11 post, I feel your pain and frustration. Rocky Crabb is the comissioner assigned to my case as well. He is condescending and biased. He doesn’t listen to the whole story and even if it IS presented, he doesn’t care. Frankly, he generaly sides with the father. He has ruined mine and my child’s life by his unjust actions. This man needs to be investigated and removed from the bench. His court appointed attorney, Vivian Shalito, should be removed from your position as well. She lets her VERY RUDE secretary talk to her clients and make judgement calls. What can be done about this *sshole of a comissioner and his sideshow???

      • I had full physical and legal custody of my 4 year old daughter. Rocky Crabb took my 4 year old daughter away from me and gave full custody to her felon father that I have a restraining order against for domestic violence. My daughter is miserable and I am trying to make things right for her. Please join me in stopping commissioner Crabb, he is a terrible man!

  36. since when is it ok to take children away from a fit mother to an unfit father


      • Some places you can get away with what ever you want. Mountain Grove MO. They pick and choose the judgment is made before court. How much money changed hands.We did end up in Texas county instead of Weight or Douglas county. But money talks and corrupt walks out with the children. They are trophies to him. The system need to be fixed. NOW not 10 years from now!

  37. The entire courthouse in Delaware County, PA. Everyone that works in the entire courthouse is a political appointee. If you don’t have one of the favored lawyers, you will not win. They will lose your paperwork, not notify you of hearings, and they make sure none of it is in writing. Every last secretary is in on it. It’s downright scary. Don’t even drive through this place, it’s like an M. Night Shymalan move.

  38. My name is Heather and today has been the worse case of my life i filed for custody of my 13 year old son all of theis started back in oct of 10 today they gave my baby to children services i did the home study and all was good no reason was giving why he could not come home from day one this jusge as violated my civil right but im lost and dont know what to do please help me i feel dead inside

    • Having temporarily lost custody of my four children for a little over a year to DCS, I feel your pain. It wasn’t until I hired a family law lawyer that I got the appropriate legal footing needed to fight back. You can file an appeal. The appeal give you the chance to go before another judge to listen to the case.
      Also, search your states website for an ombudsman program.

      All this information would have been great had someone told me sooner. Our case had to suffer through a judge resigning just before Christmas, to the next appointment of an interim family judge in Feb, to an election tie in Nov that left the tie breaking decision up to county commisioners–Just a mess. In the end a real judge heard my appeal and instantly gave me all four children back that same day. I had gone an entire year with out being allowed ANY contact with my kids.

      Hold your head high to the sky lean on your faith and family. Believe that you will remain confident in this and will see the goodness of the LORD. God Bless You and family.

  39. Judge Mark Toughy has found no real fault in a case for removeal of a child from its mother. the father which live in Maryland and has paid very little child support until the case started and is in arrears. Futhermore the father of the child has four children by four women three of which he was married to. Two children were born with in a couple of months of each other. This man lives in the basement of his mothers home and has no responsiablity to no one. Pays no utility or rent has not any of the normal responisablities of raising a family. The judge also made a ruling with no evidence. The judge stated he believe that more happen with no police report or anything to give him reason

  40. Judge Mark Toughy has found no real fault in a case for removeal of a child from its mother. the father which live in Maryland and has paid very little child support until the case started and is in arrears. Futhermore the father of the child has four children by four women three of which he was married to. Two children were born with in a couple of months of each other. This man lives in the basement of his mothers home and has no responsiablity to no one. Pays no utility or rent has not any of the normal responisablities of raising a family. The judge also made a ruling with no evidence. The judge stated he believe that more happen with no police report or anything to give him reason. the mother has struggled to support the child and lives on her own. the father only see $$$ for the child before he could not file taxes with any of his children now he has on and as recently had him put on aderal for adha which the child does not have. my heart bleeds for the child.

  41. My name is Heidi and i have a major complaints about the Mesa County CPS in Grand Junction CO. They have been taking children wrongly in several cases that were not warranted and then in the cases which were they dismiss everything. I know this from experience. They took my tow boys in 2009 for them misbehaving at school. We never were told by the school of the problems and CPS was. We worked and worked on getting my kids back and in Sept of 2010 they terminated rights, seperated my kids from each other and have basically screwed up my career too. I am so ready file complaints against CPS, my attornery, the states attorney and the two judges involved with my case. Any ideas on how to do that?

    • High Heidi, just wondering how you came out of this. look up lawlessamerica on you tube…… Hes going around the country doing stories and taking them in from on legislature in jan in Wash DC….. also gloria

  42. Referee Camille M. Dennis is completely prejudice towards men. While in the courtroom, there was a gentlemen whispering to another gentlemen, only to be screamed at by referee Camille M. Dennis. During my case, my child’s mother was completely laughing, the referee kept rolling her eyes, and turning off the mic while I attempted to get my evidence out. referee Camille M. Dennis was accepting coached documents into the Wayne County Court System, while disregarding ALL my proof of unfit mother parenting. I have proof of drug solicitation, proof of the mother taking prescription medication, NOT prescribed to her, as well as alcoholism, and much, much, more. I have pictures, and Facebook proof of everything, only to have referee Camille M. Dennis rolling her eyes, and disregarding ALL evidence I have. I had filed an objection towards Camille M. Dennis’s decision, only to have my paper work either bogged down, or “misplaced.” I feel that I am being gender discriminated against, and could really use some help. If anyone knows of a pro-Bono attorney, or an attorney accepting payments, to help get my 11 year old child out of a horrible living environment.

  43. I just wanted everyone to know that apparently this happens everywhere in our country. It’s all about money, The good ol boy system. Once these attorneys become employed and butter up with one another work together in court every day they bond. It’s just a paycheck nothing more nothing less. I look at all attorneys as nothing more than educated con artists! You are a number only, a check for there house, car, wife or husband’s luxurious lifestyle etc. If you are family or friends with the judge and or attorney or the prosecuter nothing will happen to you. but if you are an outsider look out they have to keep the system going meaning money, money and more money. It’s the biggest scam on this planet!!! I suggest researching in your local clerk of court law books on your own free time and educate and research what pertains to your case, Check out if any claims have been filed against your attorney. We are up against people who are above the law, know how to protect themselves and bill you for what in the hell they wish! Not only do they bill you by the minute they bill you for an email etc., I personally wish we could judge alot of them or give them the same type of treatment but I’m guessing those premadonas would not like that very much:) You would not believe what happens here if your local, born here, a family member or better yet you have alot of money$$$$$, or in sometimes don’t even have a degree for some positions but they get them anyway because of the good ol boy system…
    Amelia Island, Florida

  44. I was looking for a way to voice my opinion. I went to court for child paternity not that long ago and the guy didn’t show up. The judge told me she could not find him the father because he was not there and I had no proof. Instead she should have said wait a minute we need to post pone the court date until we can get a paternity test done. I just got the results back from the test and he is the father. I feel that the judge owes me an apoligy for the simple fact that he is the father and she did nothing to determine that just dismissed the case all together.

  45. “Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. ”
    — Abraham Lincoln

  46. 011 in the court of Judge J.Scott VanDerbeck LaGrange county Indiana.. A child ( Alissa B Guernsey )put in the care of a relative/ by Department of social services . Alissa died in relatives care, there are many documents that before her death she was being abuse by the relative. The child died from blunt force trauma / homicide in the death certificate. The relative was charged with failure to protect . The relative
    choose to have trial by judge then interred a plea agreement. During the sentencing many witness were put on the stand for the defense . Also many on the side of Alissa. The defendant never had to face any of us she had her back to us the entire time. When Alissa side was put on the stand we were questioned ( this was NOT) a hearing. Before the VanDerbeck gave his ruling he stated that ” it was never proven who was responsible for Alissa’s death ( kinda funny when all Alissa’s accidents only happened when alone with the defendant) and the defendant had no criminal background , her family were pillars of the community , she was a mother herself etc etc. and if it wasn’t for the mother losing custody temporarily Alissa would not have died, therefore it was the mothers fault. This is outrageous a child was killed and suffered a horrible death. the defendant was given 4 yrs with the option to petition the court after mental testing usually 30-90 days. Well guess what good folks she is being released to house arrest for 6 months and probation for 3 yrs, she will have served less than 90 day in jail for murder. I don’t know that I can rest until Alissa can rest in peace. She is giving me the strength to continue until justice is served.
    B Merriman
    Alissa’s maternal grandmother

    • I am SO sorry for your loss, your story is heartwrenching and sickening at the same time!
      There are no words that can describe the pain of loosing a child, my heart breaks for you.
      Alissa is in Gods arms giving you the strength you need to stay strong.

      – Amy


  48. Unfortunately, this is one of the major problems in our Family Legal System today–extremely biased and incompetent Judges…I have witnessed this several times–you hear about it all the time and you read about all the time. You would think–someone with just good old common sense would get the real picture here. No, it continues…..and has been going on for years and years–it needs to stop. Probably, the worse thing about this is, they do not care about what is in the child’s best interest–so they are the one’s that are destroying the futures of children and good fit parents…There is no justice or fair justice in the courtrooms and not only that they treat you like you were a criminal–especially, the fathers.
    And I don’t mean to start a gender war here–but it is the truth. The fathers flat out get crucified by all and it is disgusting and egregious!
    Oh, and the poor ethics as well that goes on is beyond words–it’s amazing what these so called experts get away with…If you complain about it-nothing will be done–they have to protect their own. It is truly a tragic situation in our country-some states are worse than others (California for one), the majority of them are corrupt! Sadly, until our Family Legal System becomes unbiased and justice for all -these tragic situations will continue. Have you ever heard of Legal Kidnapping…I’ve seen it!!!

    • I agree, I am a women and I feel that the courts are exstremely bias, and unjust. I also thinks it depends on the two people going to court. I have had friends go through this but right now my boyfriend is going through a divorce. The judge took his ex’s affidavit over his income taxes and proof to determine child support. She did not even have all of her income listed. He is not trying to avoid his responiabilities but as it sits now, even if he puts everything that he brings home into his child support, it still is not enough to cover it and he falls further and further behind. Meanwhile, she makes false claims against him for child abuse and he has not been able to see his kids for almost a year now, he has requested for supervised visitations even, but they denie him because of affidavits that are summited to the courts by the ex. This is starting to get ridiculious and in my opinion his kids are being mentaly abused by her false allegations and constant need to tell the kids that their daddy doesn’t love them or wants them. Yet, according to DHS this is not abuse and there is nothing they can do. Well, the hell is wrong with this world? I never even knew there were women out there like this, it is a disgrace and I am highly offended.

  49. Hi everyone. I’m
    A putative father in this case. I live in Schenectady, NY but the case is in Rensselaer County Family Court. Its now in the process of being in Appellate Court in Albany, NY.

    In January 1998, I was taken to court by the child’s mother for child support. The hearing examiner, Thomas Gordon, said he didn’t want to see or hear anything from me. He automatically made me the father without DNA. I have petitioned for DNA about 2-3 times and been denied. I even petitioned to challenge the DNA marker which DNA has never been done in the case.

    In February 2011, I had a court appointed attorney who filed an amended motion to dismiss the case along with a petition to vacate the acknowledgement of paternity, for the 3rd time. The hearing examiner said he was dismissing the petition because THERE WAS NOTHING TO VACATE, BECAUSE NOTHING HAS EVER BEEN ACKNOWLEDGED. My question now is, how do u say this but held me responsible for 14 yrs currently for child support?

    I’ve been incarcerated a few times because of all this, by the judge- judge Cholakis. Within the last 2yrs., I’ve put up$7,500 to get purged out of jail. Purge money goes straight to child support, no money back. Whereas, bail money you get back when case is over.

    In 2007 the judge dismissed and sealed a case of non support of a child. it was based on the facts of no name being on birth certificate, no DNA. Now in February 2011, she arrest me on a warrant for the same charge. How do you do that? It’s past precedence. It can’t be done, but because of their positions, they want to use their authority.

    I have not seen the kid in 4yrs. We have a de facto parent-child relationship. Whereas, I know I’m not the father but been there since he was born. I’ve given information in the petitions to contact the “father”, and the courts refuse to contact him.

    Where is the justice in the family court system? Why don’t these judges want to accept that they are wrong as to how they handle some of the cases? Are they prejudice? Everyone makes mistakes, just be accountable for the ones you make in the court system.

    These cases should be reviewed by someone else not affiliated with the judges and courts to
    see if all is fair to both parties.

    After the Appellate court, n we can get DNA established. In order to get my monies back, I then have to file a civil lawsuit and go after the other parties to be reimbursed for all I paid in child support.

    Can anyone give me some advice/help with a family court lawyer who does lawsuits? Thank you

    • Attorney Fred Ackerman in Albany, he is very good and very agressive. You have to find a lawyer who is not afraid to stand up to the Judge because most of them are!
      Good Luck to you.

  50. Anybody been cheated by judge duell in Logan county. This man let a wife beating tax fraud bar taking mother yes I said she take s bee. Bildren to different bar at under age 15 and yes pic of bruises and she gets. Custody and child support to go party on

  51. Has anyone out thier dealt with lissa elder a gal in oklahOma and Logan counties . If you have Pleaae let me know she is a bias lady and lies to judges about cases and withheld evidedence In her case to see and I quote! No mother should ever have a child tAken away ! Requatfless of abuse or alcohol or anything even if the kids has been sexually assualted .e en them a mother can get counseling and get help ! R u kidding me ! Even with pictures of bruises frOm the mother she still always gives custody to the mother ! Why don’t these judges throw her butt out ! Disbar this lady ! She is a joke

  52. magistrate elaine stoermer of dayton oh is biased and does not look out for the best interest of kids. she has no business being a magistrate. the court system is broken!!!!!!

  53. Magistrate elaine stoermer of montgomery county in oh should not be in the profession that she is in. she had the odasity to blame me for the threats that my ex husband made to kill himself and everyone else. i was accused of denying him visitation,which supposedly made him depressed enough to make threats. i had proof that i did not deny him of visitation on a voice recorder. it was never heard. these conversations were of my ex telling me during several conversations why he could not pick up our daughter. threats are against the law. she should quit her fn job if she cant do it right. she does not care about the safety of kids for sure. she is biased

  54. the court system is broken in dayton oh. judges only care about themselves and their family. to hell with you and your family.

  55. i think that elaine stoermer hates women.

  56. This is a complaint against a barrister who I believe is a Bully and a fake Dr Fayyaz Afzal OBE from no 5 chambers

  57. N.Carolina Wake County Judge Anne Worley has not given her ruling in my Grandsons gaurdian case. Mother abandon him ,left him with his Bio ,Dad to run off with a man she met on the internet. The biological father cared for the child over a year, my daughter showed no interest or concern, she then decides one day to lie to the school, pick up her son ,take him out of state and tell the child he has a new daddy now, Many disturbing things have come up in court, several times ,family members testified,lawyers fees, several petitions filed, she has not given a response since July, 2011, no communication or visitation is allowed by my daughter or the Judge. She is ripping the family apart!!! My grandson is asking to go home to his father , instead he is being lied to ,mentally and emotionally abused by my daughter and the “JUDGE” !!She was given adequit proof and testimony and chooses to do nothing about this case, many others are hurting by her lack of compassion I’m sure!

    • Wake County has mostly women judges and there is a lot of gender bias there. Even the attorneys talk about it. It’s great that someone is looking out for the interest of women (who used to be at a great financial disadvantage) but biased rulings just negate the issues and make women look like they are getting a special deal. Judges need to listen and remember the facts, consider the fact that women can be the abuser and that all women are not non-adversarial by nature. Sometimes women are the aggressors or have addictive personalities. Rewarding their bad behavior with unjust rulings just because “women stick together” is wrong and sends a poor message about justice.

      • I totally disagree, I believe Wake County does have in Family Court all women judges. However, there is bias
        at a judges discrection. I’m a women who had my
        child custody case heard under judge Ann Worley and
        my 2 children was removed from this county. There was
        no abuse and neglect substantiated. I had a dwelling place
        for my children. I have alway been in place for my children.
        I have represented other children in Wake County as a
        sworn in Guardian ad Litem. My oldest child was a rising
        junior and the other 2nd grade!!! Why did this happen because I did nothing wrong. I love my children with every being within me and I walked into a judical area non knowlegeable of the rules and power. During temporary custody retain custody pro se, went through one attorney
        many mistakes in my paperwork which was drafted by the
        defendant’s attorney. The story is too long, but each of us whom has a story must voice it for your children are child to make a difference so change can come about for our children in Wake County and all over North Carolina!!!

  58. To Whom it May Concern,

    My name is Amy Andersen and my purpose for writing this letter is to make a formal complaint regarding the misconduct and illegal discrimination I have received under
    Judge George Pulver Jr. of Greene County Family Court in
    Catskill, New York.
    My case involves the custody of my 7 year old daughter who was taken from me by Judge Pulver by illegal discrimination and hearsay.
    My story is very complicated, but I will do my best to keep things short and to the point.

    On July 11, 2011 my ex-husband Lars Andersen was given full custody of my daughter and I was to receive supervised visitation. This is what happened.

    Up until last year, my husband, my daughter, and myself lived together, I was a stay at home mom and dedicated every minute of my life to raising, nurturing, and loving my little girl, we were NEVER apart, that is up until Lars met another woman that he wanted to be with.
    Within one week I was forced out of our home and unable to take my daughter with me because the only place I had to go was to my mother in CT, and I was not allowed to take my daughter out of state.

    Over the ten years I stayed with my husband I endured unspeakable abuse, both mental and physical, but I never reported it for fear of what he would do if I did.

    Upon leaving, I immediately petitioned the court for custody of my daughter.

    On our first day of court my ex-husband accused me of abusing my legally prescribed medication Vicodin, which I took to control the pain of my Fibromyalgia.
    Upon hearing that false accusation, Judge Pulver did not order me to take a drug test, as he should have, he merely went on the lies of my ex-husband and remanded me to join a drug treatment center in CT with monthly reports sent to him regarding my progress in treatment.
    We were in the court room for less then 5 minutes, I was not allowed to approach and defend myself in any way, I was in absolute shock and dismay because I was not abusing my medication and I was denied my legal right to take a drug test to prove it.
    Because of this indiscretion my-ex husband was given temporary full custody of my daughter and I was to receive supervised visitation once a week until our next court date 3 months later.

    The next day I frantically researched the facilities in my area and found a great program in my area called the APT foundation, I was immediately assessed by their physician, and upon telling them that I had to stop taking Vicodin unless I would loose my daughter permanently, they decided it would be in my best interest to start Methadone Maintenance Therapy.
    This was chosen due to the fact that it is illegal to discriminate against persons on Methadone Treatment, and that includes discrimination regarding child custody.
    Methadone does not impair cognitive functions; it has no adverse affects on mental capability, intelligence, employability, or parenting skills.
    It is not sedating or intoxicating, nor does it interfere with ordinary activities such as driving a car.

    During the next few weeks I made sure reports were being made for Judge Pulver (which were all completely positive)
    I felt very confident that there would be no further problems because I did EXACTLY what the Judge ordered and was completely assured that discrimination towards me was completely illegal under the laws of the ADA.
    Unfortunately, I would find out I was very, VERY wrong.

    During my excruciating wait until our next court date I met with 3 lawyers in my area to discuss my case and make sure I had all my bases covered, I was told over and over, by my clinic, by lawyers, and through hundreds of hours of extensive research online, in person, and with speaking to law students I met during studying at the Yale Law School Library, that I was absolutely and completely protected from the discrimination that Methadone causes, by the ADA.
    I was assured that the law states clearly that I had the same rights as a woman with diabetes that is being treated with insulin.

    The REAL discrimination and misconduct started at our next court appearance.
    Upon entering the court room, my court appointed lawyer (who did absolutely NOTHING for me) informed the judge of my program.

    She handed him a personal letter from my clinician.
    Immediately upon hearing the word “Methadone”, Judge Pulver had no interest in hearing ANOTHER word.
    He awarded my abusive ex husband FULL CUSTODY of my daughter, I was given SUPERVISED VISITATION with the court appointed supervisor once a week.

    I was once again DENIED a drug test to disprove further allegations by my ex of taking several anti-depressants and xanax, the Judge gave no reason for this denial.

    I was given the absolute harshest sentence, a sentence that would ordinarily be given to child abuser or a murderer.
    Judge Pulver had ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to give this order, I have not left out any details, this is exactly what happened.

    From the very day my daughter was born I was a stay at home mom, I spent every waking hour loving and nurturing my daughter, my ex was never around, and when he was he was drunk.
    My ex husband, Lars Andersen is a very wealthy business owner in the town where this case has taken place, he donates thousands to the town, he sits on the town board and “rubs elbows” with everyone who is anyone, he has even admitted that he knows Judge Pulver personally and exactly this would happen if I EVER challenged him.
    He also told a very close mutual friend that he had my daughter’s lawyer “wrapped around his finger!”, as you know, she is the person who the Judge listens to most, the child’s lawyer writes a report to the judge and is supposed to be completely unbiased.

    Judge Pulver has completely, illegally discriminated against me due to the details of my disability, he has had a personal, biased opinion of me since day one, and he did not take one moment to educate himself regarding the laws he is currently breaking, nor does he care to due to his extreme partiality towards my ex husband.
    I truly believe that the only solution to this is a change of venue, which I am sure Judge Pulver will never agree to.

    These are the reasons I believe that Judge Pulver has acted with misconduct, bias, and discrimination:

    *His willful failure to uphold and comply with the law

    *His extreme prejudice and bias towards me

    *Denying me my full right to be heard

    *Deprivation of my right to due process, equal protection and basic fundamental fairness guaranteed by the United States and New York Constitutions

    * Judge Pulver did not sign my custody order, In fact nobody did.

    Judge Pulver has completely DESTROYED my daughter’s life, she is suffering more then I can ever imagine, she BEGS for her mother and nobody will help her, I cannot even call her to reassure her that I love her and I am fighting for her. As for me, I am completely consumed in my grief, I dedicate every waking moment of my life into finding someone, ANYONE who will listen to my story and look into Judge George Pulver.

    I am also willing to submit to a polygraph test to ensure the truth is being told.

    My next order of business is to write to:

    *Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

    *The Inspector General in Washington DC

    *My State Representative

    Please, I am pleading for you to take my story seriously, as I have told you every detail in complete honesty.
    Please help me to bring my little girl home to her mother where she belongs.

    Judge George Pulver Jr. has completely destroyed our lives.

    With Much Respect,

    Amy Andersen


  59. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I to find It really useful & it helped me out much. I’m hoping to provide one thing back and aid others such as you helped me.

  60. Thanks for sharing nice post. i have been looking information on the “file your complaint against bad Judges” this discussion has solve my concern to a great extent . i am grateful.

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  61. David C. Wiggins of Duval County Jacksonville Fl has allowed most of the children in his divorce cases to be abused by parents or one of the parents. He is know in the attorney world as an a*sh*ole and everyone hates him. He wrote the family law rules to state that child support has nothing to do with visitation so all of the dead beat fathers and mothers are getting away without paying child support. Custodial parents are fighting to protect their children and he is enabling violence. Adoptive parents are fighting to finish adoptions to keep abused children out of those home and he sends them back. He needs to be fired and tried for violation of civil rights and violation of the constitution!

    • Donna

      I completely agree with you and feel there is gender discrimination in men and women alike. One particular case Wiggins said he needed proof of violence in the home. Proof was given to him two weeks later and you know what his statement was? Well I just can’t take his rights away over one thing. When we listed all of the things out to him he became angry and said to leave.

      On another case with Wiggins we had an abused child who had been taken away by DCF and placed with a family member. The parents agreed to give up rights and at the last minute backed out. Wiggins refused to remove her from the home and the child is five in diapers still because they refuse to potty train her. No she is not handicapped in any way.

  62. I have a question. How can I file against Tulsa County Judge
    Charles Hogshead? I am a victim of stalker, assauit and battery.
    I was the first file against a next door neighbor who have been
    stalking me for a long time. I was the first victim file against that
    defendant in October 17, 2011. The defendant turn around and file
    against me. October 19, 2011. The defendant file against me on
    November 7, 2011. I file against defendant on November 9, 2011.
    I have all of my evidents. Judge Hogshead refused to look at my
    defendants. Denied my Protective Order against the defendant, and
    granted the defendant a Protective Order against me on
    November 22, 2011. After Judge Hogshead granted defendant a Protective
    Order against me. The defendant threw a rock at me and hit me on my
    forehead on November 30, 2011. I had to go to St. John Medical Center
    by Ambulance. Police Office came to St. John, and took my report and
    turn it over to the Detective Division. One week later, Defendant
    threw a tire ion at me, and miss. December 21, 2011. I receive a
    threating letter from the defendant saying she is going to blow my
    head off. I file another Protective Order against the defendant for the
    third time. On January 10, 2012 I stand before Judge Hogshead.
    Judge Hogshead look at all of my evidents, he denied my evidents, and
    dismiss my Protective Order against the defendant for the third time.
    I need help file against that bad judge.

  63. Are there any current complaints about Judge Donald Letourneau In the past year? I have looked but maybe am seeking the wrong avenue. I hae to appear in front of him in February regarding a custody battle and I would like to know more about him fro what I read so far so I know what I am up against. Thank you.

  64. my complaint is i did all of my case plane with in a year and judge wayne ellerbee told me if i finished with in a year i will get my one year old baby back and i finished the case plane he did not give me back my baby i had everything for my baby and pluse i also have a car so if my baby get sick i can take her to her doctor or hospital family and chilbren service came out to my place to see did i have everything for my baby.i had everything but i didnt have a bed because i was waiting to see was the judge going to give me back my baby.i take great care of myself im so clean.the judge terminated my parental rights on august 26 2011 10;00am that was the final hearing.they diagnosed me as schizoaffective disorder,bipolar type, mild mental retardation and paranoid personality disorder. the people that lied on me was whitney durrah, works for family and children services,charles r. reddick lied he works for special assistant attorney general lowndes county ga, ms. latesha bradley was my attorney, it was another attorney name was mr. john gee edwards.the family and children services took my baby out the hospital on june 3 of 2010.I was stay in hahira ga in my two bedroom apartment the family and children service had one of the workers that was on my case to com out to see was my home ok for my baby and also make sure i had everthing and i did.i kept all my paper work from the court because the court put on the paper work saying reason for removing of my child was neglect/ inadequate housing and mental/ physical impairment of parent,i had a safe and quiet place for me and my car is paid in full no payments,i have car insurance with state farm.i want to go on a talk show and tell my story because i have a lot more to tell i want to take care of my baby,i dont hit my kids i take there toys away as there punisment.its a lot of women out in the world that takes care of there selfs but not they kids they kids be begging for food, dirty,geting hit bye there parents. i will never hit my kids because kids are going to be kids just love and care for the kids like our mother and farther took care and loved us when we was kids. my name is teresa brown and this is my true story.thank u.

  65. i want my baby home with her mother so i can take care of angel i did all of the case plane that judge wayne ellerbee wanted me to do.

  66. I am known as a weekend mom and a holiday mom! That hurts when I was always at the school volunteering and subbing for the K3 class at times. My oldest had attachment issues that is one reason he liked to see me around the school. The whole staff at the MGCA new this. Later this would be used against me in the custody hearing lol if that is what you want to call it. My ex was hardly seen at school tell the end of my pregnancy. That was just to drive the oldest to and from school at times. My lawyer C. Lee Pipkins told me before we went in to the court room to plan on loosing my youngest. he was only 3 1/2 years old at the time. I had agreed to let the oldest live with dad because he wanted to. He started having anger management issues. I have joint custody with my ex having primary physical custody. Judge Ralph J. Haslag did not want to separate sibling. They had been in separate houses fore months.

    I can thank Judge Ralph J. Haslag for the bias opinion of me. First I was suffering from PTSD and depression from being married to my ex. Second he was to lazy to read all the information given to him. You should never judge a book by it’s cover especially when you are a judge with a mountain of paper work to look at.Oh the Guardian Ad Litem Mr. Conway Hawn did not even look at the fact the oldest had been getting in trouble and even kicked out of the MGCA for insubordination. Then at the public school they would let him just stand in the hall or were ever if they could get him to stay at school. This all took place after the oldest went to live with my ex. But yet the Judge Ralph J. Haslag thought all that was just fine. Great parenting by dad!! There were statements that Judge Ralph J. Haslag should have read. People who should have been there that were subpoenaed never showed because my ex did things like call them, go to there houses, sit on there porches if the would not answer there door. Haslag did nothing! The people showed up the first few times at court. Then it kept getting called off after we were all there. My ex then new who they all were. And the witnesses I did have testify my Lawyer Lee C. Pipkins asked just a couple of questions. By the way the witnesses were all my family. No one cross examined them. My ex had one person testify his mom. The very person that saw him punch me in front of my oldest son. My oldest was 10 years old at that time he is now almost 14. He want to live with me. He tells me how sorry he is for everything he did in the past. I tell him I love you no matter what. My arms are wide open for him and his brother. I am even had a social worker on my side testify for me and all they could come up with was did she inspect my ex’s house also. No she did not. Every lie that was told I had prof of the truth to back it up but my lawyer C.Lee Pipkins rolled over and spread his legs. Pay off maybe. Did he not believe in me maybe. If so he should not have taken of continued the case.Judge Ralph J. Haslag was not even from our county. Friends with the ex’s lawyer laughing and going on in the hall and court room that is inappropriate. How deep does mommy and daddy’s money go in the judgment of this case we may never no.

    I am just a mom that misses her children and parents day and IEP meeting are not enough extra time. MY KIDS MISS ME TOO.

    • IDK what to do, i pray and cry and then get
      pissed off, mad at god the world, ect….
      then pray some more, stand up and brush
      myself off, one thing i do know is that i will

      • Okay. Well you need to find out who your judicial committee is. You can file a complaint against your speciJudge and they will investigate him and all of the files he has. So if you do this many people will benefit from it.

      • You would think the law is to be far and impartial but it is not. My ex had even printed money showed it to people and his mom and dad. I told the local Polices, told them what year, where he used it and nothing. He is untouchable. I am sorry about your girls.

    • Sorry to hear about your miss fortune with your children. I am a child of a divorced family as well. There are a lot of factors of a divorce that are incorporated. Ralph Haslag makes sure the children are priority. He is the most compassionate individual I know. Having known him my whole life I can easily say, lazy is not a characteristic of Judge Haslag. He works more than anyone I know, spends more time reading and understanding all aspects of a case and still tries his best to be an amazing parent. Ralph Haslag is well aware of the pains of divorce for both the children and the parents. It seems like you are a good person and active in your childrens’ lives. I am not a legal mind and I wish I could direct you in the appropriate steps to take to try to get your kids back. I along with Ralph Haslag hates to see anyone suffer in any sort of manner that I am sure of. Ralph Haslag is retired now and was one of the best Family Court Judges. I truly regret that you do not know him as I do. If the world had more Ralph Haslags there would be far compassion, love, and understanding.

      • I wish I new Judge Haslag the way you do. Sorry never to have seen that side of him.Judge Haslag has hurt my children. He let mental abuse win the day. Yes DNR mentally abuse the children and I. He also physically abused me at times. Little did I know that DNR had started to pick arguments with me just so he could tap record them so if I ever tried to leave him. Ya my oldest was 5 years old at the time he started tapping. He is now 13 1/2 . He had a box of taps he was going around trying to play for any one who would listen. He would keep me up all night then he would sleep all day. I would tend to the children and wait for him to wake up so I could go to sleep. But what he then would do was calculated. He would pick at me in tel a fight would happen I can not say I was all ways right I was not, but he set it all up with the tap recorders and he was well rested. When DNR knew there was an exparte out for him his lawyer John Alpers (Jack) told DNR he could snatch and grab the children before he got served. He did get the oldest. DNR played these taps to him for hours my son said. He had also tapped me getting on to my son for hurting his younger brother and on how to loud the dishwasher the right way. DNR played these taps over and over to my son. He hated me after just two days of this. Judge Haslag came in to the case with a prejudice. He new about the taps but they were not entered as evidence. I am a good mom both of my children can tell you that now 6 and 13 1/2 they both want to live with me and love me. The oldest has realized how he was used by his father and has realized you cannot just look at the cover of things it is all there you just have to be willing to see it.

      • You are delusional. This is the most corrupt judge I’ve ever seen in action. You have no clue what he is like in court. Maybe he’s nice to you on a personal basis, but in court he is as corrupt as he can be. Tou have no clue what he is like in court. He screw over the fathers constantly. You would know that if you talked to the fathers who have had the misfortune of not getting to see their kids because of this A-hole. You are as clueless as you can be about what he is really like.

      • You have no idea the pain Ralph Haslag has caused many people who were unfortunate enough to appear before him in court. crroke does even begin to descrive this low-life. You may be able to speak about your friendship with him, & what he is like outside of court. You have no idea what he was like in court. I never was treated worsed by anyone in the court system as I was by him. Missouri is very fortunate he is no longer a judge, as he has ruined many relationships between parents & their kids. Why don’t you tell about his divorces & what his ex-spouse hd to endure.

  67. I WISH we could find someone who would do an investigation on ALL these horrific judges I have read about in this blog! I sat here today and read every single one, and when I was done I cried for all of us who have lost our precious children COMPLETELY WITHOUT JUST CAUSE!
    I filed a grievance in November of 2011 with the Commission of Judicial Conduct, I just recieved a letter from them yesterday stating that I do not have enough substantial evidence about Judge Pulver to warrent an investigation! My heart sank, I was counting on their help SO MUCH! I aslo sent my story to the director of the ACLU, they are suppossed to help people like us, people who have been denied their rights, I WILL NOT LET UP ON THEM! If I do not receive a response from them I will continue to call until someone listens to me! I was told to contact the media also, in my case the judge completely denied me my constitutional rights in SO many ways! The problem is my case is in Upstate NY, it is such a small town that there is only ONE judge! The caliber of people are mostly ignorant and uneducated, if my case was brought to CT where I reside, this NEVER would have happened. I have spoken to hundreds of professionals, Dr’s, Lawyers, child phychologists, etc. They ALL were totally in awe of how such an atrocity could POSSIBLY happen, and told me the same thing, that the Greene County Family Court is utterly and completely CORRUPT, and what happened to my daughter and I was COMPLETELY ILLEGAL!!!
    Tell me, what kind of an animal would take away his childs mother who raised her, nutured her, and loved her ever second of her life for 6 years! How could someone do such a thing to their own child?


    PLEASE, if ANYONE can offer any advice, imput or help, please post and let us know where we can at least try to get someone to LISTEN!!

    Thank You.

    Kind Regards,
    – Amy Andersen

    • I know newt gingrich has committed to change thwart judicial system and get back at dead beat dads. Your can god on his website and click the box on the right that says contract. Thats what he will sign to all americans when he wins office. Then click the red box to the roght that says something like help the contract. Here your can put in ideas of what should be in it’s here we could possibly help all of us if we can get judicial term limits aand reviews of all cases with complaints.

    • I have read all of these too. I am glad to know that I am not alone in this. I have been trying to find someone to write to and can’t. There has to be a petition started by someone. The judges are corrupt and do ruin children’s lives and do side with one parent. The pain is unbearable. My ex alienates my children from me and manipulates my children what to say in court to make me look bad. I have even had evidence of this with facebook issues and family wizard comments. My evidence was not even taken into consideration or heard. It is very fustrating when the courts listen to the father and not the mother’s testimony.
      I have been going through this for 7 years. I feel lost and empty inside.

      • Colleen,
        I read every single blog also, and I too sat and cried. Losing a child is losing a peice of yourself, and I suffer every minute of every day. If you read my story I am sure you can completely understand my pain first hand, but what I don’t understand is if this “horror” is running rapid in our country WHY WONT ANYONE HELP US?! For the last year since losing my daughter I have spent no less then 4 hours a day researching The Family Court System, it would blow your mind to hear of the happenings uneducated, unlawful, and corrupt judges are putting innocent parents and children through!
        I am currently studying to become a paralegal, therefor I have access to a full law library and many attorney’s, I cannot tell you how many lawyers that have been willing to lend an ear and listen to my story, and each time I get the same response,,,their mouth drops to the floor! Not one lawyer I have spoken to can believe what has happened and HOW the judge got away with what he did, EVERY aspect of my case was handled with bias, uneducation and corruption. I have been told I have very strong grounds for a lawsuit, but here is where the problem lies,,, upon our divorce I moved home to CT, 2 1/2 hours from my former residence in Upstate NY, unfortunetly that is where our case is. This tiny town of Catskill is a schene out of the movie “Deliverence”, it is as hillbilly as you can get and falls way under the poverty level. The town is so small that there is literall only ONE judge to handle EVERTHING, and this is where the corruption comes in, my ex is very wealthy, he owns 2 buisnesses in town which we took over when his parents retired, his name is very well known. My ex is very shady, he contributes money to the town to gain favoratism, he sits on the town board and literally has EVERY SINGLE PERSON FOOLED INTO THINKING THAT HE IS MR WONDERFUL, but in all actuallity he is the devil himself! I suffered through 10 years of emotional and physical abuse, he is a RAGING and violent alcoholic, but worse of all he is a “Classic Narsisist”, he can literally sell ice to an eskimo and make people believe literally ANYTHING and EVERYTHING he says. That is exactly why he was able to lie his way throgh court. I have never done anything wrong, I raised my precious daughter with no help from him, she and I were together 24/7, and this is why her forced seperation from me has effected her so terribly. I am in daily contact with a mutual friend, (who actually despises my ex, but stays very close so he can keep his eye on my daughter) I cannot even begin to tell you how terribly she is suffering Colleen, the mere thought of my baby begging for her mother to the point that she VOMITS literally brings me to my knees, I am without words to begin to explain the agony of knowing your child is in pain, suffering horribly, and calling out for you, BUT THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO HELP HER!!
        It is much more then I can take, I don’t know how much longer I can go knowing how much my baby is suffering,,, all by the hands of Judge George Pulver Jr.!!!
        Colleen, there HAS GOT TO BE SOMETHING WE CAN DO! Look at how many stories are on this blog, we are all tied together through our grief. Someone has got to know SOMETHING!
        We can learn how to start a petition on Family Court Reform and add the names of the judges who have caused us to do so, we can write to the media, anything that has hundreds of signatures will surely get the attention of SOMEBODY!!!
        I would really like to talk to you Colleen if you feel comfortable. You can find me on facebook, Amy Northrop Andersen.
        What state are you in anyway?
        Also, if anyone reading this story has any ideas or would like to join in our plight and FIGHT for our children, PLEASE contact me or post a reply here.

        God Bless.
        – Amy

      • I would like to join you in your plight to protect our children…I am up for any and all ideas you have and if I find some, I’ll let you know. Have you read my story about Judge Jacque Hatch out of flag, AZ AND Judge Alesia Jones out of fairfield, CA? My name is Sage Killmeyer. Good luck!!!!

      • Yes, I read your story about Judge Hatch, it is HORRIFIC, just as ALL our stories are. I just cannot understand what is happening to our once proud and fair judicial system. America is failing our most innocent, those with no voice to defend themselves. It is so very sad and something MUST be done.
        I am going to exaust every single entitie, commission, and person I can possibly get to listen, I am sending letters to my State Reps, The Attorney General, The ACLU, Etc!
        I will keep you informed and post everything I can that may help.

        – Respectfully,
        – Amy

  68. Pittsburgh PA family law judge Kathleen Mulligan allows her gaurdian ad litems to run her court room she never listens to the parent or by right the children. she ruled out that my child did not get molested in a group home called auberle 1101 hartman st mckeesport pa by a mckeesport officer/staff for the 12-15 year old boys @ auberle cover ups has been happening all over since i need help my attorney is not a family law attorney. hes lazy :(

  69. My story begins with Jacque (my mother) who has and still uses

  70. What’s worse..the family law courts or a mother who is a Judge??????
    I was raised by my grandmother because my mother was an alcoholic and is extremely abusive. In 2006 after my grandmother passed away my mother served me at work with a
    Petition for grandparents rights. Shortly after I took me my son to california to visit a friend in hopes of moving there soon away from my mother after I return back from california jackie before she let me have my car back she stalked and harassed and threatened me into signing a stipulation giving her visitation of my son. After I had signed it it wasn’t until the day before I got married that she filed it. Although the original date it had to be filed was sept. 21. She illegally had it filed and heard by a close judge friend without my knowledge or chance to be heard. Therefore, resulting in illegal visitations of my son! In Jan of 2008, my 5 year old son told me jackie touched him inappropriately and he told her to stop and she wouldn’t. Jackie threatened my son that if he told anyone, she would hurt him. I filed a police report and a safe child interview was conducted. The people that interviewed him saw swollen genitals and bruises on his back. But because of her status as an attorney at the time and her extensive knowledge of the system no charges were filled and my son was sent back to his abuser for more. I was not receiving any help from the courts, police or CPS. Even after my son had seen a therapist and had told her about the sexual and physical abuse in play. otherapy, the therapist along with her boss made a report to . CPS. Still, no one would do anything!! I took my family and left the state..After being there,Jackie filed a false missing person’s report on my son. The judge at the time (neilsen) ordered me to bring my son back to Az for visitationz

    she let me have a back she forced me to sign a document written by hermy car and had it impounded in my uncles yard work unlock the so that I could not get it

  71. My child was taken from me. I got a lawyer and got him back. In june of 2011 another famil law judge sent me to jail for 5 days for contempt of court. Judge Alesia Jones out of Solano County of fairfield, California before she put me in jail refused to look at any of my evidence of video documentation, therapists letters, witness letters. Jacque constantly harassed my family with safe child check-ups by the police department. Judge jones at the request of Judge Jacque Hatch has sentenced mo another 40 days in jail and has ordered me to turn myself in or a bench warrant in the amount of 5,000 will be out for me e en though I live in another state. Let’s get these corrupt Judges where they jail!

  72. Judge Jacque Hatch from Flagstaff az

  73. In response to those who have had their children unconstitutionally seized by cps for no legal reason at all …. this is big business! A lot of these small counties need those funds. Often the biggest benefactor of these Title IV funds is the family court in conjunction with cps and all it’s service providers. They work together to make your child a permanent foster care candidate. As long as your child is a potential candidate the money keeps on flowing and the counselors, guardian ad litems, dss
    employees, foster prevention workers and a whole group of other
    providers keep on working .Virginia is famous for this. They very rarely
    will attempt to place children with family in kinship care. They want the
    children with foster custodians who are not family as to get the government funds rolling in. It’s basically child trafficking. Cps gets these laws passed making it easy for them to steal your children and it’s presented to the public and political officials as ” being needed to protect the children”. Let’s face it what politician is going to shoot down a bill that is “to protect the children”. That would not look good politically. Franklin County Virginia is a good example of judicial corruption . You can start with the sheriffs office , than the family court judge in Rocky Mount, Judge Sarah A. Rice. former employee of cps in the very same deciding cases of course in favor of her old friends and work mates cps. Very prejudiced. biased and could care less about any ones Constitutional rights of due process and frankly could care less about you or your children. Most of the attorneys that deal with her will tell you how ruthless and corrupt she is. We dealt with her and our attorney informed us she is ruthless and will take your children in the blink of an eye, and their in nothing you can do about it. We did file all our own motions since our attorney was afraid to. We filed complaints. We have some pull in our family so we have spoken to certain individual to remedy problems. Also get yourself a court reporter. Retain one yourself. It will be the best money you have ever spent.The family court of Franklin County is so corrupt be sure to record , document everything every step of the way. Franklin County sheriffs office, I don’t know if has improved since sheriff Hunt was there. I do know they still have the same corrupt detective Sgt and deputies. Personally I would move as far away as possible from this county and their buddies in Henry County as well.
    Judge Rice needs to retire and do us all a favor for the safety of our children.

    • Christine, you are so correct in what you are saying, Judicial corruption is running rapid throughout our country! It is truly appalling to see what is happening to our children, they are nameless, faceless, dollar signs that NOBODY in our DISCUSTING SYSTEM cares about! You are absolutely right, we can lose our precious children in the blink of an eye. My little girl was taken from me by a CORRUPT, BIASED, DISCRIMINATORY judge from a tiny little town in Upstate NY. My ex is a VERY WEALTHY buisness owner in this poverty stricken town, he sits on the town board, talks his talk, weasels his way in, pays off the judge and GAL, and “Poof” my daughter was gone! I was a 24 hr. a day, stay at home mom that taught Sunday School and never even got a parking ticket, yet when I finally left my husband that abused me terribly for ten years, my daughter was given to him! The reason was that it was in the “best intrest of the child” to stay in her home. (I planned to move back home to CT to be with my family and further my career) Now I am in the middle of the most heart-wrenching battle of my ENTIRE LIFE.
      I have filed MULTIBLE grievances with every goverment agency I possibly could think of, (The Commission on Judicial Conduct NEVER investigates grievances, but at least it is a paper trail) I spend at least six hours a day researching the law and other cases like mine, I am trying like hell to file a class action lawsuit against judge Pulver, but it is almost impossible due to Judicial Immunity!
      All I can say is this,,, NEVER STOP! Someone somewhere HAS to open their eyes and see what is happening in our country!
      Send letters, start petitions, contact the media and like you said hire a court reporter,,, but NEVER STOP!
      I will fight for my little girl until the day I take my last breath!

      God Bless,
      – Amy

  74. I am a mother of three beautiful children. In January of 2011 I made the fateful decision of leaving my mothers residence. I moved with a wonderful friend of mine who was willing to rent me a room for me n my children. My mother contacted me wanting to visit with my children so I made the decision to let them see her which I now ultimately regret. That day my mother went into victorville CA superior court and filed an ex parte hearing asking for guardianship of my children citing that I was homeless. Without even verifyong that I was notified they handed over custody of my kids to her. Since then I have been wrapped up in this nightmare. Since than I have got income, a car and a house of my own. But I have yet to grt custody of my children. I do not use drugs nor drink and I have no background. I have neber been involved with cps and yet since this has happened I have only seen my children about 30 times. To my amazement judge Debra Harris stated that my mom has the choice of giving me visits or not. I have a wonderful fiance and a beautiful 3 mth old who resides in my household. judge Harris has allowed my mom to manipulate the courts and has allowed her to not cooperate with the court investigator. I am at a loss of words to describe how I feel. I miss my babys terribly and have missed out on alot with them when I call them im only allowed to talk to them for a minute and then my mom takes the phone from them. I am so outraged that the courts allow this and not to mention im in constant fear that my mom will take my 3 mth old. I cant afford a lawyer and I dont know where to turn to please help. Any advice would be helpful im losing hope

  75. I agree with a class action suit against judges who are apply unfair judgments and abusing their reign of authority. All who are in, let speak on this. It’s only gonna change if we speak up!

  76. Hows this for a good one my husband was discriminated against by a family judge commisioner and the judge was arrested last year for a domestic violence against her husband thats not something you hear everyday mugshot and everything..

  77. there is a commissioner in the state of Arizona in Maricopa county and her name is Julie P Newell. She discriminated against me because I am the man in the custody manner. She was totally bias and extremely hypocritical. I believe that she knows my ex somehow because my ex is a marriage and family therapist and is in the courtroom quite often and I could tell they had some type of rapport. Anyways I was fighting an order of protection which had absolutely no merit and It should have been dismissed like the other three that were dismissed by a fair judge, and the fact that there were already three dismissed shows she is just trying to cause a problem. I’m going to keep fighting this judge and, make every single complaint and take all the actions I can against her

    • James,
      I am going through almost the same thing as you. I am fighting a very biased and discriminatory judge whom I believe knows my ex personally. I have studied at least one-hundred other cases similar to mine, and not ONE lost custody of their child! I am studying to become a paralegal and I have access to the law library, that is how I was able to do so much research. I was able to find out that the judge handeling my case has had numerous complaints and grievances filed againt him for discrimination, unlawful conduct, and bias. He was also sanctioned many times. He is known to be a terrible person and judge, yet he still sits on his bench and abuses his powers!
      Just like you, I will NEVER stop my fight for justice. Did you file a grievance with The Commission for Judicial Conduct? Contact and file complaints with EVERY goverment agency, and contact the MEDIA! It is a human intrest story and they will likely help you. Don’t be afraid to excercise your “Freedom of Speech.” Blog about your experience on public sites, write your story and mail it to the governor, the senate, the mayor, the attorney general, etc, just keep writting, posting and complaining James!
      Please read my story, my name is Amy Andersen, under “lovingukirsten”

      Good luck and I am so sorry to hear of your heartbreak, A custody battle is the most devistating thing any parent could possibly go through.

    • James, I too have had Julie P Newell as my Judge “commissioner” in my OOP hearing in family court. She was extremely biased against me as the father. The Mother had 2 previous OOP with 1 of them having my child on it, only to have the judge remove my child. However, in front of Newell, she KEPT MY CHILD on the order of protection, even thought the order was completely baseless and had no merit! I now have not seen my daughter in 30 days, and her birthday is tommorrow. I spoke with an attorney (unamed) TODAY, who filed a complaint against that judge to have her removed from family court!

      • I’m very sorry to hear that you both have been victimized by the irrational commissioner, Julie Newell. I was a witness to her laywering for the Mother in an OOP hearing; where there was already 3rd party evidence (from CPS, school resource officers, Best Interest Attorney for the children, etc) that the mother is a pathological liar with mental illness, and previous OOPs were dismissed. The Mother’s filing of the OOP was riddled with contradictions and obvious lies, and Newell not only would not allow for testimony from the Father’s witnesses, but she threw them out of the courtroom! One witness was the Father’s 20yo son and the other was his girlfriend of 5 years – as both were present during one of the alleged events that the Mother fabricated, they could directly refute the accusations. Newell seemed to be enraged, but for what reason? She was almost screaming in the quiet (and shocked) court room. After several hours, which only 30minutes was originally allowed, and reading testimonies from the minor children (which seems to contradict any reason for her to be upset with the Father for bringing his adult son to family court) she only affirmed the OOP against the mother, dropping it against the minor children. I think this judge not only has extreme gender bias against men, but she’s also not stable. When the father contacted an attorney to pursue a complaint against Newell, the attorney told him that Newell has a reputation for being a “psychotic man-hater.” Please file your complaint against this rotten judge so that other families will not suffer at her injustice.

  78. I would like to know how many woman have had support reduced or worse in Renesslear County nY they are so prejudice and crooked my x owes 20,000.00 in arrears and has a 90 suspended jail term from an order in another county and they not only let him reduce and not pay while the court case was in court for a year and a half they ignored the suspended sentence…they reduced his support by 60% overnight which put me in financial distress and the magistrate and the judge live together from what a lawyer told me so when we objected it got denied…the law was not followed at all and they got away with it because no lawyer will stand up to them or it will hurt there business as lawyers and they know that. My lawyer was very upfront in letting me know it was convoluted those are his words….and from what I understand you cannot oust a family court judge that is why they are crooked they have way too much power…The laws need to change and judges need to be held accountable just like everyone else. Maybe we all need to call Gloria Allred????

  79. I am speaking on behalf of my mother-in-law. We live in Benton County Arkansas. She just received the verdict on her almost 2 year long divorce case. I know that their biological, now 8 year old daughter, was sexually abused by her father. She sought all the help that she could, including reaching out to the Children’s Advocacy Center and several counselors for her daughter. The state dropped the case, saying there wasn’t enough evidence to meet the burden of proof the state requires, and did not want to risk losing and double jeopardy protecting him the next time he does it. So, we took it to divorce court, and Judge Scott was our “honorable” ruler. We got a two faced idiot from Gentry to be the daughter’s ad litem. He spoke to the husband’s family, but none of hers. He never once stood up for the little girl, and belittled everyone who tried. The husband had more money than the wife, and the wife had pumped all that she had paying off their assets while they were married. They still owe money on the house. Every expert witness for the little girl was thrown through the ringer, and Judge Scott pushed us through until all hours of the night. In the end. She got the little girl, and they claim she has the house until she decides to sell. In that case she will have to give the monster half. The rest of the property will have to be auctioned off and divided. She gets all the debt, so much in fact that she has almost no choice but to sell the only asset she has: the house. They are giving her two months to pay some of this down, or Judge Scott will take the little girl away. If she sells the house she will have no where to raise her daughter, and will most likely lose her that way. She also has to pay for all the prior supervised visitation costs that are solely for his husband, and also has to pay the full amount of all future visits for him. Judge Scott needs to leave his position and retire. Bonner, the ad-litem does not deserve his job. Anyone who gets these two men should be very afraid, unless you are a man. Then you will be okay.

    • I feel very bad for what happened to you but I have to disagree with you about a bias with judge scott if you are a man. These same two people (scott and bonner) ran some kind of kangaroo court on me during my divorce.

      Judge Scott is friends with people in management at my ex employer’s place of business. My ex-wife and I worked at the same place and she became intimately involved with our boss (text messages ranging from approximately 3:00 am until 11:30 pm with over 355 in 45 days). Scott said there was nothing inappropriate about that….of course it wasn’t HIS wife doing it with another man now was it.

      This boss my wife was texting and relying on for marriage counseling was a family member of the owner and a “bigshot” at our workplace. He, as well as the CEO, were brought in to testify against me to give custody of my son to my ex-wife. All I wanted was to have EQUAL parenting rights and EQUAL time with my son. These clowns and my ex’s lawyer, Jim Lingle, who was also associated with management from our workplace, made my divorce trial all about my job.

      I was stuck with all the marital debt after she had taken almost everything except one of the running cars which she also got half of that.

      The management of this company, of which I had worked for almost 16 years without any disciplinary actions or ever being written up, was angry because I had filed an EEOC complaint and they were determined to retaliate by denying me the rights to my son. They had hired a new engineering manager and he attempted to run a constructive discharge on me. As the harassment grew, I ended up suffering a mini-stroke from the stress and was hospitalized. Eventually, I went on FML and these confidential papers along with the confidential EEOC documents were given to my wife’s attorney by this company without a subpoena. He used them to paint me as a person with serious mental problems, which was complete nonsense and I had medical professionals to verify that..

      Since the judge, her attorney and the 2 “bigshots” from the company were all in cahoots, the decision was predetermined before I even entered the courtroom. My divorce/custody hearing had almost nothing to do with who actually took care of my son the majority of the time before that bogus trial…it was all about scott helping his well-to-do neighbors and republican buddies that were out to get revenge on me for filing an EEOC complaint. At the end of the so-called trial, he went on to berate and insult me for no apparent reason. He stated that I was incapable of getting and holding a job. Now this is his “opinion” even though I had held that job for 16 years and had been much more stale than my ex-wife. I guess actual numbers mean nothing to people like this guy.

      His decision will adversely affect me and my son for the rest of our lives. I cared nothing about “winning” anything. I just wanted to be my son’s daddy and have an equal amount of time with him as his mother. Not more…EQUAL. We try to teach our children to “share” but our courts and many parents do not want to practice what they preach.

  80. Pgh pa family judge Kathleen Mulligan has taken my child away from me because I protected my child from an child molester she thinks I have a mental problem even though she has sent me to five different doctors that all report the worse mental condition I may have is anxiety due to the involvement of Cyf no medication needed. She doesn’t believe my child was molested @ all even after the Jerry sandusky exposure she recently suspended all contact between me&my child &believes that I am causing my child to make up stories my rights are totally violated every hearing even people in jail are allowed visits

  81. one thing to do is file a report with the judicial conduct commission and they’ll investigate the judge and you never no it can cause the judge to get criminal charges

  82. Magnificent issues altogether, you just won a new reader. What could you recommend in regards to your publish that you simply made a few days in the past? Any sure?

  83. I have three children with my ex he used to have visits on the weekends untill one weekend I got a call from his mother letting me know he got in a wreck with two of my children my 9 year old was in the front seat and my 7 year old was in the back of the truck when the officers arrived my 7 year old was bleeding like crazy both girls scared to death ,their father told them to tell the officers a deer ran out in front of them or they would take daddy to jail so they did ,when I arrived at the hospital in clarksville I didn’t even wreckinize my daughters face I had to hold it togather for her and for me that night she was transferred to vanderbelt she suffered motable engerys wile he went home to sleep ,,,,at the time he was on state probation for forging prescriptions ,he was driving on revoked no insurance and taking methadone when he faced the judge his lawyer got him off of everything ,when I confronted him he said well I had a prescription,,even though it states do not operate heavy michinery or drive he did anyway he said if he would have been one point higher on his meds. It would have been jail time ,to me it should have been so thank u clarksville tn. For just waiting for the next innocent person to run into him I think it would be mandatory for M.A.D to sit in every court room to advise your dishion ,,, I belive the courts know witch people pay them most in city costs because it seems those are the ones that get away most VERY DISSAPOINTED WITH CLARKSVILLE COURT WHEN DID JUDGES QUIT CARING expecily when it comes to our children our future and since u don’t do your job we have to work harder as the pertectors of our children to pay courts like yours to keep them away ,,,,,,so I belive we need more children’s rights in our court rooms because know one was their for my children ,,,just his lawyer for him working a deal with the D.A. clarksville judges ,,,,,thank u for your time to read this from a loving mom ,,,,I’m thankful my babies are here and I’m trying my best to keep him away as long as he is on drugs the bad thing is the court looks at it as he is prescribed it ,,,how can that be a good environment for a child period but like I said I feel they don’t care and I realy don’t know how they sleep at night because I know I don’t sleep well thinking one day with my children could be my last the day they let him see him. and the bad thing is its on the news every day so to CLARKSVILLE AND EVERYWHERE ELSE HELP US PERTECT OUR CHILDREN put them away every time be more firm no probation no fines I’m talking JAIL time thank u sincerly danielle Davidson GOD BLESS ALL OUR CHILDREN :)

  84. In May 2010 Darlington County SC family court judge Michael S. Holt gave custody of my children to the man who had abused both myself and our daughter for more than 10 years. He had on his desk arrest record after arrest record showing this man’s violent , abusive and controlled substance abuse tendencies. In court he cited that I had not given our son medications, at that time my son was on no prescribed medications. He said he had missed 11 days of school in my care , my son was in 4k and had strep throat twice that year, 9 of those days he missed before his father and I separated when his father was supposed to take him to school. He had photos, medical reports and arrest record where he had beaten me. Why did he rule this way? Because my ex husbands attorney was James jay Lucas who is a SC representative for district 65. There were numerous reports of Mr. Lucas having promoted Mr. Holt for this position and they had served together as attorneys in the county for years. I received custody of my daughter back only after Mr Holt was reminded of my daughters threats to commit suicide or run away were she made to live with her father.The appointed guardian ad litem for the children, James Cato, also admitted to being for fathers in these cases, and is also a friend of Mr. Lucas. Eventually the Guardian threatened me that if I did not accept a joint custody, with my husband as primary I could lose all rights to see my son at all. He did not come out and say it just like that but I am not stupid and read and understood his threat perfectly. My son has problems in school, behavioral problems , has been on 4 different adhd medications in 2 years. I am tormented daily worried about his safety as his father is still abusing crack cocaine and alcohol and is emotionally abusive to my 7 yr old baby. No one will help me, after spending over $17,000 fighting I am broke, and can no longer fight. I don’t know what to do and I am afraid , I know that eventually the ex husbands abuse of my child will turn physical. These people force desperate measures.

    • Dear Bronie,
      Your story is so much like mine, it is truly sickening and heartbreaking that these attrocities are happening to our innocent children!
      My ex-husband, his attorney and the judge overseeing our case know eachother personally. The town is in upstate NY and extremely tiny, not to mention far below the poverty level. My ex is VERY wealthy, he owns 2 buisnesses in town, sits on the town bored, rubs elbows with all the officials, and pretty much brown noses everybody who is anybody. The bottom line is this,, my ex FUNDS THE TOWN AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO AS LONG AS HE CONTINUES TO GET WHAT HE WANTS, AND WHAT HE WANTS IS MY DAUGHTER!
      What has happened to you is completely CORRUPT Bronie, and unfortunetely it is happening every minute of every day in our country, The United States Judicial System is failing families and children at an alarming rate, children are being torn away from good and fit parents due to SEVERE JUDICIAL CORRUPTION!
      I feel your heartache, I fight every day to get my little girl back, I cannot even begin to tell you everything I am doing.
      Have you filed a grievance with The Commission of Judicial Conduct? There is SO much you can do without having to spend thousands on attorneys.
      I know the feeling of having no fight left. I am literally drowning in my grief and sorrow. Anger is the ONLY thing that keeps me going!
      Please read my story and get back to me,, I would love to be able to help you as much as I can!
      – Amy Andersen

      • Dear Amy,
        Your story sounds so much like mine it is scary. I hear constantly from people who say my ex has no right to be raising my son. I know one day my son will grow up to be like his father and it kills me. Like you all I have now is anger, hatred and an intense desire to see my ex, his attorney and the judge who stole my child from me and gave him to that abusive piece of crap suffer. At the same time it is killing me, I don’t know if the commission can help me or not but I c an try. I was told by someone from the local group that helps abused women that in the first six months this judge was on the bench he ruled against EVERY abused woman who came before him,the problem is that the people backing him are very powerful. One is a local representative and one is a state senator. Any and all ideas you have that may help are welcome. I have never hated anyone before now and like most considered myself a good person, but that person no longer exists. I don’t know what I can do but I can’t continue like this .

      • Dear Amy,
        Please contact me Judge PULVER MUST BE EXPOSed!!!!!!!!! Ineed to speak to you!!!! Judge Pulver ruled AGAINST me!!!! I will never abandone my children. We can help each other. I have media contacts who can help!!!!! Shawn

  85. I was malicious attacked on my job on February 22, 2012, by a man . When the incident occured I immediately called 911. The police was dispatch to my location. I was afraid for my life. The individual assault me and may verbal threats to kill me and my family. It is a lot more to this but i did take him to court and the judge let him go and through me in jail. I wish I have a lawyer. court for me is pending. My husband talk to the judge and he said I have to look out for my own!!!!!!!!!


    Plaintiff brings this action against ( Judge Maria MIRAM), a federal judicial officer, pursuant to Title 28 U.S. Code § 1331, in claims arising from violations of federal constitutional rights guaranteed in the (fill in) amendments to the U.S. Constitution and redress-able pursuant to Bivens v. Six Unknown Narcotics Agents 403 U.S. 388 (1971).”
    III. Â Plaintiff ( ) is a natural Jacqueline Amos real person residing Brooklyn, King, New York
    IV. Â Defendant is a Judge presiding at (Landlord Tenant Court, Civil Court
    V. party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress.
    VI. Because of the mistreatment and bigotry of Judge Maria Milin she cause great harm to health as well as finance, because of her telling family member who is 39 that she can live free, and don’t have to pay any bills, this leaves me with hard ship, as well my health, I have blood pressure, thyroid, blood clots of the legs, bad heart, and many stress full nights, Judge Maria Milin took my property and gave it to my family member, dis regarding the Judge of Surrogate Court, I have 3 level house, my family member has taken both floors as permission of Judge, because of the decision of Judge Maria Milin, I cannot rent or sale my house, In my attempt to sell my house, My family member approach the real estate telling them she had ownership. All Evidence accepted by the court/Judge without being sworn to under oath, against me is counterfeit, Fraud, Conspiracy, false documents and obtained from hearsay testimony by foreign enemies posing as court clerk who are protected and armed against me by a court with unproven jurisdiction and stand in defiance of the law by refusal and denial of due judicial process (Special appearance) at minimum, conflict of interest takes place.
    In addition to and along with the above cited crimes, the plaintiffs, and court acting in concert with such so called government officials to complete such as listed as follows, Under the directions of the Surrogate Courts, documented by Judge, that the petitioner Jacqueline Amos, Executive of Estate Of Late Hazel Morgan Mother, which is governed by law, ignored.
    This is the out come when Judge Maria Milin, falsified this decision, my house was a family house, After seeing documents certified by New York City, and Registered, Family member was sent 10 day notice, but lawyer did not follow through, he made the decision harder because he told the judge that my family member had rights to my house, but what he did not say only if the family member name was on the deed, when he saw the certified deed, and documents dated march 9, 2009, he was trying to make this case go forever, the clerk inside the court room, ask my family member how much did I have to pay her to leave, she said 75 thousand dollars, my lawyer sitting with his eyes close, saying nothing, I gave the deed to my attorney he pushed it away; when I asked him why did he do that, he said he was resigning, and that was the end of my lawyer, when the lawyer return to the court room, Judge Maria Milin says let me get you out here real fast, talking over my head, and violating all my rights.
    Judge Maria Milian falsified document as per decision stating Eldert Street was a family house, In her Judgment she continued to yell at me, telling me appeal it, I produce the deed as well as the papers judgment from the Estate of my mother sealed by the Surrogate court, as well acknowledgment being the executive of my mothers estate, Judge Milan kept saying that her judgment over the decision of the Surrogate court was in force, and that I would have to go to supreme court, which she knew Landlord tenant court is not address In the supreme court, She dismiss my case and said it would not be herd in Landlord tenant court, she stop me from due process of the law, standing before her with my walker, sweat pouring of my face, she talked to me as I was a slave or peasant,
    I showed her papers from family court, she refuse to look at them, I told her that this was really stressing me out she turn her head with a smirk, Judge Maria Milian knows that the children of the mother comes first, and the grandchildren second, she also new that family member had 125 Days to protest, this was sealed on March 2009, Judge Maria Milian hate for black people was not hidden. This pressure for the last year Dec 2011 the doctor told me that I can have a massive heart attack, from the pressure of this un fair judgment my health has turn for the worst.
    Judge Maria Milin went on to tell me that my family member could live free in my house, without paying rent, I brought to her the 995 dollar light bill, she said cut it off, her racist attack mentally cause me great hardship,
    Judge Maria Milian said my family member could lived in the house all of her life free, Judge Maria Milin made her judgment without any of my evidence, she did not want it, I explain to her I was going back and forth to family court trying to get peace, she threw her hair up in the air, like she did not care, I explain to her, if I did not rent my apartments I will loose my house, she again looked at me like I was dirt, Judge Milian Racist attitude was not hidden, I remind her that this was elder finical abuse, she looked at me with a smirk,
    All Evidence accepted by the court/Judge without being sworn to under oath, against me is counterfeit, Fraud, Conspiracy, false documents and obtained from hearsay testimony by foreign enemies posing as court clerk who are protected and armed against me by a court with unproven jurisdiction and stand in defiance of the law by refusal and denial of due judicial process (Special appearance) at minimum, conflict of interest takes place.
    In addition to and along with the above cited crimes, the plaintiffs, and court acting in concert with such so called government officials to complete such as listed as follows, Under the directions of the Surrogate Courts, documented by Judge, that the petitioner Jacqueline Amos, Executive of Estate Of Late Hazel Morgan Mother, which is governed by law, ignored.
    Title 42 U.S. Code § 1983 reads as follows:
    Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress.
    judge permits an ex parte attachment, i.e. seizure of real estate without giving you notice of a hearing in a state court proceeding, this is a deprivation of property without due process, violating the Fifth Amendment as well as the Fourteenth Amendment.
    “Prayer for Relief.” In such a case you can ask for an injunction ordering another judge to so something, or to refrain from doing something. Successful use of these suits has been made to nullify attachments, end incarcerations, declare laws or court practices
    Ex parte restraining orders forcing men or women out of their homes based on abuse allegations in state courts are a primary and rampant example of violations of constitutional rights today, and certainly actionable in federal court.
    The first ten amendments of the Bill of Rights are self explanatory. Violations of any of the rights described in these amendments give rise to causes of action, both against state judges under Title 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and arguably against federal judges in Bivens actions.
    Pro se litigants should give a clear and concise description of what happened in chronological order, identifying the judge, the date, time, and place of his or her action, and specifying which acts violated which constitutional amendments.
    Financial Abuse
    Elder financial abuse spans a broad spectrum of conduct, including:
    Taking money or property
    Forging an older person’s signature
    Getting an older person to sign a deed, will, or power of attorney through deception, coercion, or undue influence
    Using the older person’s property or possessions without permission
    Promising lifelong care in exchange for money or property and not following through on the promise
    Emotional or psychological abuse is defined as the infliction of anguish, pain, or distress through verbal or nonverbal acts. Emotional/psychological abuse includes but is not limited to verbal assaults, insults, threats, intimidation, humiliation, and harassment. In addition, treating an older person like an infant; isolating an elderly person from his/her family, friends, or regular activities; giving an older person the “silent treatment;” and enforced social isolation are examples of emotional/psychological abuse.
    Judge Maria Milin took my property and told family member she could live free, When I tried to show her the Light bill, she said let them turn it off, when I told her that I am going to loose my house because of her actions, she looked at me with this hate in her eyes, she did not care, She told me that she did not care about my property, and that she made her decision, she did not care about the proof I had, she told attorney that Let her hurry up and get him out of her court room, which her smart remarks was geared to me, these racist tactics to keep the city paying there fee’s, What was so degrading when Judge Maria Milin clerk, ask family member how much money I would have to pay for family member to leave my house, the clerk continue to use these tactic’s and my legal aid lawyer sitting with his eyes close, when I went to give him the documents which I had given him before, which he came without, he refuse to take them, and went back to sleep, The clerk continue to ask family member do you want a jury trail, the clerk egnored both of us, and my attorney had his eyes close and legs cross.
    Law Enforcement
    Local police, sheriffs, and prosecuting attorneys may investigate and prosecute abuse, particularly in cases involving sexual abuse or assault. In states whose statutes make elder abuse a crime, there may be a requirement to report suspected abuse to a law enforcement agency. It is the Judge who abuse the victim, she took her rights and took her property to do as she please, this is no justice, when you violated all the certified documents of the Surrogate Court and lie and say this person lived free all there life, when the victim says she has rent on her budget, the Judge says to the family member, do you have enough money, like I was not standing there, I reminded her, Jud
    What happens when you report abuse to those who promise to enforce the law, who cover up the abuse, Who is the Department of the Aging when they cover up cases because the person is white, and the victim is black, Racism plays a roll in abuse, What protection has the elder, when the court it self allows the racist to befoul and strip the dignity of the accuser,
    About NCEA
    The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), directed by the U.S. Administration on Aging, is committed to helping national, state, and local partners in the field be fully prepared to ensure that older Americans will live with dignity, integrity, independence, and without abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The NCEA is a resource for policy makers, social service and health care practitioners, the justice system, researchers, advocates, and families

  87. NYCHA uses Mental Disability to Proceed with
    Eviction Action Against Identity Fraud Victim
    (Arrogant nigger has the nerve to defend herself against us white
    and Ashkenazi supremacists — surely she has a mental defect
    “…which is likely to result in serious harm to…others…” What is that “defect?”
    Knowledge of the law and the courage to use it against racist whites and racist Ashkenazim)

  88. This is a post I recently posted on facebook about my situation. It was a response to the Robert Leone, police brutality by PA State Troopers. His story really hit home because of the way i have been treated by our court system. Though I was not beaten, My way of life, my self-confidence and my ability to be a father has been severely crippled by the people who are supposed to protect us. Here is my post:

    I’m not a big fan of long outrageous posts on facebook. I don’t even think a lot of people read them throughout. I hope you guys check this story out though. I just stumbled across this and it really hit close to home. This guys Robert Leone was pulled over by the PA State Police for nothing really. Something about his car was suspected in “minor” fender bender. Turns out, it wasn’t even his car. The man didn’t pull over for the police right away but at the same time he never broke any laws while driving. No speeding or recklessness. There’s videos on youtube about it. You can watch most of what happened. The crazy thing is, that the guy was completely compliant and even begged the officers to tell him how they wanted him to behave. When they scream at him to turn on his side, he instantly says okay with fear in his voice and when the police didn’t like that, and hit him again he begs to be told how they want him to move exactly. Saying, “Like this? Please. OK!”.

    I guess I’m really drawn to this because of the way I have been treated with my own experiences as of late. Not many of you know what has been going on with me. I don’t share well I guess. However, I have been ridiculously accused of a lot of things in the past six years. Including, being an abusive husband and father and being a drug addict. None of these accusations are true nor have they ever been proven. Because of some issues that happened while married to my ex, I have had a hard time getting employment. Erin, my ex-wife, has a very bad temper and had slapped me several times throughout or marriage. I was able to maintain my composure every time. I had left the house. I even told her that one day I might not be able to maintain. It was ridiculous. One night, I wasn’t able to. She slapped me and I reacted by slapping her back. It wasn’t something I was proud of and I don’t think I had the right to do so. I also, took full responsibility for the entire incident. This would turn out to be my un-doing. Thinking I was doing the right thing to save a pitiful excuse for a marriage in hopes to maintain for my son. I plead guilty and did not fight the charges by stating the facts about her abusive behavior that or any other night. With this document saying that I am an abuser, Erin was able to wield this sword relentlessly through a savage 2 year circus in the court system. I have fought a long fight with the Union County court system over custody of my son Trey. I have been incarcerated several times for not being able to afford a child support set at nearly $400.00 per month and also made to pay spousal support and my ex-wife’s attorney fees. Altogether around $425.0 a month. It seems like there is no compassion from our judicial system. We, as tax paying citizens, write the checks for all public officials. Yet we are treated so ridiculously that we live in fear of what will happen to us when depending on these same officials to either protect us or support us. Most recently, my son’s mother has abandoned my son for almost six months with his grandmother on her side. I was not privy to this information of course. I accidentally found out when calling to speak to his mother and her sister tells me she doesn’t live with them. I also, knew that she had a drug problem. Could never prove it but I knew. Well in a turn of luck, she was admitted to rehab. Victory at last! Or so I had thought. I filed all the necessary paper work with the court. No one could find Erin so nothing was served. Never received a court date. Tried filing for ex-parte emergency custody. Saw that judge and was denied. Judge Hunt Gwen told me that this matter needed to be discussed between both parties. During an evening visit with my son, he told me that his mother was in the hospital and that when she was better she would be coming back to live with him. I knew she was going to rehab so I knew where she was and I was not happy. Our court order states that Erin is allowed to come take trey with police during any of my visitation. Odd stipulation if you ask me, but I don’t make the rules obviously. So Erin is missing for four months. Now she is in rehab for drug addiction. So I decide to keep my son while waiting for our court date or hearing. I had my son for two days. Two! Erin’s mother, aunt, and uncle brought her from rehab with police and our court order and stripped him from me. You guys should know that my son BEGS me to stay with me every visit. He begs to live with me and cries when being picked up. he never wants to leave. In North Carolina, grandparents NEVER have rights over biological parents unless the parents can be proven unfit. Within two weeks of me being denied ex-parte emergency custody, Erin’s mother was granted the same. I was not asked to be present. I was not given opportunity to present my side of the matter, nothing. They gave my son to his grandparent. We had a court date June 26th. This was to hear the emergency custody issue and the “Honorable” Judge Gwen stated that Virginia Ketchum was the proper person to care for my son. His reason being that he has been living there, which would not have been the case had Virginia not exposed my son to a drug addicted mother that needed help so badly that she is now in a 90 day program. He also mentioned that I have no driver’s license and that I am behind on child support. Who do I pay support to? The mother that abandoned my son? She I make the check out the the rehab facility? Also, I have a strong support network that is willing and able to provide transportation for anything that is needed for my son. What does my having a driver’s license have to do with anything? A father just trying to be a father. Stripped of parental rights for almost 5 years now. Now, losing rights to a grandparent. I don’t drink or do drugs. I work full time. I have paid almost $3500 since January in child support. I ‘m sorry for this long post. If you read it all, know that you guys are the first to hear it outside of my immediate family. I’m not impressed with people in power. It’s obvious that they have no desire to do what’s right. They’ll never admit fault. They will always use their own personal feelings and thoughts to make decisions whether right or wrong. It’s a shame that my son and people like Robert Leone have to depend on these people to protect their best interests and their safety.

    Again, sorry for this ridiculously long post. It will never happen again.

  89. In Merced county, everyone is biased to the woman. My story is very long so I’ll just cut to the quick. My ex is on drugs and have been since I met her. (of course I didn’t know at the time). She lost her blood daughters to me due to meth, my youngest son by her was born 2 months premature and spent 2 weeks in the NICU because of meth. We got divorced because of her drug problems. She has a case in CPS. Yet all of this info is ignored during mediation – something SHE only started as a retaliation for our divorce. She doesn’t now nor have she ever cared about her children. No one is doing anything about it. My oldest daughter has found weed in her car and refrigerator. She has smoked in front of the kids. She has tried to kill herself. She has come to my job fighting my fiance and me – which I have on tape. No one will watch the video. The police won’t even file a full report on the incident. Then she goes down and accuses me of beating my son because he had a scratch on his chest and they instantly issued a 7 day EPA, she went down to CPS and cried wolf and the lady rushed and got the EPA modified and extended before even talking to me. Once I yelled at her and told her about my ex’s situation – then she calmed down and wanted to say she felt bad for me – as I’ve been going through this BS since 2007. By then it was too late. 16 days w/out seeing or talking to my kids. I took on 2 kids that aren’t even mine by blood, as my own. I told them about her drug usage in March, she JUST had to do a drug test in June. Now she’s lying and saying I’m a threat to her. The stupid mediator stipulated to stay away from each others job. I wouldn’t care but this stupid little girl works at SUPER WALMART. I go out of my way to avoid her, and I’m as square as they come, but now I have to be treated like a criminal because of her lies. The worse part is that I have tried to talk to the judge himself twice now, this last time he cut me off and told me I shouldn’t have signed the agreement, even though I was assured by the mediator I would be able to discuss the stay away with him during the hearing. I tried to tell him that the mediator is witholding info, he cut me off again and said noo she’s not before I could even elaborate. Now I have to figure out how to file a motion to set aside to see the mediator, then the judge again. I’m about ready to pull my hair out. The mediator doesn’t care about the past, and won’t even request the documents from CPS. I can’t get the files myself, only the court can request them and they won’t even hear me out. CPS has already received the results for the drug test but can’t tell me what they are, will not voluntarily hand them to the courts, and the courts won’t even bring it up. They even cancelled the evaluator, which was my last chance for the courts to see the true side of the evil woman w/out having to pay an attorney. But I gues the price is the same for both so maybe tthat’s a good thing. I have no one to turn to for help while she’s allowed to just run rampant and do whatever she wants. It almost makes me want to just give up give her all of the kids permanently and move out of the state to get away from her, but I love them too much to not only lose them, but put them in the hands of someone that is that much of a danger to them. Instead I plan on going head on with the county. I will talk to as many attorneys, visit as many websites, and send letters to as many media stations for as long as I need to in order for a change to happen. There are too many good parents in this city that are falling victim to their ex’s vindictive retaliations and the county’s laziness. This is the first site…

  90. The petition is to make bad judges accountable for breaking the law

  91. I’m a mother who unfortunately had gotten involved in the cys system. I’m from Pa and the Judge who’s name is Mulligan is extremely biased. Once your in the system it is so hard to get out and when you have no money to hire a lawyer the parent advocates could really careless on how they represent you. A lot of comments this Judge says to my family in the courtroom some how doesn’t make it on the transcripts. Just recently my 13 year old daughter was baby sitting her two younger brothers 1&2.I left at 10:30am I got back at 12:45pm the kids had taken a nap according to my daughter they were sleep but the two year old managed to get out the house thankfully he was found unharmed and not far from the house.I was not charged with child endangerment or any other criminal charges because my daughter was of age to baby sit it was an accident. But this judge decided to remove all my children split them up between family and foster care and somehow this does not seem fare to me. And to top it all my one year old son’s hair was cut by the foster mother without my consent he was shave bald he had hair when he left and now none I’m pissed. No barber would cut a child’s hair that young so how did she do this without him screaming and crying. Pennsylvania has a high percent of corrupt judges but this judge is known for being biased and to personally involved in her cases. If any one has any suggestion I would love to here them. I’m currently researching online to file a motion to have this judge removed from my case and I’m even considering contacting some talk shows to publicly discuss these issues and not every parent involved in the system are bad abusive parents.

  92. I proved in court that my exwife was living in a horrible trailer park, surrounded by 8 registered sex offenders within 150 yards or the home, she did not carry my daughter to the doctor after breaking her foot ( I did a week later after finding out), refused to carry her to the doctor when sick, refused to carry my son to the doctor or buy him medicine when he was sick, refused to take my son to the dentist for cleanings or to get his wisdom teeth taken out, refused to take my daughter to the dentist for cleanings (I have to schedule when I have vistation), leaves the kids alone with a documented child abuser for days at a time, has had two relationships with men that are currently waiting for their court dates for the manufacture, distribution, sale, and use of methamphetamine, the first affair was 8 months after I adopted my children (her biological), she has since reintroduced the children to the biological father, etc. I tried to get custody and Judge Robert Turner not only denied my plea for custody, but increased my child support, awarded attorney’s fees, and said that I should do a better job encouraging a relationship between the kids and biological father.


    Please if any of you have had Donald r Letourneau, Go rate him here.I think it is horrible for the washington county to have such a BIAS, heartless judge.
    I will never understand his decision to this day. He spent half the time of our hearing walking out of the court room to answer phone calls during the time I was stating my case. If there is anyone out there that needs a story about this from me let me know.

    • Yes! Judge Donald Letourneau was fidgeting and visibly distracted throughout our hearing. His eyes were moving around the room the whole time. It made it hard to concentrate because he would not maintain eye contact when I was speaking. He also stated at the beginning of the hearing that we needed to wrap this up quickly because he had a soccer game he needed to be at afterward! I want to request a modification for child support (I’m the payor) but am afraid to go up against him again. PRAY you do not get assigned this judge for ANYTHING. FYI… he was once a public defender, if that tells you anything. The bigger the loser you are in life, the bigger the winner you are in Judge Letourneau’s court room.

      • I agree, at my hearing he said The father has a criminal background, and there is proven abuse so he must take anger management classes. He can not keep a job and needs to figure that out, I don’t like splitting the kids up, but I award the father full custody…I have a daughter full time (Our sons sister) no criminal history, a stable job, etc…But I am a woman and he left the court room to take phone calls most of the time I was talking. Specially about the part of the abuse by my sons father and the fear for my daughters life, etc…I had friends going through a divorce. They could not agree on anything and decided to go to court, until they saw they would have Judge Letourneau, they were there for my experience and decided to make it work no matter what to not have their lives ruined by the judge…
        For the record because of Judge Letourneau, my son spends most of his time with a parent moving around all over the place, no family, and no nuturing…He is bought things, but that is it, there is no true love there, only manipulations and controlling. My son fears his father, wants to live with me, but is scared to tell his dad, because he hits hard…GOOD JOB Judge Letourneau! Seriously award a child to a parent with stalking and anger issues? If there is ever a petition to get him off the judges bench, sign me up

  94. I’m a girlfriend of a man for the last 2 years and a month and have support him and his children from monies issue to love and support. My boyfriend is fighting for custody of his minor children. I have never had a problem with his ex wife nor have we ever had cross words, they children come to my house and tell me the mother stated I was a bitch and not to talk to me or say bad stuff about the father and we try to reinsure them everything is ok. We went to court this week and the mother stated she does not want me around the children and i was a bad person. The judge Judge Mark H. Jones
    did not let me speak. why is it that we can raise the children put cloths on the backs feed them bath them love them listen to them and then the judge states we have not rights to saying anything or defend ourselfs.

    • Unfortunately, since you are not a party to the custody case, your input is not accepted by the court. You did not mention whether your boyfriend was permitted to speak in court. You can be there for moral support but as far as the law is concerned, you are not involved in their custody/child support issues.

      What was the outcome of the court proceeding and what were the mother’s concerns?

  95. My partner and I stumbled over here by a different page and thought I might
    as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you.
    Look forward to looking over your web page yet again.

  96. I have recently been through Family Court in East Kern County CA. My wife of 11 years decided she no longer wanted to be married and had found someone else. The date of seperation was in September 2009. She had always worked throughout the marriage. She was given temporary use of everything to include temp spousal at 1700 a month and 1000 in child support for our daughter. This was based on the salary I made that year, I made the mistake of working allot of overtime that year because she quit working and was living a different lifestyle having zero responsibility. I was also ordered to pay 2500 in attorney fees for her. All of my overtime was cut at the first of the year in 2010. Shortly threafter the garnishment order came in and they were taking half of paycheck, which wasnt enough to cover the amount ordered so I was in arrears every month. Shortly after the seperation she became preganant with twins from her new boyfriend. She moved from what was our residence to another rental with her boyfriend. With th ehelp of family I was able to rent my own place. The court had ordered I go from a 100% of the time dad to 29% of the time dad. Those were the temp orders. It was delay after delay in court, because she was still using my insurance to pay for the pregnancy. In CA health insurance does not terminate until the divorce is final. I eneded up having my daughter the majority of the time because of her domestic situation with the new father. I filed an Order to Show Cause with the court for modification of custody, child support and spousal support. She has the twins and I am now on the hook as the father, becasue in CA if you are technically still married you are considered the father. Had to take a DNA test to prove that I wasnt. My credit took a hit for 5000 dollars for pregnancy related things. She filed her income and expense declaration and it has the new father listed as living with her and the twins, he is listed as a friend and does not contribute to the household. In the body of the I&E she refers to him as her significant other. She was unable to keep her lies strait on paper a blind person could see that. She again moved to another residence with the new father. We finally get to trial in Nov-2011, she is caught perjuring herself on the stand time and again. The evidence is overwhelming, not just hersay. Actual factual evidence was presented (Police Reports) (Text Messages). She denied co-habitation as it relates to spousal support, she filed a new I&E with him not living there any longer. She didnt even no where he lived just a house on some street. She was completely discredited on the stand. Her credibility was called into question by the court. My attorney even had the lease where she and he resides. His was the only name on it. They were both served papers at the smae residence, there were picture of him living there and witness testimony. After that portion of the trial, i was granted primary custody of our daughter. I am very greatful for that. Now the Judge orders an outrageous amount of spousal support more then I make. This was based on the fact that she now has infant twins at home and daycare would outweigh what she would make working (She has college degree and marketable skills). He wouldnt even retroactive any of the child support or spousal support to the date the OSC was filed. I actually had my daughter the majority of the time since we seperated. He gives her half of my thrift savings plan for the time we were married (No issue with that). Then orders all the arrears paid from my thrift savings plan also and 3500 more dollars for attorney fees. She never even retained an attorney with the 2500 i gave her. Wasnt until a year later when she finally got one. The below is just a small part of the court minutes.


    So now I am raising our 10 year old daughter, which i am very greatful for, but I cant even afford to take care of her. The judge gave her a two year gavron warning to seek employment. We have had to move out of our place as we can no longer afford it. I can barley provide for her. I am basically working to support my ex wife and her new life choices. Court was a joke. the judge didnt even look at my I&E or debt or basic expenses. Filed a reconsideration, he granted it and didnt change a thing. At he end of the day it didnt matter what my attorney said or what evidence we had.

    She recieved her check from my retirement and now moved out of state with the new father. I am struggling to survive and provide for my daughter. Everybody that works in the court was shocked over his decision. Burden of proof for co-habitation was met beyond a reasonable doubt, judge didnt think so. I have sold almost everything I own to support my daughter, while my ex starts a new life.

    I have mailed letters to senators, congressman, assemblywoman and the presiding judge of kern county. Nobody can help or wants to assist in changing how family court works. The presiding judge reccommended I file more papers. An appeal?? really? I do not have thousands of dollars. What is so hard about holding his judicial officer accountable for making poor and incompetent decisions? The problem with CA family court is nobody is held accountable for anything. What’s the point in raising your right hand or having under the penalty of perjury on all the paperwork you sign.

    All the judge did was reward perjury and bad behavior. Granted I entered into a marriage, but i feel like I am the only one who has been held responsible for it. My daughter and i have more then paid for my ex wifes life choices and mistakes, now we are left with nothing. I am paying my ex to be a stay at home mother with two kids that are not even mine. That change in her circumstances were made after the date of seperation. That was the only deciding factor as to why I am paying her spousal support. Judges should be held accountable for the decisions they make, especially if it is such a blatant ridiculous decision. Not all judges are like the one that presided over my case. Kern County has some outstanding Judicial Officers. Unfortunately I did not get one of them. My appologies for the length of this post.

  97. i am a father of a beautiful baby girl. i regretfully live in king county, wa . i have been falsey accused of many things by the other party in this situation. and since the allegations made (which were improperly served) were so shocking they did not even take time to hear my side and resorted the most harshest of measures. assesments done by court facilitators who are supposedly knowledgeable in DV situations took my attempts to defend my self and my denial toward the allegations and used it against me as further proof to accuse me of being guilty. Overall the report was as biased as could be and in the evaluators opinion she saw signs of dv. judge didnt think twice and didnt even give me a chance to defend myself, so now i am labeled a dv perpetrator. I was tricked into signing our parenting plan by mediators who worked for dshs who said i had no chance by going to trial and said that if i pursued further i would probaly lose everything when in fact my chances would of been better. so now i continue to jump through the hoops written out in the pp until then i am under the whims of court that provides no justice whatsoever and the other party who could rarely care less about my daughters well being and is out for her own gratification to see me suffer. but the good news is some of the evaluations i have undergone have shown that the other party was indeed lying as i undergo this process i hope to show uncover all her lies, its just a shame i have to go through all this to prove it.

  98. Judge Black of Quincy court in Massachusetts, was so biased that my brother was of Arabic decent that as a juvenile he forced him to boot camp and found him a residential home and juvenile lock up from the time he was found truant for the first time until his 18 Birthday. However Black has since retired he was notorious with people he personally felt did not belong in his county, By the way he was a racist Jew against anyone so he was fair to hate everybody the same.
    A few of my school mates actually committed suicide rather than be forced back in front of him 4 of my freinds.

  99. I can not read another article about cps. It makes me sick to my stomach.
    We had to deal with one of the worst Juvenile Judges we have ever seen in Rocky Mount , Virginia. We attempted to recuse her. We filed a complaint with all Federal over site committees. They are now just starting to look into it….a year later. This Judge, Sarah Rice was absolutely arrogant of Federal and State law pertaining to proper Court procedure and the Social Security Act. She was prejudicial, insulting and seemed uneducated in the English language department.( Country bumpkin.) Sorry , if we offended anyone. We would never guess she had a college education. She was in total defiance of the Constitutional rights of parents before her court and pretty much allowed the CPS state prosecutor to run the court who also followed no legal set of rules pertaining to the practice of law. We believe this is why she is in fact a state cps attorney….failed lawyer. Judge Rice was appointed to the bench by another Judge in the 22nd Circuit whom she was good friends with. She was given a preference interview over others that were in line for the position and more qualified. The circumstances of her getting the position as Judge of Franklin County J&DR Court are very suspicious. This court building also allows it’s bailiffs to tape privileged attorney /client conversations..We filed a complaint with Commonwealth attorney in reference to this practice.He did respond to numerous written, notarized witness complaints sent via certified mail. Well ..we won our case. It cost us a lot of money in court reporters and legal filings to do so. If the cps and sheriffs deputies had not unconstitutional broke into our home for no legal reason at all and Kidnapped three of our four children we would not have been in this corrupt court. Such a waste of our tax dollars. We think they kidnap these children ,put them in foster homes, service them to get the funds rolling in under the Social security Act. A lot of these funds are not even used for the purpose they are secured. The Juvenile Court is a Joke….it’s a place for failed Judges, attorneys, guardian ad litems, and the worst of all are CASA workers…these people are the worst thing that could ever happen to your children. A bunch of old retired busy bodies who never had any children and decided to become CASA workers to feel important. Foster custodians this is scary too..the media never discloses how many children are molested, or killed with adopted parents or foster don’t call them “foster parents” because parent is an earned title. The law needs to be changed ..Juvenile courts need to be opened to the public; cases need to be investigated by real police not social workers behaving as police. You could get mall security to do this job a lot cheaper than some social service employee with two weeks training. Also , people before the court should be afforded a court reporter for record..,.since the corrupt judge is not going to offer up one when you decide to file a civil right suit later. Don’t realistically expect justice any time soon…we are gradually losing most of our Constitutional rights. It’s best to never ask a court to decide any custody matter and never,ever allow anyone demanding entrance into your home to investigate a anonymous call into your home in lack of a warrant or sufficient probable cause. Just say no to our corrupt juvenile system.

  100. You could certainly see your skills in the paintings you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

  101. My name is Logan Mannix and I am currently employed by the U.S. Navy. I am not sure if you are able to help but for the safety of my daughter and justice I will do anything. I am going through one of the nastiest divorces in history from my estranged wife who is a Japanese national that I met in Japan. On March 2nd my estranged wife claims that I followed her home after a child exchanged from MCRD Marine Core Depot Base and assaulted her at 4950 Madison Avenue in San Diego. She also claims after the assault that she ran southbound onto 50th street and then started to run eastbound onto Meade Avenue and then Northbound up Winona Avenue back up to her car.

    -One important thing to notice is that Meade Avenue does not connect to 50th street so there is a discrepancy in her statement to police located on the police report. Monroe street would have been the correct street to take Northbound back to her car that was parked on 4950 Madison Avenue.

    -Another thing that is important to note is that the police report shows in bold print that there was no witnesses but her friend submitted a witness statement claiming to have witnessed the assault which does not make any sense at all.

    -At the time of the assault I was at home with my daughter making a documentation video of how my daughter looks and reacts to the parent exchanges. I do this ritually after every child exchange and return and have been doing so since last year.

    Although this case was forwarded to the San Diego Domestic Violence Unit they did not arrest me or file any charges against me. They noted the holes in her story but did not arrest her for making this story up and although I pressed for something to be done they informed me they have more important cases to handle. My reputation has been damaged by this including my bank account. This false allegation has cost me over 5K thus far and to make matters worse my estranged wife was able to obtain a restraining order against me with this false allegation keeping me from seeing my daughter. I took her to court and fought and was able to get the restraining order off my daughter so now I am able to see her again and obtain more custody which is good, but the restraining order remains against me to stay away from my estranged wife until our hearing in June. I do not feel that the police did a complete investigation and although I wanted to investigate myself I cannot go to this location because supposedly she lives around there and if she saw me over there looking around she would claim I am looking for her and that would make her allegation seem legit. My main thing is that I know there are video cameras on those streets that I mentioned and that is what I wanted the cops to look at but I know they did not. If I could just get a copy of the video surveillance for those streets on March 2nd between the time of 5:50 to 6:50 that could help me show the courts that she really is lying. I know the video of my daughter and I is good to clear my name but I want to show the courts what really happened at 4950 Madison Avenue which is more than likely her just sitting by her car or taking a walk down the street and back and then calling police. Please I would do anything to obtain copies of those videos and I mean anything. Enclosed is my latest bill that shows how much I have paid due to this. Please keep in mind this is the second restraining order she obtained against me this year on a false allegation. Please view below:

    I, LOGAN MANNIX, declare as follows:
    1. I am the Respondent in the above-entitled matter. I have personal knowledge of the matters stated herein. If called as a witness, I would competently testify thereto. Except to those matters stated upon information and belief, and those matters, I believe them to be true.
    2. As the court will recall, we were in court on February 1, 2012, where the Petitioner agreed to dismiss the restraining order and provide me with unsupervised visitation with Smile every weekend. We thereafter attended mediation and a recommendation was provided to the Court.

    3. On February 28, 2012, the court granted me every weekend and Wednesdays with our daughter. Now only after one week of being granted additional time with our daughter every week, the Petitioner filed another restraining order against me.
    4. On Tuesday, March 6, 2012, I received a call from the Domestic Violence Unit. Apparently, the Petitioner made an allegation that on March 2, 2012, after the exchange of our daughter, I followed the Petitioner home with our daughter in the car and assaulted the Petitioner. I was never contacted by police or arrested for the alleged incident.
    5. Let it be known that I stayed at MCRD for thirty minutes after the petitioner left the exchange on March 2, 2012, before I headed home with our daughter – MCRD has video of same to be provided at the TRO hearing. I also made a video of me playing with Smile after I got home on March 2, 2012. Moreover, the Petitioner has never provided me her address even though I requested same in open court. Therefore, I do not know where the Petitioner lives so following her would have been impossible.
    6. On Wednesday, March 7, 2012, the day of our exchange I was contacted by MCRD who indicated that no exchange would occur because the Petitioner had obtained yet another restraining order against me, which I have yet to be served.
    7. The Petitioner’s malice knows no end and the madness must end. I have no reason to have any contact with the Petitioner and I never laid a hand on her. The Petitioner’s mental health is and always has been a major concern but now I must take action because the Petitioner is interfering with my time with our daughter out of spite and vindictiveness. Moreover, the Petitioner is abusing the judicial system to injure not only me, but also our daughter.
    8. Finally, the Petitioner has stated in open court that she is unable to work because of anxiety and stressors due to a “psycho social disorder.”
    9. Based upon the foregoing, I am requesting the following ex parte relief:
    a. An order shortening time on an OSC re: change in custody, sanctions and a psychological evaluation of the Petitioner.
    b. An order amending the restraining order lifting the restrictions on our daughter and the visitation plan recommence.
    c. Supervised exchanges with the Petitioner paying 100% of the costs.
    d. Any and all further relief the court deems just and proper.
    10. Based upon the foregoing, I am requesting the following relief in relation to my Order to Show Cause:
    a. Sole Legal and Physical Custody to Father; b. Supervised/therapeutic visitation to mother c. A 730 Psychological Evaluation of Mother – Father to cover the cost d. Sanctions pursuant to Fam.C. § 271 and 3027.1 I declare under penalty of perjury pursuant to the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.
    Executed on March 8, 2012, at San Diego, California.

    Please help me sir, please I beg you. Please help me to obtain the videos surveillance camera’s applicable to the crime that I was alleged to have committed.

    Very Respectfully,

  102. A family court judge in Wisconsin denied the 3 rd request to drug test the mother, saying” if the mother is at home smoking crack and the child is at the babysitters, what’s the problem?” Then after paying an attorney $3800 and the mother continued the case for a year the judge says” can’t pay another $3000,your lawyer is released from this case and you have to defend yourself!”

  103. That was earlier this year. We took her to court and proved she lied about this incident and the one before it. So the judge threw out her case and took of the restraining order against me. Unfortunately the judge did nothing to her. She was trying to obtain a permanent one against me. Now you would think this fiasco was over with right, wrong. I went on deployment in June of this year and came back on August 9th. I went home checked my mailbox and there was nothing but junk mail, then on the tenth I checked my mailbox and inside was a warrant for my arrest with bail set at $60,000, the penal codes on the warrant said they wanted me for spousal abuse and battery (in regards to the same incident on march 2nd 2012 that we beat in family court already). I told my chain of command and they advised me to turn myself in but they gave me a paper stating I was out at sea for two months. Keep in mind I came back on the 9th of August and this warrant was issued out on the 7th of august. So anyway I turn myself at the courthouse and show them the paperwork that I had been gone for two months which was an official navy document. Would you believe these jokers arrested me and threw me in jail anyway and I was in military uniform with my superior officer on my right side. Yeah I had to bail myself out of jail which is costing me $6000 on top of all the other fees I pay to this evil woman I am still married to. It makes no sense because some people think the warrant is because I missed a court date but I NEVER RECEIVED ANY PAPERWORK WITH A COURT DATE, PLUS I WAS NOT IN THE COUNTRY FOR THE PAST TWO MONTHS. Don’t they have to have proof of service, proof that I got served the papers to appear in court? They couldn’t have gotten any proof of service because I was out at sea. And don’t they need probably cause to get a warrant? The police report says NO WITNESSES, NO EVIDENCE, so how do you get a warrant with those two major factors in bold print on the police report. Some homecoming this is, what is wrong with America, I serve my country for ten years of my life and this is the thanks I get for ten years of faithful service. How did the system fail me so bad? Not to mention the fact that last year I had a restraining order against my wife and she violated it two days before we came to court by coming to my work and going straight to my XO. We told the judge she violated the order and he did nothing to her and took off my restraining order making me a walking target for harrasment, false allegations ever sense. I had a restraining order for a reason and they took off the one thing that was protecting me. Our justice system is a joke and family and criminal law in San Diego is corrupt and evil. I never seen anything like this. The only answer to the problems of this world is God, I cannot trust man to help me with my problems, they fail me everytime. Please God help me, I need your power!

  104. Anyone heard anything about judge Douglas Gaston of Houston Missouri?

    • I went in front of judge Douglas Gaston and he gave the kids back to me for primary custody on August 8 of 2012 and we had joint custody all along but there dad was not doing right by the children. Douglas Gaston listened to both sides and I hope he will do the same tomarrow when I have to go infront of him again because my ex filed an appeal. I only want what is best for my children. They need to be healthy,educated, and as happy as they can be. It has taken sense October 2009 intell now to make things right. I do know that he does not alway make the decision on the spot. So be prepared to wait for the verdict.

  105. Dear Bronie,
    I could not reply to your post for some reason.
    Please let me know how you are doing and if anything has happened regarding you case. My email is I have some new info. to tell you about. – Amy

  106. Dear “c”
    I cannot tell you how VERY wrong you are.
    There does NOT have to be “anymore to the story”, judges “steal” children from fit and loving parents every minute of every day. The Family Court System in this country is utterly and completely CORRUPT, judges have become dishonest, cruel, arrogant, corrupt liers, period. Please educate yourself regarding the “goings on” in The Family Court System and Judicial Corruption before you make anymore ignorant and hurtful remarks. I believe EVERY word Conie said in her post, it CAN and DOES happen,and it happeneds for no REAL reason, except for who has the most MONEY! Also, judges ABSOLUTELY DO NOT take the mothers side anymore,they follow the “who knows who” and “who has the money.” They do what will suit THEM, not what is best for the child, they will hand your child over to your abuser in the blink of an eye, they will rip your baby out of your arms, nothing right or fair matters anymore. The United States Judicial System has fallen into COMPLETE CORRUPTION, PERIOD.

  107. There is a difference between suing a judge for damages (which might not be able to be done in your state) and exercising your right to free speach and carefully spelling out the facts objectively on your computer. The most important thing you must remember is not to make any accusations such as slander or liable but just set forth the facts objectively. Most people who have gone through what you did understand and can read between the lines. There is a distinct difference between objectively setting forth the truth by a literal factual statement of what actually happened and self editorially asserting what might be interpreted as bias and damaging redoredic. Don’t think for a moment that a judge will not try to sue you in response to what you wrote out if you fail to follow this rule. As an attorney I exercise my rigtht to free speach but I must, and every person in your historical situation, must recogize the law and under no circumstances should you perform any “reprisal” without first checking with a lawyer. I doubt that you have mistated the factual account of your case but unfortunately a vast majority of the people who have gone through what you have enumerated are not telling the whole truth. Most states, such as Georgia, have what is called the Judicial Qualification Commission. In Georgia more than 10 Judges have been removed from the Bench in the last two years for cause with a provision that they can never again sit on any judicial bench. It strikes me odd that they are still allowed to practice law. Often, some lawyers are like barn animals, they do not bite the judges who feed them. I reckon you have only scratched the surface. Did you have a lawyer? Was the testimony and evidence taken down during the trial. Have you pulled up on Google the name of the Judge to see what his background is. Rather than attempting to obtain recognization, and I notice your name and location is not published, find out what proper and reasonable organizations there are who are willing to band together and fight this unjustice. Band together and force the thoughtless individuals off the Bench. Just remember, once you start pushing those who control the courthouse you may find yourself a defendant rather than properly criticize the politican you are speaking of.

  108. my name is dr. donald harris jr. i am looking for some help here while in town yet i found no one who could answer my question who does millitary pension, law officer, juge, united states federal federal congressional office, or just simply holywood, or large franchise, i build big buildings program so i could file could you please call me at 9162715224 is the number to my mobile cell phone for a secret to an answer…

  109. I am a mother of 6, Phd student, dedicated Flight Attendant for 21 years, Who’s Who in Black Houston for outstanding Leadership, Humantarian of Year 2011, Mentally stable, drug free, and whorish free! And my youngest was taken from me in the 247th District Court by Judge Bonnie Crane Hellums, without a motion and without hearing my case in it’s entirety! I did not receive due process! My husband kicked in my door and abducted my baby, 4 years old at the time, and kept him at his mistresses house, who happen to be my friend for 17 years, and did not allow me to see or speak with him. He made 4 false CPS (child protective services) claims that were all ruled out. He has stalked me and my family, kidnapped my son for a 2 nd time, after the court order and I was forced to get a Habeas Corpus against him to get my baby back. After all this and then some, the judge gave my husband possession because my husbnad failed to show up for his visitation ontime and claimed I withheld him! I have 5 older children who have grown to be amazing and yet this “Gender Bias” Prejudice” Judge has made her decision without merit or motion. I am in dismay! How can the law do this to my baby? Oh and did I mentioned he is living with his mistress and her daughter in a 2 bedroom apartment. The justice system would have never taken him if I was a drug addict or prostitute. But because I pose a threat to their organizational culture and country club mentality, I lose my son. Oh, but do not worry, I will be causing so much HELL in the city of Houston, everyone will know my cause and my plight. I will not lay my hat down and take this injustice! This Judge is out of order and in violation of the law. Judge Hellums, I will liquidate all of my assests to ensure you are off the bench and penalized for what you done to me and to other women and children whose lives you have ruined, because you are complacent and out of touch with reality! You must go and the law has no room for you and your injustice! It is time for you to stay home and enjoy your granchildren, because sound decision making and proper judgment is not being rendered from your court.

    Further, my husband has been convicted of assault! I guess he can do what he wants and get away with it! You can never get away, because the God I serve will judge and will not have mercy on those who violate His children. Ase, Ase, Ase

    • Please contact me! Same judge, similar situation. My child is being denied his mother.

  110. i’m currently involed in a divorce in S.CA. The judge has said to” shut up, sit down & request denied” at every point of my defence. Child support is oredered in the ammount of $4,599.00 a mounth for 2 minor children. I make $4,800.00 a month. I see my children every 2 weeks for 2 days. I’ve never abanded my children. A restraining oreder was granted for 5 years. My story today is I’m loosing all hope that I’m an American. My life is on the edge off complete destruction and nobdy in my community cares about any of this terrible event takeing place. She have taken our home and refused to make mortgage payments and lost the home against my efferts to save MY home. They have sold all the property and taken all the vehicles and got the case vacated. I can not continue this evil battle any longer.

  111. I here alot of complaints and believe me all probably have good reasons. I want even go into mine. Its in one of the most corrupt counties in Indiana when it comes to family court. You folks do realize that these judges and prosecutors run for those offices, yes. Simple process. You get a petition started to remove the judge and the prosecutor at the same time. You have a recall vote. It only takes 10% of the registered voters in the county or city to remove these treasonist pieces of crap. Once you do that 2 or 3 times, the dumbasses will get the message. When they don’t do right, you have to be vigilent and start recalling these idiots that do as they please. If you don’t think recalls work, remember 2011 when Wisconsin had, had enough and recalled a few of their representitives. Made national news. How do you think the terminator got to be Governor of California, They recalled the Governor. We have the power, just have got to take the time to do it.

  112. Judge SAMs of Fayetteville, Georgia
    Disregarded two (2) violations of direct
    court orders given to the defendant. No
    Sanction, no contempt of court, and
    no dismissal. Plaintiff (me) missed a
    Calendar call, and my case was
    Immediately dismissed. Plaintiff sumitted
    A motion for reconsideration 7 months
    ago that the judge refused to rule on.
    What organizations can I appeal to for
    help? Where is due process of law?
    Nathan Jones

  113. I am having a problem with a judge in marietta ga.. My 16 year old does not like rules and when him and his girlfriend were cought climbing out his bedroom window i told her she could not come back so he ran away. The judge appointed my son a lawyer who happens to be his golf buddy and now the judge does not care about the truth and believes the lies my son is saying so he can live with some stranger. The judge gave this women custody of my son till the court is done only the judge let this lady and my son spend a day explaining thier lies and has put me and my lawyer off now 3 times… It has been ovver two months now and the judge put court off for another 2 months before he will allow my lawyer to get her proof in the court record. Mean while my son lives with this strang women who drinks and smokes pot and hangs out at a bar 4 to 5 nights a week. The judge does not care that now my son is smoking pot and walking this ladys neighborhood till 1 am and god knows what else he is doing cause i dont gt to see him unless this lady supervises our visits and the judge never said that but since his friend my sons lawyer says it the judge wont go against it. Please tell me where to go to file a complaint against this man….. very upset mom!!!!

  114. I went to court and judge Berryl A. Anderson of Dekalb county court was bias in my case there was no evidence that I commit no act to have a restraining order out on me I
    proved that I was not a criminal the petitioner lied and got away with it I couldn’t tell my side of the story. And she was rude to me very rude. This was not justice this is why the wicked can do anything and just because your a young black male and the other party is a white female you will not have a fair hearing. How can you judge me on hear say and call yourself a fair judge.

  115. Well I am also having problems with the court systems here in Ocean County NJ Family part, my case is very difficult and I have been fighting for ten years and still nothing. I had my son when I was 16 and when my son was six months old I was forced to move home with my father and step mother due to lack of help on the fathers part. I went back to school and got a job and my parents helped me so much but my step mother soon became obsessed with raising my son which caused lots of fights and it didnt help that I didnt really like her to begin with, she soon turned against me and stabbed me in the back by causing confrontation between my ex and I. things got crazy as the years went on. March 2002 we had a court date that my ex was trying to get custodial custody of our son, mind you I had another court date about 8 days after that for a car accident I was in four months prior, I made the worst mistake i could ever make based I got the court dates mixed up and court was canceled for the accident so I didnt go. I woke up in the morning ready to leave for work as my step mother says to me have a good day at work and I left. I came home and my father says how was court and I freaked out, I looked in my sons room which was my room and all his thing were gone, i cried and screamed and didnt know what to do. My ex won joint legal custodial custody as I had non custodial joint legal custody. I went to the courts that next day to see what I could do as I have never missed a court date prior which happened to be two months before that in Dec when my ex ttried to get full custody and didnt get it because I was there. Now almost 11 years later still fighting I find out I can listen to the hearing I missed and hear that its all lies and a letter was submitted against me from my parents saying I was unfit not to mention I still have never seen the letter as it had been only submitted to the courts at the time of court which legally it should have never been used as evidence but the betrail I feel is beyond anything, I am 31 now and know my shit and My son has been alienated against me as my ex’s wife will do anything to get me out of the picture, my son hates me and no counselor can find a reason, I have been through like five attempts of supervised visitations and the goal was never successful because my ex never wanted it to be. I have never been arrested, never been in rehab, have no history of mental illness, im not a drug user nor alcoholic, Im not an abuser and couldnt hurt a fly as my job for the last 12 years has been taking care of people. About a year after I lost my son I met my husband and we have a son who is about to be 9, i have a beautiful home, great job and I opened my own business. All I want to do is see my son which hates me, I have done nothing wrong to be treated so unfair and unjust, oh and I pay my child support on time mean while when my ex got custody he owed me $4,000 in back child support. Anyway I went to court this past Oct 2012 and the judge was nasty to me and I felt she treated me unjust and discriminated against me because I didnt have a lawyer which by the way I didnt know he had a lawyer until I got to court and then to top it off he cross motioned me which was never served to me as it had been handed to me that day but the judge said she didnt want to hear the cross motion till a later date, I asked for a decrease in my child support as my pay had changed and she denied me that right even with proof, she stated to me that I sounded like I was only in it for the money, i realize now she must have never read my motion and to me she insulted me with something she had no clue about. She was a new Judge, Im headed back to court tomorrow to file an appeal against this judge. There is so much more to this story but pretty my my step mother is best friends with my ex’s wife, they all are two faced lying idiots that could careless about my son and whats best for him, more like its whats best for them and the programing they did and alienating my son from me. I do not trust the courts, they have made things worse and yet I have no where else to turn. The courts have done way more then this as 10 years of going back and forth to court you can only imagine. I was to bring suit on the court system for what they have done or lack there of. There is no justice in the courts for cases like this, its so crazy that nobody will listen. Its like the robber who robs a bank and he keeps robbing it because he keeps getting away with it. Well the courts helped my ex rob me of my sons life and Im just forced to give up on him……hell no, not with out a fight. I think we all need to take a stand, I think we all need to do something about this because this will happen to many others and sad thing is these kids will suffer when they get older and realize the truth as it will hurt. I have rights as we all do and we need to voice those rights.

  116. I have been a single Mom since my divorce in 2008…. I took the parenting class and met all requirements. Just recently I made one bad judgement and lost custody of my childre to their dead beat Dad who did not take the parenting class and is a habitual liar and doesn’t work and doesn’t pay child support. Last week my daughter came to me… her Dad threatened to physically abuse her (to punch her in her face) and pushed her around intimitating her… I filed for a restraining order and was denied due to the prejudice of the Clackamas County Judge Miller and Judge Weber who believe that liars prevail and can abuse their children. Clackamas County Judge Miller and Judge Weber have just put my children in the hands of a person with a history of domestic abuse. And in a household of current domestic abuse according to my daughter and my son. My daughter asked me to protect her and now I get to tell her that I can’t… because Judge Miller and Judge Weber, who gave custody to my ex husband and with her decision has shown my daughter that it’s ok for men to abuse women/children. I just wanted to say thank you.






    Write a reply…

    • My Sister, My prayers and love are with you and your plight. Times have changed and the value of children to be in good homes is not the concern of our justice system, that needs to change to the injustice system! My heart hurts for you and I pray that the Most High will intervene on your behalf! Stay strong, never give-up and stay in prayer.

      Kim Guillory, Houston TX

  117. Today, I went to the beach front with my kids.
    I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter
    and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the shell to her ear and screamed.

    There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off
    topic but I had to tell someone!


  119. I stand against DV but there is also another side to it when no investigations are done in the first place to see who the real “victims” are. They always seem to take the women’s side without rhyme or reason especially since OJ Simpson killed his wife & got away with her murder. I know a sad story of a loving couple of 6 years. She makes terrible decisions to wreck her own happiness and freedoms in marriage safe from her past and mother. She falls prey to her illness and fears generated over the years against her abusive mother going off medications for Manic Depression and the good husband has no choice but to enlist the help of the mother-in-law he was warned of an abusive/dominant party for years. The courts at that point are abusive to God’s will as no one bothers looking into the back story of friendship or romance to actually consider the facts to save this once blessed marriage. It was an isolated incident and anything the husband now says will be misconstrued or taken out of context as his rights are violated for no good reason but for the sake of money and greed to feed into a DV Cash Cow Industry. They just take the wife’s confused word off medications and the family steps in at that point to cast stones in their ignorance to make matters much worse leaving the husband stranded and powerless against their unfounded animosity towards him. In this case the man is the real “victim” as he struggles to survive on his own and all passages to explaining his side or having equal rights are cut off abruptly. Conveniently the mother-in-law can now alter her daughter against the good husband,come to his door uninvited and steal without a court order as he doesn’t know his rights are being savagely violated and the wife can’t possibly comprehend how sinful or unlawful her and her whole families actions are as she is so confused and easily manipulated to walk away from responsibility,accountability or obligations to making things right in the eyes of a God she turned from when she chose her mother over her husband. He becomes a greater “victim” of the blind justice system as the DV industry now has him paying fees and fines jobless as she chose to steal the only car they shared too. His willingness to do anything to save the marriage,history of his kindness and generosity modifying his whole entire life to his wife’s are not once considered. All of her enemies become her friends as he is made to be her greatest enemy in her mind as she plays into the role of “victim” to not see where her rights to certain freedoms and rights once given or “empowered” to her through marriage are now gone for good. She has become a soulless “monster” in court with not less than 3 and as many as 7 clueless and vengeful family members around her making sure she stays in service to their needs and not the God’s that brought husband & wife together in the first place. He stands alone as they throw more stones and get away with playing with his emotions behind the scenes on FB or wherever they choose to further hurt him or humiliate him for all his wasted efforts in praying for them and trying to plead his case to deaf and biased ears. This is where God could have helped save the marriage but he is lost under the system with no legal rights taken away at that point for a continuance to save the marriage where he should have not consented to a terrible “protection” order biting him after she calls him at home for him to call her back at church. Church people not of God turn on him taking her side of the ridiculous farce. He is now completely alone and helpless to more family attack. Her mental illness is over looked and the man suffers further as more lies and cover-ups are witnessed and ignored in favor of intimidating him into an early grave. Now she is the spoiled child under her mother’s will and the couple who had no history of DV or other violence in 6 years is ruined. She is emotionally crippled living in sin placated and coddled,patted on the back for destroying her marriage and he is now desperately trying to save it against the wind with bad legal counsel and his own family turned from him. No possibilities of reconciliation,sitting down like civilized adults or Christian family. They label him “Aggressor” and her “victim” even after the fact that he was never charged with DV to begin with. They don’t bother to know how he fought to save the marriage or how many jobs he had or examine the level of love the 2 had before she made such terrible choices on her own without the husbands knowledge or explaining herself. She lies off meds and he gets punished for doing the right thing? We take a stand against DV but then we are ignorant of men’s rights as certain women’s groups and churches step into to drive a wedge between the 2 parties for nothing more than to feed into the bureaucracy and cause more turmoil where there was nothing but a misunderstanding. When her child is given to the man without the apron strings cut because she was basically never allowed out of the womb and the mother takes away the husbands rights 6 years later we see who the real “victims” are;the couple torn apart by blatant disrespect and no ones benefit but her own. Divorce should have never been the only option but her family continues to set him up for traps and tear him apart with FB friend requests messing with his mind and heart proving to me and ALL those with a clear conscience and good heart how he has been victimized from the get go. Stand up to DV but know there is ALWAYS another side to the story. Our justice system is a failed experiment in this case & so many others. Support men’s and women’s equal rights and take a stand for Christian marriage where our judges and court houses have failed. Pray for this couple. Pray for this sinful nation not of God but a poverty of values. Pray for her to break her family bondage to escape to true freedom nursing her bereaved husband back to health and happiness which made her so happy and healthy as she was lucid and compassionate in marriage. Her family uses her dark side against him as he is now represented by good legal counsel and his truth of innocence is known. This is the truest form of abuse-when a 34 year old woman is so badly brainwashed to hate the man she vowed to honor and cherish and is told by her mother & family “we know what is best for you.” He didn’t hurt his wife. Anyone knows this by simply looking at him now to see how much he loves her still. This shouldn’t be misconstrued as “stalking” or “obsession” but being brave enough to combat the ignorance in courts to acknowledge God over Satan and reconciliation to please God over bureaucratic greed for money,power and dumping family sins of the past on him so wrongfully as a scapegoat to further drive the once good wife from Jesus. She has been tricked & bribed into torturing her man as he has done nothing but stand against her family in prayer they might see the light of the Lord once more.

  120. Ok, Here goes wit New York,
    1. A child was born Nov 2008.
    2. Father Arrested and Grand Jury Indicted in Feb 09
    3. Mom didn’t know it, and was dropped by father in September 09.
    4. Mom left and went home to parents and family. August 09
    5. Mom filed for custody 10/09
    6. Judge in MS throws case out and sent it back to NY. after Court Referee tells Judge in MS “There is a pending case in NY”
    7. MOM is on a telephone call with court Feb 10 and someone signs a stimulation for this Court Referee to hear the case.
    8. MOM appears in Court June 10 and finds out about fathers arrest and Indictment and the court referee will not let it be read into the court records.
    9. 6 witnesses testify including mother of fathers oldest child (SON) about how he behaves and behaved to her and her son, and the court referee called them all liars.
    10. Attorney for Father bashes Grandmother for allowing underage drinking and smoking in her home,(Parents of the underage children are allowed to give them drinks in MS if they want to, also Cig) Court Referee Bashed Grandmother
    11. Court finally took 2 9/12 years to complete and the child lived in MS the entire time. the mother married and had another child, had a great job with the state, insurance, and retirement. Referee ordered the child to NY for (2) TWO DAY VISITATIONS A MONTH OR THE MOM LOOSES CUSTODY.

    • Gail,
      I am also fighting in NEW YORK!… It is horrific!… The Family Court System is COMPLETELY BACKWARDS!!! My daughter was literally RIPPED FROM MY ARMS AND GIVEN TO THE MAN WHO ABUSED ME FOR TEN YEARS!!! There was NO REASON for this ruling, I don’t even have a parking ticket on my record, and cps was never involved. I was with my daughter 24/7, loving and nuturing her while my ex was out partying!!… My ex and his family PERSONALLY KNOW the judge, and I cannot prove it, they are very wealthy, and I believe with ALL MY HEART THAT MY DAUGHTER WAS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!!! CASH FOR CUSTODY!!!…. I am literally drowning in my grief knowing how terribly my daughter is suffering, yet I can’t afford an attorney, and the court ordered attorneys WILL DO NOTHING TO HELP ME, THEY WILL NOT GO AGAINST THE JUDGE, HE IS THE ONLY FAMILY COURT JUDGE IN THIS TINY TOWN, AND THEY “NEED” HIM!!
      There is no justice, and yet it is the INNOCENT CHILDREN WHO ARE MADE TO SUFFER!
      My heart truly breaks for you Gayle.
      Blessings, Amy

  121. My ex used drugs during pregnancy. My daughter was born with drugs in her system, mother consumed within 24 hrs. of giving birth. The mother admitted to continue illegal drug use but said she has NOW stop…(yeah right). I have VIDEO PROOF of her smoking drugs in front of my daughter and her admitting to child molestation! She has physically attacked me and I have the VIDEO of that too! She has gave me stitches in the face. She has busted my lip several times. She has threatened my moms house on tape! Countless signed declarations stating the mother is a loose cannon! Did I mention she is on a NO CONTACT Restraining Order for DV that she violates all the time? Judge gave her custody! Go see my videos on

    • My God, how horrible!!!!… My heart goes out to you Eric. The Family Court System in this country is so CORRUPT that it is MIND BLOWING!!!… Did you appeal or try to get a change of venue?? Go to the police, go to the States Attorney and make a complaint, or send a complaint to The Commission on Judicial Conduct… Keep fighting Eric, your daughter needs to get away from that woman!
      Blessings, Amy

  122. I have been trying to get made up drug use charges off me in family court in aiken sc for a year. My son was placed in foster care nearly a year ago buy a corrupt judge a corrupS prosecutor a bunch of crap orrupt DSS workers

  123. Why do the laws in NC not hold up in court for domestic issues .


    She has been prolonging a case that should have been closed 3 years ago that she judged(or lack of), contradicitng her own ruling. She is a menace to the legal aspect . Judges and lawyers are all in bed with each other. I have taken this to the media via news of all broadcasting, taking this to NC General Assembly for breach of ethics, contacted my State Senator, NC Bar….. not only about the judge but about the lawyer(s) that would not do their job, this has cost tens of thousands of dollars, exhausted and overwhelmed which leads to question… do I have a voice to be heard? Of course I do and so do others….we need to make a stand, make a change, be an accountable citizen with rights and NOT a PAWN in the lack of judicial system!!!! NO REGRETS, the only regret is not TRYING!

  124. This is not a reply but a coment about a corrupt judge in McIntosh County his name is David Cavender. This judge had an ex parte with a retired judge Howard who was a friend of the childs fathers parents. In the court room Howard was over heard telling the mother or the childs father not to worry that he had already spoken to Judge Cavender and he knew what to do. Custody was of course rewarded to the father and the only grounds he could come up with was the mother of the child worked 90 minutes longer than the father and 90 minutes longer would be too much time for the child to be in day care The father also lied several times in court and the judge refused to have a re trile. If you are not familure with McIntosh county, it is one of the most corrupt counties in Ga.

  125. 12 years ago, Magistrate Stan Briggs failed to protect my then 6 year old biological daughter after I produced photo proof of bruises that completely covered both legs and across her back. Delivered by the court awarded temporary custodial guardian. As a result, my daughter was sexually assaulted. Liabilty rest on the state agencies and Mr. Briggs in his own legal capacity.

    • sexual abuse is a criminal offense period. If there is proof or he was convicted, there are options. Sorry that happened.

      I hope she’s getting counseling now.

      Take Care
      Bellas Mom

  126. Judge clara byrd in wilson county. Judge michael jones in robertson county. Both give to fathers custody no matter what they’ve done. Tca code 36 6 112c is broken everyday by these and many judges in tn. If you speak publicly about it the tbi says you are threatening the judge. If anyone knows a way to goo about this without doing what the state calls illegal and threatening please leave a reply.

  127. Luzerne County is the worst family court!!!! Custody for Cash

  128. Anyone out there who can help me please. My step-son 13y/o has been stuck in Pike County Juvenile Justice system for a year now. We only have two hour visits per month. Safeguard informed us that increase visits will not occur until his behavior improves. This is a child with a lot of mental issues. Please help us Joann (570)-470-2020

  129. I am a resident of Maryland. My two children were being abused continuously by my ex, and finally i had had enough and left when he permanently injured my back. I sought the relief of a protective order, which gave me custody of my children and removed him from being able to further abuse them. My ex then filed for full custody, in another county in Maryland, where the Judge, the only Judge, Karen Murphy-Jensen, was to hear the case. She overrode my protective order giving him joint custody, and extended amounts of visitation. The abuse continued, however he laywer’d up and found himself a DSS attorney to represent him, she and another CPS/DSS attorney tag teamed up and had all the allegations, even though physical findings of molestation had occurred on my daughter, from ages 2 to 6 had been occurring. Judge (i say laughingly) Jensen, decided that even with medical exams, childrens video taped disclosures, that there wasn’t clear and convincing evidence. I finally researched the relationships more, and even found where the judge had worked with his family members, and had a facebook with her all over his familys facebooks. I had to take my case to the Court of Special Appeals, and guess who the building there is named after, Judge Jensens father. They denied my repeated attempts to have her removed from my case. The day of our final merits hearing, she then disclosed only to the attorneys, that she even goes to church with these people on a regular basis, but she would act fair. She did nothing of the sort. Both children had psychologists that worked with them weekly, they both testified to abuse that the kids were subjected to by this man, she gave him sole legal and physical custody of my babies. My children were dragged into the court room on Monday December 17th, and taken away from me and sent with that monster. To this day there is still no final order in place, and my children are living in a home with no heat or food, they were taken from a top ranking school and placed into an economically and educationally bankrupt school, and their medical needs have been ignored. I am currently appealing her decision, but her failure to file a final order has left us in limbo. I wish the news outlets and media would assist in bringing down each and every one of these judges. Its sad and pathetic to think that children are faced with this daily. I will add that I was never found unfit, that the psychologists stated my children should not be away from me for more then 2 days at a time, and that they were very scared of this man, but she fulfilled her wishes to take my kids, because i made a complaint about her affiliations with his family.

  130. Allways state for the record “All rights reserved without prejudice” and ask the judge if he is acting by his oath of office/ then ask him if he has his bond and his note~ By Law the judge has to produce this upon request or he will be committing a crime to continue with court

  131. dosent anyone relize that judge pulver sr of greene co ny. was found to be giveing underage sex parties back in the 80’s and was swept under the rug . drugs were involved, I knew a personal friend who was present dureing these parties, why was this not investigated? also how could maintain his so called career after all this happened? my personal experiance with him has been biased, unjust and also corrupt, controling our public defenders by some tactic; so that they are actully afraid to really defend thier client the way they should be able to. all of this is a?small example of this corrupt county. please do something so citizens are treated fairly. thank you.

    • AJ, I am thanking God right now for your post regarding Judge George Pulver!.. Did you read my post? Judge Pulver has COMPLETELY destroyed my life and the life of my innocent little girl! He handled our case with UTTER BIAS, DISCRIMINATION, CORRUPTION, ILLEGAL ACTIONS, ETC!…I could go on and on, I truly CANNOT believe this monster of man is still sitting on his bench with the power to completely control people’s lives! He Judicially Kidnapped my daughter with ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, and handed her over to my ex husband who abused me physically and mentally for ten years!!.. This man is so BLATANTLY CORRUPT that it blows my mind! It is truly all about money and who has more of it, (my ex is VERY wealthy!) and also about “the small town good ol’ boys!” (My ex and his parents have been in that town for thirty years, I am from CT and only moved there with my husband to take over the buisness) My ex and his family PERSONALLY KNOW PULVER! YET I CANNOT PROVE IT! I am at my wits end with this battle and I cannot afford a lawyer, my ex of course has only the best! The court appointed lawyers will NOT DO ONE THING TO HELP,, THEY ARE TERRIFIED OF PULVER AND REFUSE TO GO UP AGINST HIM!…My daughter is suffering so terribly over the loss of her mother, and I am drowing in my grief and dispair. I just don’t know how to fight this man, especially since I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO DESERVE LOOSING MY DAUGHTER, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOT ONE THING TO SAY AGAINST ME, I WAS WITH MY DAUGHTER 24/7 WHILE MY EX WAS OUT DRINKING AND CHEATING!! THE RULING STATED THAT MY EX WAS ABLE TO CARE FOR MY DAUGHTER “BETTER” FINANCIALLY!!, AND IT WOULD BE IN THE BEST INTREST OF THE CHILD TO REMAIN IN HER HOME INSTEAD OF MOVING TO CT!!!…So it is better that she live with an alcoholic and a drug user that neglects her and has a different woman in his bed every night???…I believe WITH ALL MY HEART that money changed hands regarding this ABSURD AND HORRIFIC RULING!!! My little girl is IN DANGER AND KNOWBODY WILL HELP US!!!… AJ, please email me I would really love to speak tp you!!!

    • AJ, I am thanking God right now for your post regarding Judge George Pulver!.. Did you read my post? Judge Pulver has COMPLETELY destroyed my life and the life of my innocent little girl! He handled our case with UTTER BIAS, DISCRIMINATION, CORRUPTION, ILLEGAL ACTIONS, ETC!…I could go on and on, I truly CANNOT believe this monster of man is still sitting on his bench with the power to completely control people’s lives! He Judicially Kidnapped my daughter with ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, and handed her over to my ex husband who abused me physically and mentally for ten years!!.. This man is so BLATANTLY CORRUPT that it blows my mind! It is truly all about money and who has more of it, (my ex is VERY wealthy!) and also about “the small town good ol’ boys!” (My ex and his parents have been in that town for thirty years, I am from CT and only moved there with my husband to take over the buisness) My ex and his family PERSONALLY KNOW PULVER! YET I CANNOT PROVE IT! I am at my wits end with this battle and I cannot afford a lawyer, my ex of course has only the best! The court appointed lawyers will NOT DO ONE THING TO HELP,, THEY ARE TERRIFIED OF PULVER AND REFUSE TO GO UP AGINST HIM!…My daughter is suffering so terribly over the loss of her mother, and I am drowing in my grief and dispair. I just don’t know how to fight this man, especially since I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO DESERVE LOOSING MY DAUGHTER, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOT ONE THING TO SAY AGAINST ME, I WAS WITH MY DAUGHTER 24/7 WHILE MY EX WAS OUT DRINKING AND CHEATING!! THE RULING STATED THAT MY EX WAS ABLE TO CARE FOR MY DAUGHTER “BETTER” FINANCIALLY!!, AND IT WOULD BE IN THE BEST INTREST OF THE CHILD TO REMAIN IN HER HOME INSTEAD OF MOVING TO CT!!!…So it is better that she live with an alcoholic and a drug user that neglects her and has a different woman in his bed every night???…I believe WITH ALL MY HEART that money changed hands regarding this ABSURD AND HORRIFIC RULING!!! My little girl is IN DANGER AND KNOWBODY WILL HELP US!!!… AJ, please email me I would really love to speak tp you!!!

  132. Flagrant gender bias against women by the obese, furious, red-faced, envy-choked, rageaholic Judge Francesca Connolly. Gave our abusive father & husband 90% of joint assets. HATES women and irrationally punishes the children. In divorces with millions $$$$$ in assets she makes children homeless and supports her supportive crony lawyers and powerful rich white male clients. As my grandma used to say, “She knows which side of the bread is buttered.” If she isn’t actually crooked ($$$$$), she’s crooked in her head. Only in a courthouse as corrupt as the Westchester Supreme Court (where lawyers openly hold your children for ransom in cahoots with their inpocket custody evaluators, law guardians, and therapists) would such an oviously incapable person be sitting on the bench. Sounds amazing I know. But matrimonial lawyers in Westchester make millions impoverishing women and children. Ten year divorces and millions in billing on a single case are not unknown. No effective oversight at all. What a filthy business! And Connolly helps them oil the machine as much as she can.

  133. this is a reply to denise butler regarding “judge” kathrynann durham, quite possibly the biggest disgrace of the judges that have sat on the bench for the delaware county court of common pleas (pa)
    She is biased, unethical and certainly should not hold a position of authority over any living creature
    I would surmise that I know the names of her “friendly lawyers” and if you have not retained one of these lawyers, you may as well not spend your money

    PLEASE file a complaint with the judicial oversight commission since the more of us who do so, the fewer of us they can sweep under the rug

    she is featured on the judicial pimps site, a fitting place for “her honor”

  134. Judge David B. Brantley, North Carolina 8th Circuit Court, took two happy children away from there mother to live with there unstable father. The mother in the case, was never given a fair chance as Judge Brantley continued to allow the father’s lawyer, Shelby Benton of Goldsboro, to berate the mother and imply that she is a prostitute simply because she worked at a bar. Judge Brantley continues to favor Shelby Benton in her cases, so often almost that you’d think they were having an affair on the side. Not only did Judge Brantley not listen to the mother of the case or consider her situation as she did not have a lawyer present, he also made his own accusations and took everything the father’s attorney said as the truth and nothing but. The father in the case is a former drug addict, who still uses drugs now, and has also abused his children both mentally and physically. Judge Brantley chose such an environment for them to live in, because he chooses to be blind to any one who does not have Shelby Benton as their attorney.

    Judge Brantley has also made rulings against veterans. An Iraq war vet, who separated and lived in Goldsboro, NC was taken to court for divorce with his now ex-wife. She was requesting that she receive a portion of his VA disability benefits that only he is supposed to be entitled to, as he served our country and fought for our freedom. The man came back scarred and a 100% changed man who will need treatment for the rest of his life due to post-traumatic stress and other injuries associated with his service. His only sources of income are his VA disability and social security benefits that he has rightfully earned and that his ex-wife has nothing to do with. It also states in the law that a former spouse is not entitled to a veteran’s VA disability benefits as it is not a divisible asset. Judge Brantley blatantly disregarded the law and ruled in the ex-wife’s favor awarding her a portion of the veteran’s disability compensation. This woman was of course represented by Shelby Benton. Judge Brantley is a corrupt judge with inappropriate relations with a lawyer whom he sees in the courtroom on a regular basis. Judge Brantley needs to be held accountable for his actions and should not be allowed to oversee any case in the United States of America.

  135. The former political hack “Judge Kathrynann Durham” continues in her courtroom favors to those who pay for them
    The bias is obvious, with no attempts to hide her favoritism
    To any and all who have experienced this supposed judge, file a complaint to the state of PA delineating her biases, write to the governor to get her removed, get up and do something for change

  136. Family Court Judges are in conflict with the law. There are suppose to be nuetral un bais. Instead there are acting as though the law does not apply. I am owed approx. $30,0000.. in child support by an alleged drug dealer who hve relatives in the court system. He have been able to violate my minor daughter at the time in pregnant her , then violate i his own daughter at 13months burning her in private areas and arranging my name to be placed on the false report . Defaming me and denying me of child support for my blood whom I have custody of. This happended while I was at work.
    Yet, the Judges in Common Pleas court have disregard our Civil Rights and have utilized politics to help children stay hungry violated and deprived. Judges Holly, Rogers, Matthews and others are in conflict with the law and our Civil Rights. I am owed apporx. $20,000.00 by my ex who is a former Phila Police Officer slash alleged drug dealer allegedly from same alleged gang, How in the world can any Judge or Jury excuse alleged drug dealers from their responsibiility to their offsprings utilizing Rec 75. Then they lock up and garnish men and women wages who are law abiding citizens. If anyone else out there who is in my boat or close to please respond to and or 267-242-3311 I am preparing to file a class action suit Thank You

  137. my husbon and i have done all we can to help my son 3 motions have been denied. my son have help out on a case and he was told by his lawyer and DA he would get time off his 20 years when the motions were denied in joge lark court in houma la. denied each time my son have never been in jail are trouble before i feel as a mother and father the justic system fail and lied to my son and family . the guys that hurt the young mans was release out jail . look now hes back in jail , we feel joge Lark needs to reconsider my son case ratter than base a decison on a older man that is byploder base on his information given at the time in 2009 .i pray the joge check his records he was releases in 2011 hes back in jail on a rape charge and pobation vilation i pray he reconsider my son case he was 17 at the time my son has been in school goals is to better himself and try to set goals for himself and cut down some of the time in jail we pray that joge Lark reconsider the motions his lawyer have submited.

  138. I just have a comment of my past experience, not so much with Ca. Family Court but with C.P.S. I am a dad with custody at that time of 2000 when my boys were 6 and 4 up till 2010. What appalled me was the mom with the push from her live in b/f was able to get away with calling CPS 13 times before they finally told her not to call them annymore unless its a real issue with the boys. This was an attempt to switch custody, nevertheless, thirteen times of the boys getting taken from class, talked to the stranger, thirteen house visits talking with me. Heres the kicker all were either inconclusive, unsubstantiated, etc. What a waste.

  139. OK, I am not going to get too far into my case because I fear Judicial Retaliation! But, I am going to say that Judge Robin Appel, and Commissioner Cheryl A. McCann, of San Joaquin County California, you both are Bias, Over Favoring to the Fathers, and your star Mediator Shelly Troop, yes, Judge Appel’s Best Friend, your disgustingly rude and pre disdained bias runs deep in out circuit. You people think its OK to just sweep these kids under a rug, and act like you know it all, YOU DON’T! You should not pre-judge anyone on hearsay or attitude to just stand up and tell you your incorrect! YOU ARE ALL INCORRECT! You have ruined the worlds of many young lives forcing fathers rights down good mother’s throats, and stripping children of their rights to live and grow free from abuse! Where do you get off, forcing a young child to remain where they are telling you in their own words that there is BIG PROBLEMS in the home you all placed them into? What makes you really think that you have done a good job at the end of the day? When you were small, imagine how you would have felt if you were forced to grow up without the one person who loves you more than any other person in your world? Who is that? MOMMY! MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY! Think back to when you were a little girl! Many of the average citizen failed to have such perfect lives such as your own. But we do the best we can, and we do deserve to have our babies in our lives, daily! You are wrong to strip perfectly good mothers from their children without any cross examination to the litigants rights to the confrontational clause! You have forgot what it means to hear the cases you do! How you are messing up these young kids lives, and mothers too! Mothers are told, they must leave their house, husband and lives, or they will be charged with failure to protect there kids. Then they leave (because of HIS VIOLENCE AND INSANE ACTS AGAINST MOM) and told that they would be able to protect their kids if not with the father, instead of loosing them to CPS for failing to protect them from watching or seeing the heinous abuse acts, that the narcissistic father forces, but then, we get into court and you turn and say to me, I will loose my children to him because I am a mother who coached her kids! Its sick, he abused me what really makes you think he is not doing the same to them?! I have had it with your crap, you don’t know who I am and your covers will be pulled, I am almost their already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now to all of the Women on here, this situation is called Domestic Violence by Proxy, and the family court offers two directions, neither favors the mother! A. if you stay with the abuser, you will be criminally charged for failing to protect your children from watching or being abused. and loose your kids to cps. or B. if you leave and report your kids abuse, you will lose them and be called a liar, a coaching parent, and crazy! And then loose your kids to the Abuser!
    These are the only choices for abused mothers now. So if you are seeking a place for change and looking for support, identify your states Protective Parents Association and also Mothers of lost children from California, we have a California Protective Parents Association here and they are really great.
    Another combat is to seek the Safe Kids International, that group has had a lot of success putting pressure on judges and getting them to come correct through social media. They call, write, and fax your judges and mediators, and remind them the the case is watched across the nation. This is and has proven to be very successful. Check into it on Facebook.

    If there are any other mothers in County of San Joaquin or near it, please w/b to me on this post, I would love to gather with you and the women from Stanislaus and Sacramento and Calaveras county’s, and force some judges to come correct. We will get much further if we do it in groups, they will have no choice but to listen to us we can find comfort in our own also. Plus the support for one another will put pressure as UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE WILL LOSE OUR KIDS FOREVER! AND NO ONE WILL CARE EITHER! IF YOU ARE NEAR THE CENTRAL VALLEY OF CALIFORNIA PLEASE DO RESPOND TO MY POST, AND SEND ME AN E-MAIL ADDRESS, LETS FORM A VOICE THEY HAVE TO LISTEN TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and to all the negation on this sight who think we did something wrong or are not telling the whole truth, GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE LA LA LAND you are currently living in and look up FATHERS RIGHTS and the FEDERAL LEGISLATION, its ridiculous, they help pay for their attorneys even but for moms, nothing! Without change it will be worse! Obviously, none of you have had a situation where your child was abused and had to report it to the court or the police, or surely unless they were either next to dead, dead, or beat or rapped so terribly that the court could not turn their heads and call you a liar, then you lost your kids to that abuser and your rights and ability to protect what you have a duty to protect / . . . . your children! Its an outrage, and happening across the nation. Also, look up Judge Deanne Salcido of San Diego, or Emily Gallup of Nevada County! That is the real truth and how it is! Those two whistle blowers blew the covers of the judiciary, and rightly so. Their is no a bit of law in courts, we women see that now, you people make me sick! Ladies, seek help and you will eventually identify it. Prey for your babies safety, and return to you where they are safe, loved, and dream of being. NEVER GIVE UP, you are their only hope!

  140. I am the great aunt of a beautiful little 4yr old. I am not a party to court proceedings yet i have been ordered to not come within 1000 feet of her. There is NO reason other then the fact that we have a loving relationship and are very close and that closeness is a threat to the uncle and aunt that have applied for and won custody against the grandmother who has custody of the two siblings. It was a sneaky thing to do in the first place but the fact that they won over the grandmother and legally separated her from her sister and brother is an abomination of the law.. the judge that overseen this case has destroyed many families in this area and continues to rack up a list of very unhappy families who were once loving and able to see their children. I have done nothing wrong, legally or otherwise, i am a minister and have been a strong influence in the child’s life all of her life. this is a blatant violation of the rules that govern court orders for ordering someone to stay away from another person. I have no legal recourse to this action and that means that i have accused of a wrong doing without legal representation. I have been deemed guilty of something, however i do not know what that is. this whole court case is not in any way in the best interest of the child. if it were, how come nothing is being done to remove the other children from the household. simply because it is completely wrong on so many different levels. the child is now going to reside in arizona and the family is in new york. this judge needs to be removed from his judgeship and i feel strongly that he should face charges at the least on a civil level for destroying so many families and the court cases he has presided over should be reheard by a judge that follows the letter of the law. not make choices as ‘he sees fit’ based on a bunch of lies. i am willing to go to court against this man and stand up and let my voice be heard.

  141. I ran away with my son from my abusive drug addict husband and this judge from pianal county superior judge Stephen mccarville said I have No right leaving and is trying to take my son from me and give my son to a drug addict pimp level 2 sex offender.I don’t know what to do but when you and you child is a vitims of demostc violence and the judge is cycling the abuse andot protecting the true victims of demostic violence I find that very wrong.I am so upset with this superior judge of Pinal county arizona judge Stephen mccarville is sexist and very racist.I feel like with judges like Stephen mccarville keeps the demostic violence go on.I speak for the women and child that are being abused every day by there spouses.

  142. okay, so here is the deal. If we truly want something to happen, we need to do more then stand out in front of courthouses. In my hometown, people have been standing out in front of the court house for years. nothing ever happens. it is time to start writing letters. if we all start writing letters to speak out and letters to the editor, we are more likely to be noticed. the letters can be your stories, or letters requesting the media to investigate this in their areas and bring out the corruption. remind them that they are OUR investigators, suppose to be the fourth check system on the government. If we keep writing them, consistently they will have no choice but to look at it. It would be a good idea to send into many different news papers. Get petitions and find out who has been wronged by the judges and try to get signatures from them and their families. we can write to speak out and direct it to those who have been wronged. there are sites where petitions can be filed. even the white house has to investigate after reaching a certain amount of signatures on a petition. the court system is part of the government. i will file a petition for investigation into the family court system so when i do that, i will post the link, and will need all of you to go to the site and sign it and get your family members to sign it. if we come together and fight and this… we can win and get justice.

  143. It’s been almost two years now.
    I have been denied the opportunity to have joint custody of my son based mainly on my physical disability (Leg amputation).

    Basically my judgment/sanity, was questioned because I believed my child. I was accused of alienation by Judge Chapman in the Mecklenburg Family Court in Charlotte,NC.
    The allegation of alienation is often leveled at women who are simply trying to make judges aware of separation violence, their children’s concerns, and other abuses by the batterer. These assertions may be in the form of so-called “syndromes” like “Parental Alienation Syndrome” (PAS) or “Divorced Mother Syndrome.”16 Regrettably, however, judges, guardians ad litem, and court-appointed custody evaluators often rely on these theories to discount the very real fears and concerns that battered women and their children bring before the court.

    What is notable about the cases which have relied on PAS evidence in making custody determinations is that the courts have not first considered the validity of the theory and whether the evidence should have been admitted at all.37

    My ex-husband had admitted to me during a conversation that he had hit our son. In fact, he seemed to find it funny that I couldn’t prove anything…I only had the “words of a child”
    Via email, a representative for The Council for Children’s Rights specifically stated that my disability and psychological issues were the primary reason used to determine custody.
    I am not just someone who has lost custody of my child. I have lost my leg, my confidence, my trust, my independence, and my financial security.
    I am now on disability and getting ready to file bankruptcy.

  144. I am being treated unfair with commissioner Rocky L Crabb family law los angeles superior court pomona ca He gave my ex wife sole custody when shes a convicted child abuser and she perjured in court fails to let me see our daughter on my unmonitored i only 4 hrs every friday i should have full sole custody the whittier daily news reporter told me my daughter is in danger and she has custody and her other ex husband has sole custody of there kids she has monitored visits and she never sees them i need help i ve done everything from lawyers and still lose with this commissioner hes prejudice and bias

  145. I am a single father who had a pending family court law suite against me in Tennessee. The Sumner County Chancery Court Judge Tom Gray ordered me to appear at court for this civil hearing and denied my request for a phone hearing because I lived on the west coast. I was originally ordered to appear during a phone hearing on a separate matter. The trial I was ordered to appear at was then reset sometime later without my knowledge. The hearing then took place which resulted in a harsh judgement made against me including several new complaints that were brought to the courts attention that I had no prior knowledge of. The order from the original hearing I was present at was then altered by the opposing counsel and with the judges permission and in doing so reflected that I had been ordered to appear on the date that had been reset but purposely failed to appear. The judge and opposing counsel committed conspiracy, tampering with or fabricating evidence, tampering with government documents. This judge also awarded the opposing counsel filing fees that the judge ordered me to pay then the judges office turned around and billed me for the same fees and then after I paid them paid the opposing counsel which in essence the judge ordered me to pay the opposing counsel the same fees twice. The judge and opposing counsel also committed fraud by this act.
    I compiled all my evidence including the recording of the judges orders to appear and the contradictory court order that followed along with the court billing history and submitted all of these facts to the Tennessee board of Judiciary. Now we will see if these corrupt individuals get away with the crimes they committed or not.

  146. Judge Davidson is not fair she is on DSS side and they been lying since day one and now they trying to take my rights away

    • I completely understand what you are saying, I live in a small town and my daughter just recently had her rights terminated due to young girls starting trouble. They stole my granddaughter as far as I am concerned. They told all lies. They took the baby out of town without informing any family members. Did everything in their power to keep all her family from her. Then the judge was right along with them. She just sat back in her chair, like this is a done deal no matter what was said or done. I thought they were to reunite families not destroy them.. This was set up in the beginning. My granddaughter was born healthy, she was a new born and a blonde haired, blue eyed little girl. Every adoptions parents dream, so I think they promised my granddaughter to the adoption mom and just came up with any lie or story they could to get her rights terminated and they were successful… How do you fight something like that.. I have a very close family and it affected all of us in a way that could never be fixed. As far as my daughter I cant even describe the everyday pain she will feel for the rest of her life… If you were to know the half of it, it would shock you.. How do we stop this???

  147. We need to do something about Judge John Scott in Benton County, Rogers, AR, he needs to be removed from his office long time ago. He is corrupted beyond believe, every single attorney in town knows he bends over for men just because he had a nasty divorce. I have seen him yelling at women in the court room just because they didn’t answer the questions the way HE wanted them to, and don’t be surprised if the personally attacks you by saying stuff no judge should have said in a court room. I have seen him get people in court room when he didn’t even have the jurisdiction just because he wanted to yell at someone. When he gets in one of his moods, he will kick everyone out of the court room, and don’t be surprised if he makes you wait for over a year for your case to be heard when the case should be dismissed at the first place. I have seen him give men contempt after contempt yet no punishment at all. If you are a women, AVOID this judge at all cost and you will not find one attorney around rogers who is not afraid of him!

  148. why would a judge sit on the bench and take a kid from his father who has had him for 12 years and place him with his mother which has been an nitemare ever since. She has been hotlined 2or 3 times by the school and who else
    family services doesn’t want to ger involved because lawyer is in it. The judge acted like he was more interested in the lady lawyer than the child. The last deal withe the mother, is she gave the child sleeping pills in the morning, because he didn’ feel good and she had to go to work.i The father never had these problems and I am afraid for the child where can you get help. The mother has two other children that would noot live with her, but the judge still ruled that the child live with her.

  149. The problem is the lust for money and power. It’s time the people take charge of family matters and establish a foundation to find out what’s true, act truly in the child’s best interest, act accordingly and ACT FAST!

  150. is it true thing is so wrong as my husband and I who seprated for few months and he has his own house, he had my son for few days and was told he was not well and asked me if he could drop my son off to me until he get better and I found out he picked a woman up and went in his house and I went to his door and he wont open the door and later was told it was a lawyer, it was a sunday afternoon happened,, is it wrong thing for my ex picked lawyer up and drive to his house, and I told my ex lawyer should have their own car or during open from Monday to Friday but on a sunday visitor, am I right or wrong to make an complain and should I check the name of person if she is really lawyer or no,, could be flirt? hope to hear fro u all and tell me what u think and what should I do

  151. family commissioner Rocky l Crabb gave my ex wife sole full custody of our daughter when shes a convicted child abuser and me umonitored for 4hrs on fridays. I had childrens court case where the social told the commissioner the juvenile case reflects on the mother for her drug addiction and bi polar and child abuse and he says it does not reflect on me everything against me was unfounded this court is pomona superior court house in pomona ca

    • It’s time we the people use our constitutional right to peacefully gather ourselves and PROTEST THIS ROBBERY FROM OUR CHILDREN BY GROWN BUT BIASED AND UNFAIR POWER TRIPPING ADULTS!

  152. Here in Maryland District Court is where you will find one of the nastiest judges around. Judge Joseph L Wright informed my 14 year old son with a disability that he found it disturbing that he interacted with children younger than him. Just think of what this did to my child. Just sad

  153. Here in Orlando,Fl. judge Higbee,does nothing,talks a lot,does nothing. Continues to Expose my Grandaughter to neglect by the father who by the way is a twice convicted felon. She needs to be taken off the bench. She by her weird rulings has put my granddaughter at greater risk of abuse. Does anyone care?

  154. Rocky Crabb, commissioner Pomona CA court is a disgrace to all professional, unbiased judges. Not only have I seen him give full custody to a father merely based on the fact the child was doing poorly in school, but I myself have had the displeasure of experiencing his demeaning behavior and unfair rullings. Based on what I have seen, experienced, and heard from someone who knows him personally (outside of the court room), he tends to rule in favor of men…no matter the situation. Although, I will not discuss my case, as I do not want to be sued by him for defamation of character, I will say this, he is a horrible man who doesn’t realize or care what harm he causes by his biased and impulsive decisions. My daughter has been made to go to her father’s house against her will and this man does not care! He needs to be disbarred! Why doesn’t ANYONE look into his conduct and review his cases? Our justice system is NOT doing its job!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HANDLE THIS POOR EXCUSE OF A MAN AND COMMISSIONER!

  155. This was a comment from comment from courthouse forum, which was taken off the interent. ‘Rocky Crabb, commissioner Pomona CA court is a disgrace to all professional, unbiased judges. Not only have I seen him give full custody to a father merely based on the fact the child was doing poorly in school, but I myself have had the displeasure of experiencing his demeaning behavior and unfair rullings. Based on what I have seen, experienced, and heard from someone who knows him personally (outside of the court room), he tends to rule in favor of men…no matter the situation. Although, I will not discuss my case, as I do not want to be sued by him for defamation of character, I will say this, he is a horrible man who doesn’t realize or care what harm he causes by his biased and impulsive decisions. My daughter has been made to go to her father’s house against her will and this man does not care! He needs to be disbarred! Why doesn’t ANYONE look into his conduct and review his cases? Our justice system is NOT doing its job!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HANDLE THIS POOR EXCUSE OF A MAN AND COMMISSIONER!’

  156. This was another opinion of an unhappy person when dealing with commissioner Rocky Crabb from Pomona CA court: ‘I have noticed that Judge Crabb seems to continue to allow a dead beat parent to remain just that, Dead Beat. Time and time again the same offenders go before this Judge who refuse to abide by his orders, and nothing is done about it. This Judge makes an order to pay, or comply, and the Dead Beat Parent does not comply, and does not even make an effort to comply, or pay for the children. This Judge should be giving this parent the absolute maximum sentence, and he continues to let them slide. All this, while the reponsible parent struggles to support the children with no consideration, compensation, or cooperation. This Judge also allows, and tolerates the Dead Beat parents abuse of the system as far as child visitations. What happened to the fact, that this court should be protecting the children? When it is brought to this Judges attention that the Dead Beat parent continues to try and destroy the love the children have for the responsible parent, while the Dead Beat parent has the children. All this to try and obtain custody of the children to avoid paying for the support. This Judge also makes rulings to allow Dead Beat parents the right to have custody of the children for to long of periods according to the age of the child.’ 2008-10-23
    Not Classified

  157. Another negative comment about Rocky Crabb commissioner Pomona, CA court: ‘Not an impartial or dignified officer of the court due to an ingrained inability to analyze contradictions and a verbally abusive personality disorder related to the cognitive dissonance of a lifetime of being the Rocky Crabb’ F(0.24) 2009-09-24

    And yet another comment: ‘Commissioner Crabb did not consider both sides of this particular argument at all. His ruling was so completely one-sided, it simply boggles the mind. His repetitive verbal abuse of parties present was not in the tradition of justice and added nothing to the value of the court’s ruling. Lessons learned in this courtroom are likely to include a belief that not appearing at all would be better than trying to plead one’s case. His perfunctory consideration of an argument which he already has decided against lends no credence at all to the system of Justice which he represents. He would be more truthful to himself and others if he would simply dispense with the formality of feigned impartiality and tell those present to shut up and deal with his decisions as they are. 2009-08-14

  158. More comments about Rocky Crabb, commissioner Pomona CA, court
    ‘I am a credible witness to a case that was heard and ruled by Commissioner Crabb in department D Pomona La superior court Jackson vs. Jackson, and I just witness a well established licensed nurse lose her three children to a non established father who violated a court order , accused of kidnapping and purgered himself based factual evidence. Commissioner Crabb clearly ignored all evidence presented and ruled an accredible licensed nurse with supporting documents to her case as unaccredible, taking away physical custody of her three children that was granted to her in a divorce order. Now she is to turn her children over to the unaccredible father that resides in a two bedroom apartment that belongs to his girlfriend and three kids. so now there will be six children and two adults living in a two bedroom apartmnet in Arizona. This is outrage , negligent , and I believe that this was a ruling based on prejudice. The mother was a Filipina with an African American boyfriend and A African American Attorney. All parties of the Respondent was caucasian. I understand that there are more cases like this. THIS IS NOT OK ‘ F(0.44) 2011-04-07

    Seriously needs to be investigated and disbarred. Should come under legitimate scrutiny for illegal practices. Proper authorities NEED TO INVESTIGATE!!! 2009-11-11


  159. In Monterey County California, we have a Judge Lydia Villarreal signs restraining orders without any follow up or research and the process to reverse her inept decisions takes weeks, effecting fathers, children and she has no excuse. With research tools at her fingertips, it is apparent she doesn’t care to get to the truth, doesn’t care about lies…made to hide a child from his father. When this restraining order comes up for review after weeks, a commissioner hadn’t done her homework, Heidi Whilden, should have asked for proof of accusations in the restraining order, instead, she continues to allow this manipulator to keep the child from the father. An accusation of a threat doesn’t make it one, what happened to it being against the law to file false documents with the court. What happened to perjury charges, what happened to Justice…in Monterey County! They need to be exposed!

  160. my self and a friend both feel our family court cases not done right and my friend was made to move out of there house every other week for there ex to move in to there house and it was sogested by the lawyer and the judge agreed to it and my friend fells there rights were violated by both the lawyer of there ex and the judge and they clean there house up before there ex gets there and there ex is leaving the house a mess for my friend to spend there week cleaning up the house and there ex is going in to my friends personal belongings and my friends kids dont feel safe around my friends ex we need to stop these corupt judges and lawyers

  161. Does anyone know how & where to file a formal or public complaint (or concern) RE: BAD Judgement/Judge in Clackamas County Family Law???
    Is there someone I can voice/tell my family’s story to- who can or WILL make a difference? (regarding future judgements in Clackamas County, Oregon- specifically Family Law/Custody Disputes)
    Where can I file a complaint that is public or that the specific judge will for sure read??
    Seriously, I am SO disappointed by our pathetic “justice system” right now!! I feel like there needs to be some major changes happening & asap- or else we are going to have (bitter, hurt, confused, angry) parents, who are running around shooting everyone, (and not just mental kids anymore)!!! I would assume adults who are fighting to protect their children- WILL NOT miss their intended targets!
    …I know I wouldnt miss!!
    Also, does anyone know why there is NO Legal Aid for Family Law unless you are a criminal???
    This made me sick & I Can NOT imagine what could have happened to my children- if I would not have been able to come up w/ enough money to cover my lawyer’s retainer fee & dispute the petitioner?!!
    Can anyone tell me anything here??

  162. OMGoodness, I KNOW what your ALL going through!!! I wanted to let you know that you should all check in with your local city to see about getting help with Free Legal Aid if you qualify!! It was a BLESSING that I saw this site- gosh, I can NOT even believe that this article was in my email-I WISH I would’ve seen it 3 YEARS AGO!!!
    I HONESTLY feel like Jesus MUST HAVE led me to this site so that I’d be able to ALSO voice a complaint about how HEARTLESS judge Jacqueline Bolton with the Hamilton County LACK of Justice System’s Circuit Court IS!!! I say that bc judge Bolton’s just sat back & ALLOWED 3 different attorneys pass me around like I was some kind of a cash cow for them ALL to milk out of thousands of dollars or something JUST bc of my having a spell of vertigo when I got back from a cruise???
    Oh yeah, I guess that I should ALSO mention that my right arm’s partially disabled following having had brain surgery, BUT since I have a signed release from a doctor that I’ve seen for over 10 years that says “There’s NOTHING physically wrong with Kimberly that’d prevent her from SAFELY caring for her son” Then ANOTHER doctor even testified under oath that I’d been stable on my meds for OVER 5 yrs…SOOO-Why in the heck am I STILL having to paying child support to a man that’s just using my son as a pawn to hurt me?
    Can you believe that my husband’s attorney Bob Batson even heard the doctor who signed my release’s sworn testimony that vertigo, IS VERY COMMON after you go on a cruise bc your equilibrium needs time to readjust itself AND it’s UNBELIEVABLE that he heard this ALMOST 2 years ago, yet I’m STILL ONLY GETTING LIMITED VISITS w/my son AND having to pay my ex-husband child support to just leave my son with his great-grandma who they now live with even though she had kicked us out of their home a few months before I left him bc she said they were too old to have to hear him running up & down the hallway?? I’ve filed complaints with the Consumer Assistance Program, the Board of Professional Responsibility AND the Board of Judicial Conduct ALL to NO AVAIL…What’s SOOO SAD IS that it’s At the expense OF MY INNOCENT 6 YR OLD SON:-(
    BUT I hope you’re still reading & haven’t gotten tired of hearing the complaints…I just wanted to put it ALL out there about what they’ve ALL been doing to me because I trust that since Jesus KNEW that it was about time that some new laws were passed to protect the rights of partially disabled parents from EVER being denied their child because of someone else’s ignorance of their condition, I wanted EVERYONE to know that we ALL have to take a stand to protect our parental rights from being WRONGFULLY VIOLATED!!!

  163. I found this page today after having a very draining, stressful and one-sided divorce trial in Arizona where I live. I’m much too angry to go into any great detail but something absolutely MUST be done to overhaul the family court systems nationwide and ASAP! I was physically, emotionally and verbally attacked by my husband in which I spent 20yrs of my life. My children have been emotionally attacked, degraded, called bastards and other choice names and humiliated for years by this malignant narcissist. Yet the judge actually had the f*cking nerve to tell me 1) that I’m emotional & 2) that I must’ve done something to cause the domestic abuse and violence that I suffered. I completely LOST it and yes I was way out of line but this man who was elected to office to sit on a bench and make decisions over the lives of people was well BEYOND being out of line, he crossed all kind of boundaries. At our first trial, he buddies up with my then husband and says, “Good luck figuring women out right?” I’m beyond offended! I’m beyond angry! I’m beyond hurt and I feel as if I was attacked and suffered abuse all over again. THIS MUST STOP NOW! I have nothing else to lose at this point. I buried my oldest daughter 2 yrs ago, my other daughter suffers from PTSD and is suicidal and my son also suffers from PTSD as well as I. I haven’t been able to work so I’m out on a LOA but my life is totally f*cked right now. I’ve been paying child support to the MN for kids that have been with me on a full time basis. He refused to exercise his parenting time so the burden was all on me. I was granted exclusive use of the marital home, BUT I also go stuck with paying the mortgage all alone. The ex grossly mis-stated what he pays for health insurance and “mistakenly” miscalculated his annual pay to make it look like I make a significant amount more than he does and this asshole of a judge took him for his word without any PROOF! Listen, I’m a Christian and I don’t even talk like this but I’ve been beat don and battered for far too long. I’ve decide that the cycle of abuse will end with me! If it’s takes until I take my last breath on this side of Heaven, a movement fill ensue from this and a change is a coming. Mark my words! My heart goes out to all of you who have suffered at the hands of a judge who took his power much to serious. Perhaps they were teased and bullied in school in their younger years, but hell they have doctors and meds to cure that. I’m done with my rant for now, but trust you will all hear from me again. This ain’t over! #lividinarizona

  164. Bonnie Crane Hellums has breached her judiciary responsibilities as judge in the 247th District Court by engaging in such practices as tampering with transcripts, engaging in exparte communications with opposing counsel, and extending legally inconsistent rulings for the benefit of favored attorneys. We, the citizens of Texas, petition the State of Texas to deny Judge Hellums any and all benefits that may accrue to her from the State of Texas and Harris County.

    Without you, the citizens of Harris County, justice cannot be served for the children and families who have suffered because of Judge Hellums’ alleged bias and violations of law. Until now, the stories and voices of those affected have not been heard. Today, a chance for change is possible and we all have a voice that can be heard across the world-wide web. Sign the petition at for “No More HELLums” and justice for our children.

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